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The Influencers Involved in Youtube’s Game On Event


Youtube’s Game On Event: All Of The Influencers Involved

YouTube has been a staple platform in the esports industry for many years, inviting gamers from around the globe to show off their skills. Data from Google informs us that over 1,000 gaming channels boast more than 1 million subscribers. This further emphasizes how profitable this niche can be for YouTube. The platform has now released details of a new live streaming event aimed to bring some of the most popular gamers into one unique space. As such, Netinfluencer has everything you need to know about YouTube: Game On.

What Is YouTube: Game On?

In August 2022, YouTube announced the launch of a new gaming event that would celebrate and praise the premium talent found on the platform. YouTube:Game On will take place on August 27th at 1pm PT and will showcase a vast range of creators playing popular games such as Fall Guys, Rocket League, and Poppy Playtime.


Known for her signature Winne the Pooh hat and vibrant personality, AyChristeneGames has been creating content on this platform since 2015. Here, Christene plays a variety of quirky and exciting games such as Mario Party Superstars and Multiversus. She live streams on a very frequent basis, helping to build a consistent sense of community for her 529,000 subscribers. Alongside her gaming content, AyChristene also has a reaction channel with an additional 705,000 subscribers. On this channel, she gives her thoughts and opinions on popular anime series such as Spy x Family and The Owl House. 

The Influencers Involved in Youtube’s Game On Event


Amassing an impressive 1.93 million subscribers, Bazerk partakes in a variety of immense challenges across a plethora of games. He has completed a 50-hour building challenge in Minecraft as well as created a Fortnite game board in-game. Bazerk also enjoys playing pranks on his fellow creators, such as placing a UFO army on Spawn Island. Together with his main channel, Bazerk produces a variety of YouTube Shorts, allowing him to gain an additional 6.19K subscribers. He is also active on Instagram where he shares personal life updates with his 44.2K followers.

The Influencers Involved in Youtube’s Game On Event


Chica is well known for her engaging video game content, helping her to build a devoted following of 1.67 million subscribers over the course of seven years. Her channel was first centered around Call of Duty, posting montages of her best shots as well as the DLC available at that time. Nowadays, Chica hosts a variety of Fortnite videos, giving her opinion on the latest skins and fashion shows. She also posts highlights of her longer streams, showing how she interacts with fans that communicate with her in the game. This gaming influencer also has another channel named Chica Daily where she posts clips of her streams on a more regular basis. 

The Influencers Involved in Youtube’s Game On Event


Jack Dunlop, better known as CouRage, produces a wide assortment of lengthy streams for his 3.76 million subscribers to enjoy. He often covers the latest updates such as the Sonic Fall Guys map as well as the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Z collaboration. Dunlop’s success on this platform has enabled him to work with iconic brands such as Samsung and he has even released his own line of products with Razer. When he’s not creating content for YouTube, CouRage can be found on Instagram where he posts clips of his latest videos as well as a collection of personal milestones to his 1.6 million followers.  

The Influencers Involved in Youtube’s Game On Event


Despite never actually showing his face online, Dream has managed to build an audience of over 30 million subscribers at just 23 years old. This gaming influencer mostly creates content surrounding Minecraft, completing speedruns and survival challenges. Dream posted his first video back in 2019 and quickly became one of the fastest-growing creators on the platform. His love of Minecraft also translates on to Twitch where he has an additional 6.1 million subscribers. Dream also creates content for Instagram, sporting his signature smiley face mask in every picture.

The Influencers Involved in Youtube’s Game On Event


By immersing himself in the alluring world of virtual reality, EddieVR has managed to gain a community of 6.49 million subscribers. This influencer has a no-nonsense approach to gaming, placing himself in a variety of horror games such as Phasmophobia and Bendy. Although his content is quite macabre, EddieVR never fails to see the funny side of things, releasing joke after joke for his fans. He has only been creating content since September 2019, yet has seen nearly 780 million views on his channel. EddieVR has also released a line of merchandise, giving his fans more ways to support the growth of his content. 

The Influencers Involved in Youtube’s Game On Event


GeorgeNotFound is also very prevalent within the Minecraft world, producing related content since 2019. He is often seen collaborating with others in his niche such as Dream, completing challenges and tasks together as a duo. George’s success as a streamer has also led him to produce his own merchandise, allowing his fans to support his logo wherever they go.  Even though he has 10.2 million subscribers on YouTube, GeorgeNotFound is most known for his Twitch content. On this platform, he completes lengthy builds for his 4.8 million followers. He has also started to stream other games on Twitch, such as the newly acclaimed release, Stray. 

The Influencers Involved in Youtube’s Game On Event


By building a portfolio of content since 2012, GameGrumps has become one of the most prolific creators on YouTube. Made up of Arin Hanson and Dan Avdian, this channel produces a wealth of gaming content such as gameplays of Internet Cafe Simulator and Sonic Generations. The channel underwent a lot of changes when the original co-host, Jon Jafari, announced his departure in 2012. Yet, GameGrumps continues to release content on a regular basis for their devoted following of 5.37 million subscribers. The pair also hosts a variety of live tournaments, helping their fans to interact with each other and compete in a selection of games. 

The Influencers Involved in Youtube’s Game On Event


Larri Merriit, also known as LARRAY, produces content across a selection of social media platforms including TikTok, where he has 26.2 million followers. He also has a growing YouTube channel where he shares his love of gaming with a further 8.64 million subscribers. LARRAY is often seen playing Roblox, sharing his hilarious altercations with younger players. This influencer is also producing a podcast called Put A Sock In It. This platform allows Merritt and his co-star Noah Beck, to discuss the nuances of life online as well as the impact of celebrity culture. 

The Influencers Involved in Youtube’s Game On Event


As a self-proclaimed gaming comedian, LaurenzSide delves deep into the world of humorous video games. She has uncovered a world of bizarre games such as Dessert DIY, a game where users are asked to build a complex range of ice cream sundaes. Her quirky demeanor and off-beat video styles have enabled her to build a budding audience of 6.71 million subscribers. This gamer also indulges in a range of popular games like The Sims 4 and Afterlife Minecraft. LaurenzSide has recently branched out into the world of YouTube Originals, creating Secret Saboteurs. This series encourages contestants to lie to each other in order to win a grand prize of $100,000. 

The Influencers Involved in Youtube’s Game On Event

YouTube:Game On invites us to commemorate the platform’s dedication to online gaming, highlighting the achievements of many content creators. To discover more about working with gaming influencers, visit our website

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