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White House Turns To TikTokers To Save Biden’s Campaign? August Conference Revealed

The White House plans to host a conference with internet personalities in August, potentially aiming to bolster President Joe Biden’s appeal among young voters. Christian Tom, director of the White House Office of Digital Strategy, revealed the event in an interview with TechCrunch on Friday.

Topics slated for discussion include data privacy, creator compensation, artificial intelligence, and mental health. While the conference is officially a White House initiative rather than a campaign event, Gizmodo states it presents an opportunity for Biden to address issues important to younger demographics. 

The announcement comes as Biden faces challenges in energizing his base. Recent New York Times polling shows him in a statistical tie with former President Donald Trump nationally. Biden’s performance in Thursday’s debate with Trump has also drawn criticism, with some allies calling for him to drop out of the race.

The planned influencer conference aligns with a stark generational divide on the issue of banning TikTok. According to Pew Research, 46% of Americans aged 18-29 oppose a TikTok ban, while only 29% support it. In contrast, 71% of Americans 65 and older support the ban, with just 4% opposing it.

Biden acknowledged his debate performance at a Raleigh, North Carolina rally, stating, “I know I’m not a young man, to state the obvious. I don’t speak as smoothly as I used to. I don’t debate as well as I used to. But I know what I know.”

The exact date of the August conference remains unconfirmed, and it’s unclear whether Biden will personally attend.

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