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Study Reveals 4 Key Factors That Determine An Influencer’s True Importance

A fresh study published in the International Journal of Electronic Marketing and Retailing sheds light on the factors that contribute to a social media influencer’s significance. Jens K. Perret of the International School of Management in Cologne, Germany, analyzed data from 255 influencers in the women’s fashion sector on Instagram over a four-year period, using network statistics and centrality measures to establish a model of influencer importance within their network.

Perret’s research identifies four main factors that contribute to an influencer’s importance: followers, reach, engagement rate, and posting frequency. By using network statistics and centrality measures, the study establishes a model of influencer importance that goes beyond traditional metrics.

The findings provide a data-driven approach to evaluating an influencer’s value, which could streamline the process of selecting influencers for marketing campaigns. Brands can make more informed decisions based on readily available metrics, ensuring they partner with influencers with the most significant impact on their target audience.

Moreover, the study offers evidence that could be used in fair compensation negotiations between companies and influencers. By understanding the factors that contribute to their importance, the analyst believes influencers can better advocate for their value and ensure they receive appropriate compensation for their work.

While the study focuses on Instagram influencers in the women’s fashion sector, the methodology could be applied to other social media platforms and even in different cultural contexts.

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