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Everything We Know About Prime’s New Influenced Series

Streaming services have undoubtedly revolutionized the way we consume content online, ensuring that viewers can catch up with their favorite shows whenever they please. In particular, Amazon Prime is one of the fiercest competitors in this market, securing around 19.4% of a person’s viewing time. Alongside their list of original films and shows, it seems that Prime is eager to tap into the ever-growing creator economy. As such, Net Influencer will delve into the nuances of the new Influenced series coming to Prime this summer. 

What Is Influenced?

In May 2024, Amazon announced that it was entering the talk-show sphere, interviewing a selection of influencers on how they managed to stay afloat in the dynamic world of content creation. As round-table discussions and collaborations become more and more popular within this market, it’s clear that Amazon is keen to jump on this trend. Each episode will be co-hosted by a famous influencer, ensuring that they have the insights and expertise needed to ask the right questions. The showrunners also hope that Influenced will help place a contemporary twist on an aged format, striving to blend topical conversations with what’s popular in the media. 

The show is produced by Hello Sunshine, a corporation founded by Reese Witherspoon to help place prosperous women in the spotlight of every story. Thus, it’s likely that Influenced will follow in its footsteps and offer those from marginalized communities the chance to discuss their craft in more detail. Also, the fact that each episode is around 10-30 minutes long means that this series follows the same principles as the short-form content seen on social media. In turn, these content creators will not be forced to explore topics at length and will be able to share their appearances in a much more digestible format. 

Everything We Know About Prime’s New Influenced Series


What Does the Series Aim to Prove?

Though these influencers have the chance to share their journeys on their own accord via their social media platforms, allowing these conversations to occur on TV is a big deal. Now, these influencers no longer have to struggle to break out of the absurdity of social media and have the opportunity to find success in mainstream media. Thus, content creators can expand their horizons and find more lucrative opportunities outside of their regular content.

Along with giving these creators an added sense of exposure, Influenced aims to create an engaging conversation around influencer marketing. Though a lot of consumers and brands have an idea of what this type of marketing can do, they may not be fully invested in its potential. As such, these types of conversations are just as vital for business owners as they are for influencers. 

What Influencers Are Involved?

  1. Achieng Agutu

Best recognized for her self-love and body positivity content, Achieng Agutu has been a growing contender in the lifestyle niche for many years. With an impressive 840K followers on Instagram, this content creator often uses Reels to showcase snippets of her daily life and offer her fans motivational quotes. When she’s not making content for social media, Agutu is modeling trendy swimsuits for prestigious publications such as Sports Illustrated. 

Everything We Know About Prime’s New Influenced Series
  1. Eyal Booker

Eyal Booker seems to do it all, from being a reality star to modeling in bustling cities such as LA and London. Therefore, Brooker tends to use his Instagram to show off his latest shoots and looks to his 730K followers. But don’t be fooled by his affluent lifestyle because this creator also uses his platform for advocacy and fitness content. As a result, Booker is a prime example of a high-profile influencer who uses his social media platforms to better promote his personal brand. 

Everything We Know About Prime’s New Influenced Series
  1. Teffi Pessoa

By establishing herself as a glorified online big sister, Teffi Pessoa had managed to accumulate a loyal audience across all her social media platforms. On Instagram, she mainly posts photo dumps of her latest adventures, ensuring that her 263K followers can stay up to date with her life and work. However, Pessoa’s success doesn’t just remain within the confines of social media. She’s also appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show to discuss her favorite traits in a partner and what gives her the ick. 

Everything We Know About Prime’s New Influenced Series

4.  Taryn Delaine

Taryn Delaine has been a firm favorite in the entertainment industry for a while now and her energetic presence on social media only exacerbates this success. In 2022, Delaine was crowned Miss New York, helping to spur her influence on the wider fashion industry. From there, she has built a loyal collection of fans, amassing 612K followers on Instagram alone. Despite being a very elegant fashionista, this content creator is constantly cracking jokes, especially with her other friends from New York City. 

Everything We Know About Prime’s New Influenced Series

5.  Cyrus Veyssi

Fans of skincare and beauty regimes will probably best recognize Cyrus Veyssi from TikTok, where they have 546.2K followers. Yet, Veyssi has a similar level of success on Instagram, where they’ve managed to collect 419k followers. Though Veyssi has collaborated with some of the world’s largest cosmetic brands such as Caudalie, they also create comedy content alongside their Dad. So whether they’re modeling their next product or teaching their father the latest update on Queer slang, they keep their fans smiling. 

Everything We Know About Prime’s New Influenced Series

Where Can I Watch Influenced?

Influenced will be available to Amazon Prime customers on August 1st, 2024. Viewers must simply log into their Prime account via their smart TV and begin watching. It’s still unknown whether viewers will gain access to a trailer in the coming weeks, but it’s likely that they’ll be able to gain access to more content as the release date draws closer. 

What Does This Mean for the Influencer Marketing Industry?

Though Influenced is not the first of its kind, it’s still important that the work of content creators is being showcased across more traditional forms of media. In addition, the fact that this work is being shown on Amazon Prime means that viewers from all over the world can delve deeper into this compelling market. As such, not only can these influencers benefit from tapping into a more globalized customer base, but ordinary viewers can also learn more about how these creators impact their everyday purchasing decisions. 

Although a lot of these influencers are well known through their work outside of content creation, they are still considered to be macro-influencers. Thus, these people are still seen as approachable and can be used in a variety of different campaigns, compared to their mega-influencer counterparts. In turn, Influenced does a good job of making online success seem attainable and encourages others to take part in this dynamic and profitable sector. 

Influenced also promises that these important conversations will be condensed into 10 short mini-episodes, making this a fantastic resource for growing brands who want to learn more about this concept. In addition, making these episodes relatively short, also means that they can be easily shared on large social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube. Thus, even if viewers don’t have easy access to Amazon Prime, they still have the potential to tune into this series. 

Everything We Know About Prime’s New Influenced Series


As TV continues to be a dominant force throughout popular culture, it seems that influencers are now finally getting their chance to shine. Amazon Prime’s upcoming series Influenced strives to highlight the importance of these creators and how they govern crucial trends in key niches such as lifestyle, travel, and beauty. Thus, it will be interesting to see just how far this concept develops in the future. 

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