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What Does Opp Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

TikTok acronyms are flying around on the app. It is worth keeping track of these trendy and ever-changing abbreviations that earn you approval on the platform. The app’s ability to connect with such large audiences comes from its capability to engage. And Social media acronyms and slang are major contributing factors for this.

What Does Opp Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

Net Influencer highlights the definition, usage, and origins of the TikTok abbreviation, “Opp”. We provide examples that will help you understand and implement “Opp” in your content and better grasp conversations and content on TikTok.

The Meaning and Usage of ‘Opp’

“Opp” is the TikTok slang and abbreviation for ‘opposition’ or ‘opponent’. The social media term is used across platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram. Loosely, it refers to ‘haters’ or anyone you may be in competition with. In Hip-Hop and rap culture, it Is used to describe sexual infidelity, with the acronym standing for ‘Other People’s Pussy’. ‘Opp’ may be used to refer to an enemy or Rival – someone you have ‘beef’ with. “Opp” can also be used to refer to someone who is a ‘snitch’. 

The Origin of ‘Opp’

This Hip Hop derived abbreviation is an African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) slang term popularized in hip-hop and rap culture. The urban dictionary states the term originated in Chicago. It found newfound popularity on TikTok after Jimin of BTS‘s pre-released single ‘Set Me Free Pt.2‘ went viral. In particular, the lyrics “I never stop, f**k all your opps, finally free.” Grabbed people’s attention and interest.

Originally, the term “Opp” came from the song ‘O.P.P.‘ by hip-hop band Naughty by Nature as a part of their 1991 studio album of the same name. In the song, “Opp’ describes infidelity. Anthony Criss (Treach), explained that the term was inspired by the use of “OPM” in the neighborhood they grew up in. “OPM” referred to “Other People’s money”.

How the usage of ‘Opp’ has evolved over time

“Opp ” has clearly evolved, from street culture to Rap and Hip-Hop and now Gaming. The term is used by gamers to refer to the opponent they are battling against, in video games.


“The opps are close, take cover.”

How to Use ‘Opp’ in Content Creation

Content Creators can use the “Opp” in captions, descriptions, and even as a hashtag to increase their relatability. This builds a sense of community, which improves engagement and reach. With the Hip Hop culture sprouting deep roots, this reference taps into that fanbase and boosts content that uses terms and slang such as “Opp”. Street Cred has great value on social media platforms and we see the impact.

Examples of ‘Opp’ being used in popular content or captions. 


When your car break down in the opps hood 😂🗽

♬ Fuck Around – Nazzi Fiallo

This example is a skit of a vehicle breaking down in the neighborhood of the creator’s opposition. The “Opp” drives by, spots and confronts the broken-down outsiders. This results in a scuffle and the outsiders running off. 

This skit is funny; however, the reality of the situation can be scary. An opp being an enemy can result in gang violence related to claimed territories and unresolved issues. This is notorious in Hip Hop and rap culture and is reflective of life on the streets. “Opp” is used in the description and in-video caption.


How 🥷🏽’s be flexing when they see their opps🤣🤣🤣 #Comedy #Fyp #Viral #ViralVideos #HoodComedy #Fyp #TBFunnyASF

♬ original sound – TBfunnyASF

Another hilarious skit of a run in between a shopper and his “Opp”. Upon seeing his “Opp”, the shopper tries to soothe the “Opp” down. He extends an olive branch and apologizes for the ‘beef’. His “Opp” does not reciprocate and walks away. The shopper gets on his phone and talks ‘smack’ to someone about his “Opp”, claiming to have handled the “Opp”. The shopper turns around to find his “Opp” listening.

This type of content is branded hood comedy. However, we have either experienced or seen some version of this before. This makes the content very relatable. “Opp” is used in the description of the video.

This example is a recording of an encounter with law enforcement. In the video two police officers converse with a man about obstructing the officers from doing their job. An out-of-frame civilian addresses them from inside the house, where she is recording the footage. She calls them out for not having a court order and already having someone in the back seat of their vehicle. The tense situation garnered many comments about law enforcement’s breach of human rights. The Opposition in this video are the police officers. “Opp” is used as a hashtag in the description of the video. 


“Opp” is incredibly popular, with its Hip Hop and Rap influences. The slang may have been borrowed from Hip Hop music, but it originated on the streets- giving it an edgy thug-life appeal. TikTok has adopted and adapted it, expanding its meaning, context, and use. You can use the acronym to boost engagement and improve authenticity and relatability. You can even expand your reach by tapping into the Hip Hop following.

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