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What Does “WTM” Mean On Instagram


What Does “WTM” Mean On Instagram?

The Meaning and Usage of ‘WTM’

‘WTM’ is an abbreviation used on Instagram that can mean many things depending on the situation.

What’s The Move,” “What’s The Matter,” or “Whatever That Means” are the three most popular interpretations of “WTM”

Accordingly, its use in conversations and captions varies.

When someone wishes to know the strategy or course of action for a specific period or day, they generally ask, “What’s The Move?” (or “Where’s The Move?”). 

This acronym encourages being active and taking part in happy events and trips. 

For example, a person may post a picture with the words, “Doing something on the weekend, wondering who else is in? #WTM?” to discuss what tasks are put on their weekend agenda.

When someone is worried about someone else’s welfare or wants to figure out what’s wrong with them, they could ask, “What’s the matter?” 

It can be used in private and public interactions, frequently with messages of sympathy or encouragement. 

For instance, a friend might make the genuine concern comment, “You seem disturbed in your latest post, WTM?”

The phrase “Whatever That Means” is used to convey a degree of uncertainty or perplexity about a statement or phrase. 

It generally has a comic undertone and indicates that the speaker doesn’t fully understand or agree with what is being said.

In captions, it can convey a lighthearted or satirical tone, as in “Just got my horoscope. Evidently, I’m destined for greatness… #WTM?”

Social media terminology and trends might vary when comparing ‘WTM’ to comparable phrases or slang words in various locales or cultures. 

There may be local slang expressions for asking about plans or activities, expressing worry, or showing uncertainty, but they might not quite translate to “WTM” as used on Instagram.

The Origin of ‘WTM’

It is difficult to establish ‘WTM’s’ precise beginnings and initial instances because slang words frequently develop naturally and spread quickly through digital communication channels.

The meaning of “WTM” has changed and grown throughout time. 

At first, it was primarily used to ask about plans or activities, request suggestions, or show a desire for social participation. 

But because of its adaptability, it started meaning other things. 

Younger people and Internet users use and understand the term “WTM” regularly, and it’s a popular slang used across all generations, including Generation X and even Boomers.

Social networking sites like Instagram, where you can include it in comments, captions, and direct messaging, have widely adopted its use. 

As mentioned above, although “WTM” has become widely used in online slang, different communities and geographical areas may have varied interpretations.

How to Use ‘WTM’ in Content Creation

When creating content on Instagram, “WTM” can be used wisely to increase engagement and establish a connection with your audience. 

Here are some strategies for including “WTM” in your content:

  • Captions

Ask your followers for advice, feedback, or recommendations using the ‘WTM’ hashtag.

For instance, I recently heard the following advice: “Keep up with your dreams, and success will come along. WTM?”

  • Questions and polls

Use ‘WTM’ to create engaging story polls or question stickers to solicit feedback from your audience. 

For example, “Netflix binge-watching time!” What TV show should I start? Romantic comedy or crime drama? Vote, WTM?”

  • Events and Activities

Inform your followers about future activities or events and encourage them to participate. 

For example, “Counting down the days until the upcoming dance extravaganza! Who will go? WTM?”

  • Conversational Tone

To make your captions more relatable and conversational, add “WTM” to them. 

For example, “Just heard really unexpected news…WTM? Currently experiencing a range of emotions.”

Check these Instagram posts to learn how different influencers effectively use the term throughout their content.

Example 1 – 

Example 2 – 

Example 3 –


Using “WTM” when creating content for Instagram is crucial since it gives your posts a friendly and relatable tone and promotes communication, community-building, and involvement with your audience.

It encourages followers to give their thoughts, advice, and experiences, which boosts audience interaction. 

Additionally, it fosters a feeling of genuineness and connection, which increases the audience’s ability to relate to and appreciate your content. 

In fact, you should keep up with the latest internet trends and include using slang words and other abbreviations with those you follow in a way they can understand.

Use these terms excitingly in captions, surveys, narratives, and comments, and within content wherever it seems necessary.

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