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5 Steps To Amplifying Influencer Content With Paid Media


Amplify Influencer Content With Paid Media in 5 Steps

In this digital age, influencer marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brand. But the downside is that influencer-generated content has a shelf life. This article talks about how amplifying influencer content helps with this and how to do it with paid media.

Most brands think that the work is done once the influencer posts sponsored content on their pages. I’ll tell you a secret. This is only the beginning of the journey. 

If you want to make the most out of influencer-generated content, you need to add this little strategy known as “influencer content amplification” to your social media strategy. In this article, I will teach you how you can increase your ROI through this method. 

But, before we dive in, let’s learn about amplifying influencer content and why it is beneficial. 

5 Steps To Amplifying Influencer Content With Paid Media


What Is Influencer Amplification?

Like the name suggests, influencer amplification – also known as whitelisting – means amplifying influencer-generated content through various channels. Content already produced and posted by the influencer is taken and amplified by you, the brand. This increases brand awareness as well as conversions.

Let me illustrate this with an example. Assume that you are a brand that sells sustainable activewear. You worked with an influencer who created several sponsored posts and videos for you. Now, if you take one of the videos that the influencer created, turn it into an ad, and run it through your own channels, you are amplifying influencer content. 

But why exactly does this process help with your marketing?

5 Steps To Amplifying Influencer Content With Paid Media


Importance of Amplifying Influencer Content 

The success of influencer marketing has proved that it is one of the best ways to advertise your brand on social media. People tend to believe peer opinions rather than brand advertisements. 

But everything has a shelf life – even influencer-generated content. As they post more and more, your sponsored posts get pushed to the bottom. People will no longer stumble upon these posts organically, which means lesser visibility. 

So, how do you solve this problem? By amplifying influencer content. Simply put, influencer content amplification increases the shelf life of influencer-generated posts. It also helps you reach new audiences and target hyper-specific groups

Moreover, as the content is already there, you won’t need to spend time creating ads from scratch. It also helps you reduce customer acquisition costs. As a bonus, you get access to a ton of metrics that help you analyze whether the content amplification is working or not. 

5 Steps To Amplifying Influencer Content With Paid Media

By following these 5 simple steps, you can amplify influencer content, maximize your ROI, and stay ahead of the curve. 

#1 Set your campaign goals and decide on your target demographic

As a brand, you must have several lines of products targeting different groups. Since influencer content amplification allows you to target a hyper-specific group of people, the first step is to determine your campaign goals and set your target demographic. This helps you plan out your strategy as well as measure your success properly.

Let’s say you are a sportswear company who has launched a new line of products specifically for people living in hotter climates. These products let people work out without sweating too much. 

In this case, your campaign goal could be something like promoting your new line of products. Your target demographic would be people living in cities that experience hotter climates. 

5 Steps To Amplifying Influencer Content With Paid Media


#2 Choose the content you want to repurpose

Choosing the right content for amplification is very important. It should look authentic as well as show your product in the best light. Looking for influencer-generated content that performed very well is a good place to start. 

Here are some ideas for the types of content that you can repurpose:

  • Testimonials from influencers.
  • A “how-to” video the influencer created with your product. 
  • A video highlighting the different ways your product can be used.
  • Posts that talk about the benefits of using your product.

#3 Optimize the content for ad formats

Now that you have chosen the content that you want to repurpose, the next step is optimizing it for ad formats. The ad you create has to catch people’s attention, be short enough to retain their attention, and also highlight your product’s strengths. 

Let’s say you have decided to turn an influencer’s testimonial into an ad. The original testimonial/ review might be too long since it was created as a post. In order to optimize it as an ad, you need to pick a single line or two. Make sure it’s catchy enough to grab people’s attention. 

Want to repurpose a video? Choose a short snippet from the original. No matter what content you choose, make sure it features the influencer. This adds authenticity to your ad. 

#4 Make the ads shoppable and include a relevant call-to-action (CTA)

To make things easier for your (potential) customers, add a “shop now” button to the ads. This will help them purchase your products directly from Instagram/ Facebook by clicking that button. For more information about Instagram shopping and how to set it up, check out this article

The next step is to add a short and catchy call-to-action. Use this to encourage viewers to take action immediately. Some great examples are: “shop now to get 15% off,” or “sign up today for a free product.”

#5 Run whitelisted ads and analyze the metrics

Whitelisted ads are paid ads that you run through the influencer’s handle. This increases your brand’s credibility and works wonders. For an in-depth guide into running whitelisted ads, check out this article

One of the great benefits of whitelisting is that you get access to full campaign metrics even though the ad is run through the influencer’s handle. Once you run the first set of ads, make sure to analyze the metrics. See what is working and what needs to be improved. Tweak your strategy according to this for better results. 

Don’t be afraid to carry out split testing and experimenting with different types of content, CTAs, visuals, and so on. 

Content Amplification Tools And Strategies

We have talked at length about the steps involved in content amplification. Now it is time to talk about the tools and strategies that will help you with it. 

5 Steps To Amplifying Influencer Content With Paid Media


The best tools for content amplification are Facebook ads and boosted content on Instagram. To get the best out of this, check out this Facebook Advertising Opportunity Calculator. It shows you just how far your reach goes, how much you need to spend to increase your audience, and how to choose who sees your ads!

Apart from this, there are several other tools that can help you with content amplification. Such as:

But tools alone are not going to help you. You need to strategize your content amplification efforts. Here are some tips:

  • Always put your best foot forward. Repurpose only the most shareable and eye-catching content.
  • Make sure to highlight the benefits of using your products to the customers.
  • Use whitelisted ads for more authenticity. 
  • Hyper-target your audiences. 
  • Make an exciting offer to your customers. Such as coupon codes, discounts, and free products.
  • Use a short but sweet CTA.
  • Engage with your customers directly. 

By following these steps and strategies, you can increase your conversions while reducing customer acquisition costs. Ready to get started? Don’t forget to share this article before you go!

karina gandola

Karina Gandola was born and raised outside the city of Charleston, in the beautiful mountain state of West Virginia. Karina loves writing about the influencer marketing space and an area she is passionate about. She considers her faith and family to be most important to her. If she isn’t spending time with her friends and family, you can almost always find her around her sweet yellow Labrador retriever, Poshna.

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