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10 Best Startup Business Credit Cards With No Credit In 2023


Top 10 No Credit Startup Business Credit Cards in 2023

A good business credit card with no credit offer tons of rewards has an easy approval process and comes with nominal fees. 

It is an excellent way to jump-start your new business. 

Also, a business card offers you optimal security. 

But not every card guarantees you all this. Check out the 3 most important features to consider in a good startup business credit card.

What to look for in a good Business Credit Card

First and foremost, check the APR (Annual Percentage Rate). If it’s between 17 and 30 percent, it’s good enough. Anything above that can be burdensome.

Also, look out for the annual fee the bank demands from you. Many credit cards issued to new business owners are free, which is very beneficial.

If you are satisfied with the first two points, consider a card that gives you additional benefits and offers, such as discounts on luxury hotels, movie tickets, shopping malls, etc.

Note – Banks lure customers with offers and require them to pay a high annual fee or an inflated APR. Eventually, they end up paying more.

So, check out the card based on the coupons and discounts offered only if the ARP and fee seem reasonable.

Below are some of our recommendations.

9 Best Startup Business Credit Cards with No Credit in 2023 

  1. U.S Bank Business Triple Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard

Businesses requiring large purchases and different subscriptions can use the U.S Bank Business Triple Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard.

It has no annual fee and enables you to earn unlimited cash-back rewards on your purchases. 

This is an excellent option for new business startups with an 18 percent APR and medium credit requirement. 

You can earn up to 3 percent cash-back rewards on necessities like gas, phone bills, office supplies, etc., and redeem these rewards as a statement credit or credit delivered directly to your card. 

Note – Send redemption requests through the mobile banking application or online. 

  1. Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card

This is one of the best credit cards for new businesses without any credit because it offers a 1.5 percent cash back return on all purchases without any spending categories. 

On top of that, for the first twelve months of membership, you get interest-free financing on all your purchases. 

With Chase Ultimate Rewards, you receive cash-back offers, gift rewards, travel discounts, and lots more.  

You also don’t have to pay any annual fee with this card. 

And if you spend $6,000 during the first three months, you receive a $900 sign-up bonus. 

  1. Capital One Spark Classic for Business

Capital One Spark credit cards allow you to conveniently issue employee cards for free. 

Additionally, you receive a one percent cash-back every time your card is swiped for any payments. 

With no annual fees, you have to pay a slightly hefty 29 percent APR, which will add up to your credit score (making you further eligible for other credit cards). 

Additionally, you can receive a free warranty and protection on eligible items while you shop. And for easy checkouts, you can activate the automatic payment feature on the Capital One mobile application.  

  1. First National Bank of Omaha Secured Visa Card

The First National Bank of Omaha Secured Visa Card includes a nominal annual fee of $39 and does not require any credit to apply for it. 

Most importantly, it offers a credit limit of $2,000 to $100,000, depending on your security deposit, which should be 110 percent of your desired limit. 

The good part is you can claim interest on your security deposit and benefit from it.  

Your bank statement will also reflect automatic discounts when your card is swiped on eligible items and shops.

  1. Bank of America (Business Advantage Unlimited Cash Rewards Secured) Credit Card 

You can easily apply for this card even with an average credit score. On the plus side, you are only required to pay a security deposit of $1,000, which will determine your credit limit. 

With that, you get a host of additional features that you can use to manage your business and cash in-flow. 

You can set up automatic payments, access online banking tools, and easily transfer funds.

The Bank of America Business Advantage Unlimited Cash Rewards Secured credit card helps you build your business and accumulate credit while also enjoying a cash-back of 1.5 percent on all your purchases. 

The card also comes with many types of insurance facilities. Specifically, you get $100,000 in travel insurance and other facilities such as auto rental insurance. 

  1. American Express Blue Business Cash    

Without having to pay an annual fee, business owners using the American Express Blue Business Cash credit card can receive cash-back rewards on most business-related purchases without any spending categories. 

With its expanded buying feature, you need not worry about their credit limit. 

You can spend far beyond your limit as the purchasing power constantly adjusts with the use of the card. 

The APR on this card is not much, either. It ranges between 17-25 percent and adjusts with prime rate

It also charges only 2.7 percent on foreign transactions. 

  1. Discover it Secured Credit Card  

Like almost any secured card, you can easily qualify without any credits. Applying for this card will allow you to automatically upgrade to an unsecured card and receive your full security deposit in return. 

To sweeten the deal, the bank offers numerous discounts, and cash-back offers with this card. You can receive a 2 percent cash back if you spend around $1,000 every quarter in restaurants and gas stations. 

Not just that, the Discover it Secured Credit Card has a special offer upon purchase. After 7 months, the bank will automatically begin to evaluate whether you qualify for your security deposit to be refunded, according to your spending. 

  1. Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card 

Unlike other cards, with the Capital One card, the security deposit doesn’t determine your credit limit. You can deposit $30 or $90, but your credit limit remains constant.

On the plus side, without depositing more money, you can automatically be considered for a higher credit limit in less than six months, depending on how much you are spending. This is an excellent feature for new businesses. 

You don’t even have to pay an annual fee. All they require from you is a regular APR of 29 percent, which is not much considering all the facilities you get in return.

  1. Petal 2 Visa Credit Card  

The Petal 2 Visa Credit Card offers $0 annual fees and doesn’t require any extra amount for foreign transactions or penalties for late payment. 

This makes it an excellent choice for people who have recently started their own business, providing them much-needed flexibility.

Petal 2 does not only look at your credit score for approval. It also looks at your income, savings, expenses, etc., to assess whether you can match their criteria. 

This standard gives new businesses more chances of being approved. 

Final thoughts

Business credit cards with no credit are essential for new business startups. It gives them the flexibility to spend and receive exciting offers in return. 

The credit cards recommended in this article are excellent options for you if you are planning a startup. For more business-related solutions and programs, see our resources here.

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