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Creator Targeting X Launches New Tool To Enhance Advertising


Creator Targeting: X Launches New Tool To Enhance Advertising

On February 12, 2024, X (formerly Twitter) announced the introduction of Creator Targeting, a set of new features designed to enable advertisers to target specific creators and run ads against their content. 

“Now, with the diversity of perspectives on X expanding, we are enabling a new opportunity for advertisers to connect to their customers by aligning with some of the world’s best content creators.” This move is part of X’s ongoing efforts to enhance its advertising system and provide advertisers with utilitarian options.

The Creator Targeting system allows advertisers to reach a specific audience by aligning their brand with suitable creators. “Soon we’ll add the ability to serve ads only on an individual creator’s profile.” As pointed out, the targeting tool aims to eliminate “unwanted adjacencies”.

“This means giving advertisers more control to be able to use the self-serve X Ads Manager to run ads against the content of their chosen creator(s.),” X states. The purpose of the new feature is to facilitate advertising by enabling brands to target a certain niche and line up their ads alongside content relevant to their target audience.

The social media company sees Creator Targeting as a key driver of the platform’s video development. “X is now becoming a video-first experience and Creator Targeting is the next step in X’s evolving video ecosystem!”

The announcement suggests pairing the feature with new formats such as “Vertical Video Ads” and “Promoted Video”, to maximize its potential. When fully optimized, it will allow users to “seize cultural moments and drive efficiently on video to meet your full objectives.”

The introduction of Creator Targeting represents a significant step forward for X in refining the advertising on the platform. Equipped with new targeting options, X aims to position itself as a leader in the digital advertising space.

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