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14 Top Van Life YouTube Influencers To Follow For A Virtual Adventure


14 Top Van Life YouTube Influencers To Follow For A Virtual Adventure

Living inside 4 wheels can be a challenge to many, but for a select few, it’s a lifestyle. These van life dwellers take each day as it comes. Here are 12 van life YouTube influencers who document their adventures and challenges. Read this article, and follow along on a virtual tour across the globe.

Some people like putting down roots, while some others prefer living life on the road, turning their van into their home. For such people, each day is an adventure. 

Whether you have dreamed of living in a van, or are just curious about what living on 4 wheels is like, follow along on the journey with these amazing van life influencers on YouTube.

14 Top Van Life YouTube Influencers To Follow For a Virtual Adventure

12 Best Van Life Influencers

Here are 12 van life YouTube influencers who teach you about the challenges and unique joys that come from living out of a van. 

1. Joe and Kait (We’re The Russos)

Subscribers: 232k

Joe and Kait Russo are a couple who live in their van and travel around the world in it. On their channel, they document everything about their lives – the mundane as well as the extraordinary. 

So far, they have traveled to several countries, including Thailand, China, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, and France. Not only do you get to see these countries through their eyes and learn about their journey, you also get lots of insider information on what living in an RV is like. They also run a blog where they have several useful guides about living on 4 wheels. 

2. Eamon and Bec

Subscribers: 1.23 M

Eamon and Bec are a couple from Toronto who live full-time in a van. They converted the Sprinter van themselves! While on the road, they also run a tea company called “Chaiwala Chai.” 

They get up to all sorts of adventures like living in their tiny van with 4 people (and a dog), surviving in the wild for 48 hours, and many more. They also documented Bec’s journey with breast cancer. Their latest adventure is having a baby! Follow them for the good, the bad, and the ugly of RV living. 

3. Susi Cruz

Subscribers: 215k

Susi Cruz is a solo female traveler who lives in her van and documents her life. She’s a free-spirited soul who wants to inspire other women to live the life they want. On her channel, you will find content such as “a day in the life of a solo female traveler,” and also videos highlighting how she showers, does her laundry, and receives mail while living in a van. 

4. Kombi Life 

Subscribers: 532k 

Kombi Life is a detailed documentation of adventure on 4 wheels. Ben and Leah (now only Ben) travel from Alaska to Antarctica in their 1973 Volkswagen Kombi van named “Hasta Alaska.” The channel talks about the highs and lows of living in a van and how they make it happen. 

5. Sara and Alex James

Subscribers: 193k

Sara and Alex were previous van lifers who used to travel with their two dogs and two children. They finally settled down in Idaho and opened Custom Crafted Vans, a luxury camper van conversion business. Their background in construction and design as well as their experience living in a van helps them loads.

If you’re looking to build your own van, follow them for expert tips on the best van layouts to turn your vehicle into a luxury home. 

6. Abi and Nikki Rodriguez (Ride and Seek)

Subscribers: 41k

Abi and Nikki are a couple who converted an ex-prison van into their home for some off-grid living and traveling with their rescue dogs. The best part is that their van has all the luxuries of a modern home, including a gourmet kitchen (with an oven!), a bedroom with a queen mattress, and even a bathroom. 

In their channel, they highlight everything about what their life is like. You get to learn how they afford their life, what it’s like living in such close quarters with dogs, and even useful things such as how to find free campsites to park your van!

7. Bob Wells (Cheap RV Living)

Subscribers: 658k

Bob is a 68-year old nomad who lives a minimalistic life in his RV. On his channel, he teaches viewers how to live their best nomadic life on the road. His channel is filled with useful guides that teach you everything you need to know about living in an RV. For example, some of his videos include choosing the right power stations for your van, how to stay safe from mosquitoes, and van life safety. 

Bob also founded the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, a gathering for van dwellers in Arizona. Additionally, his Homes on Wheels Alliance helps poor people get assistance in acquiring vans to live. On his channel, you’ll also find inspiring interviews of other nomads such as himself. 

8. Nate Murphy 

Subscribers: 409k

Nate and his girlfriend Steph live in a cargo van, traveling across North America full time, and like educating other people on how to do the same. Their videos consist of tutorials on how to convert a van into a camper van fit for you to live in. 

The pair are also eco-conscious van dwellers, which means you will get tips on how to live cheap while minimizing your waste. Nate and Steph also talk about how to take care of your physical and mental health while living on the road. 

9. Brian (Adventure Van Man)

Subscribers: 96.8k

Brian’s van life journey began in 2014 when he converted a van into a camper van and started living in it. In 2015, he began traveling while doing seasonal work to sustain himself. He gets on several adventures along the way, such as stumbling upon an abandoned train tunnel, finding water in the desert, and rescuing dogs! He documents it all for us to enjoy. 

His channel also consists of the realities of van life and how to solve problems that arise on the road. For example, getting your van stuck in mud, or how to manage the very high gas prices. 

10. Janelle Eliana

Subscribers: 2.41 M 

Janelle is a solo female traveler who lives full-time in her 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer with her pet snake, Alfredo. That’s right. A snake! The both of them get up to many adventures, which Janelle posts on her channel. She also includes a glimpse into her van renovations. Her channel is an inspiration to get out there and live life the way we always dreamed of. 

11. Kevin (Campervan Kevin)

Subscribers: 70k

Kevin travels around the USA with his three Yorkie dogs in his Promaster Campervan. The 4 of them get up to a lot of fun! Kevin’s videos are super enjoyable as well as informational. He talks about the new mosquito repellants he found, how he enjoys long hot showers despite living in a van, his carnivore diet, and how the swimming lessons with his dogs went! His friends often visit him at his RV home. It’s fun times all around. 


Subscribers: 806k

FLORB (aka Floating Orb Productions) brings to you amazing stories about alternate living spaces. The FLORB team consists of 3 people who go around finding stories of people who live on 4 wheels. They are beautiful and very inspiring! Our favorite story is about the teenager who built an off-grid tiny home made up of 80% recycled materials. 

FLORB has a separate playlist of van dwelling stories. Go forth and get motivated to change your life! 

We hope you enjoyed that virtual tour into an alternate form of life. Whether you have ever thought about uprooting your entire life and living in a van or not, watching the lives of those who did is certainly fascinating!

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