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What Does Embed Mean On Instagram


What Does Embed Mean On Instagram?

A Guide to Common Acronyms and Slang for digital content creators and Influencers

What Does Embed Mean On Instagram?

What does Embed mean?

If you are new to the world of creating digital content, perhaps you have come across the term embed but aren’t entirely sure what it means.

So what does embed mean?

Embed, in a general digital content context, means to include text, sound, images, video, etc. in a computer file, email message, or website. Oftentimes, this is done without the viewer having to leave the website to view the content. 

You have probably seen embedded Tweets or Instagram posts in online articles. Embedding is an easy way to showcase a photo or image and link directly to the source.

Below is an example of an embedded Instagram post in an online article. When you click on the photo, it leads directly to the source’s Instagram post. This allows the creator to be appropriately credited for their work and will enable readers to continue their research on a topic.

What Does Embed Mean On Instagram?

This also works great if you are writing a blog post for your own website or blog. You can link directly to your public Instagram page and showcase your best content.

How to Embed your Instagram on Your Blog

Instagram has embed codes that allow you to share your profile or content along with your username and a link to your profile. As an influencer or content creator, this is great for you to have an easy way to link your profile or a specific post. While you can also embed videos and Tweets to your blog, today we will be showcasing how to specifically embed your Instagram page or post.

Your account has to be public for this embed code to work. Anyone can embed your Instagram if it’s public.

To embed content on Instagram, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Instagram post you want to embed. You can do this by going to the Instagram website on a desktop or with your mobile app. 
  1. Access the post’s embed code: On the Instagram website, click on the three dots (…) located at the top-right corner of the post. Then, select the “Embed” option.

Below is a photo of what your screen will look like on desktop.

What Does Embed Mean On Instagram?

From here, Instagram will now generate an embed code for the post.

  1. Next, you will copy the embed code: Once you click on the “Copy Embed Code” button, it will automatically copy the generated embed code to your clipboard. 
  2. You are now ready to paste your embed code to your blog, article, or other platform. Open the website or platform where you want to embed the Instagram post. You will next have to navigate to the section or page where you want to include the embedded post. This will be different for each site or platform.
  3. Once you have located the location of where to embed, paste the embed code into the HTML or code editor of the website or platform. Some sites will have different links depending on the type of content you are embedding, whether it’s a video, audio, or social media post.
What Does Embed Mean On Instagram?

Remember to save the changes you made to the website or platform, and preview the page to ensure the embedded Instagram post is displaying correctly.

It’s important to note that embedding Instagram posts is usually supported on websites and platforms that allow HTML code to be added. WordPress stopped supporting Instagram’s embedding in 2020.

However, most blogging platforms still support it.  You can even embed on certain social media platforms, such as Facebook. 

Just remember it may not be possible to embed Instagram posts in all contexts or on all platforms. Remember to keep this in mind when you are looking to embed a post!

Also, remember that when you are embedding Instagram posts, this should be done with regards to Instagram’s terms of services. You can read about what terms to keep in mind in Instagram’s Help page.

Turning Off Embeds

Perhaps you don’t want websites to be able to embed your content without your consent – that’s perfectly fine. 

Instagram allows you to turn off embedding for certain posts or for your whole profile. You can also turn your account private to prevent people from embedding your content. 

However, this could hurt your chances of being featured in articles which could increase your audience, so this isn’t recommended. 

What digital content terms and slang would you like to learn about next? Let us know down below.

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