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5 Q And A Questions To Engage Your Audience On Youtube


5 Q And A Questions To Engage Your Audience On Youtube

How Q and A questions boost engagement?

Youtube videos are usually one-sided stories where creators get to express their opinions and unique takes on a specific matter. Aside from the comments viewers leave behind, there isn’t any form of feedback or interaction that makes the content personalized and tailored to one’s particular interests and tastes. 

Asking the right questions can help bridge those gaps and create a mutual connection between viewers and creators. Inspiring a friendlier connection that helps viers build trust in you and what you offer.

However, with so many different questions to ask, it can be confusing to find a few questions everyone watching will have the urge to answer. That’s why we took the time to find a balanced medium of highly relevant questions you can ask on your next live stream or youtube video to start building a relationship with your audience.

What are the best Q & A Questions to Ask 

5 Q And A Questions To Engage Your Audience On Youtube

Depending on your niche and the topics you cover in your videos, every Q and A list will offer a range of questions you can use to engage and develop a relationship with your audience. 

A video, just like any form of content is not memorable if the viewer does not take the time to think about it and process it as a thought. 

Asking questions that encourage thought and provoke answers is one of the only ways to encourage viewers to comment and interact more with you content and videos. 

Once a viewer or subscriber interacts with your content and sees a positive response from you as a creator, they’re more likely to subscribe and engage with your other content. Just like real-life situations, we like people that are real and honest in what they do, and tend to open up more to them in comparison to those of vagueness. 

With all the benefits of Q & A YouTube sessions taken into account, here is a list of the top 5 general Youtube questions to ask your audience

Top 5 Q & A questions to engage your audience 

What makes this youtube channel special to you?

This question is our favorite because it makes viewers and subscribers think about all the reasons they should subscribe and tune in to your content. 

Any answer to this question is worth considering moving forward with your content, even the negative of them. Not everyone will find your videos and channel to unique and worth following, but with this question, you get to perceive your content from the reciprocating perspective. 

Discover what it is like to watch your videos from a viewer’s perspective, and use the gathered info to make your videos more engaging. To elaborate on this question, you can utilize Youtube polls with some of the most common answers and further narrow down how you can improve. 

5 Q And A Questions To Engage Your Audience On Youtube


If there is one thing you could change in videos what would it be?

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a significant difference in inspiring more interaction and engagement. For these questions, you can expect answers like audio fixes, and video enhancements, don’t take all answers to heart, but try and modify what you can to increase quality and attract more viewers. 

It is inevitable to receive some negative comments and responses to almost any one of these questions, as the internet can be full of bored opinionated individuals. But a good creator knows that any interaction is beneficial to their reach no matter how negative it may be. 

From what country do you follow my channel?

Getting to know your audience and where they follow you from will enable you to better your targeting and personalization strategies, inspiring more interaction and engagement. 

Perhaps adding a translation to your content will enable you to reach more people, like the case with Mr. Beast or Nas Daily. 

Better yet, you can use all these questions as a data-gathering strategy you can analyze moving forward to create better-suited content. 

5 Q And A Questions To Engage Your Audience On Youtube


What is your favorite moment or video on the channel?

You can usually determine the answer to this question, with the number of views per video. While the majority of people will have the same answer, others will give you better insights on what you can create more of, and what they found entertaining. 

Getting answers for what works best will help you create a strategy you can leverage to boost the number of interactions per video supporting other content you create and driving more traffic to your channel.

Some of the favorite moments people had from your content may even be things you never thought of, or have tried a couple of times and gave up on, while some other moments might be you in your purest form.

Who’s your favorite niche-specific creator? 

Finding out who your audience admires and looks up to is another way to improve in what you provide. While as creators, we all want to be unique do not reinvent the wheel. 

If another person’s work is set to be the highest industry standard, perhaps there is a thing or two you can learn from them and add to your own videos and content. 

Whether it be the deliverance of the content or the way it is filmed, there is always something you can learn from someone doing better than you. 

Is there anything you want to know about me? (Bonus Question)

Since this is a Q and A list of some of the best questions, it is only right for it to be a two-sided interaction. Ask viewers what questions and concerns any viewer may have to help them get to know you better, and even generate more content ideas to base your answers around. 

Although all of these previous questions are based around getting to know your audience more, to better targeting and content-creating strategies. This question is more about you and what viewers and fans would like to know about your show, life, or personal detail.

Expect questions like What got you into Youtube? How did you build your channel? Are You playing a character or is that the real you?



Overall, creating engaging content is never just down to how funny or good you are at what you do. There are many elements that go into creating an engaging and meaningful experience for the viewers.

One of the easiest ways to build a connection with the viewer is to encourage responses or answers to your questions. Not only does it help you reach more people thanks to comments, likes, and shares, viewers will start to feel like they know you more as a person rather than being just someone talking on the internet. 

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