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What Does 'BSF' Mean On TikTok A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang


What Does ‘BSF’ Mean On TikTok?

Internet slang has evolved from SMS (short message service) shorthand back in the ’90s and 2000s, into an internet language of its own. TikTok’s dominated by these acronyms that usually mean something slightly more interesting than we think. 

This article places the spotlight on the TikTok acronym ‘BSF’.

‘BSF’ Origins

In the late-2010s, teenagers popularized the term ‘BSF’ across social media platforms. This TikTok slang is used as a term of endearment reserved for a close friend, who may also share a sibling-like bond. A ‘BSF’ can ascribe to any gender, however, the shorthand is commonly used amongst younger females.

What does ‘BSF’ mean?

‘BSF’ replaced ‘BFF’, which stands for ‘Best Friends Forever’. ‘BSF’, on the other hand, shortened the label to ‘Best Friend’.

While ‘Best Friend’ is the most used definition of this acronym, ‘BSF’ could also mean:

  • ‘Best Sister Friend’ – Not an actual biological sister, this refers to a friend who is as close as a sister.
  • ‘But Seriously Folks’ – Used after a joke or light-hearted quip to re-direct attention to the serious aspect of the content or conversation.
  • ‘BBSF’ is very similar to ‘BSF’ – ‘Big Best Sisters Forever’ is a self-explanatory variation of ‘BSF’.
  • Another similar spin-off on ‘BSF’ is ‘IBSF’- This refers to an ‘Internet Best Friend’, someone you met online that has become a close friend.

How to use ‘BSF’ on TikTok

TikTok creators have creatively used ‘BSF’ to produce sentimental, funny, emotional, and even satirical content.

Let us review some of the examples found on TikTok: 



Tag them💛 they mean so much to us🥺🙏🏾 #bsf #foryou #girl #boys

♬ Night Trouble By Petit Biscuit – Tyler

This TikTok video by building.fromlove is an appreciation post about best friends. The narration is sincere, delivered straight into the camera. The background music is sentimental and poignant. The message is heartfelt and a request to show love, appreciation and to celebrate your ‘BSF’. This video gives you good vibes and warm fuzzy feelings. ‘BSF’ is included as a hashtag in the description. 


you.found.mila used a 6-second snippet from the iconic 90’s movie, Clueless, to demonstrate the meaning of ‘BSF’. The TikTok slang is used as a hashtag in the description. The clip shows the characters from the movie enjoying a best friend, and sisterly bond. Fans of the comedy, Clueless, would appreciate the clip and the fast friendship that initially developed between the characters in the movie. For TikTok-ers who haven’t watched the movie, this completely out-of-context snippet still makes sense.


This TikTok creator uses art and simple narration to tell a sentimental and touching short story. The video is only 57 seconds long but conveys an entire story about best friends, who through tragic circumstances, were able to maintain their bond. They miraculously defy a medical condition with their bond and love. 

Tricki_nicki doodles while narrating the story, using colored pens to draw a simple heart with a blackened puzzle piece inside it. She colors the heart in red, from the bottom up, as she tells the story. It appears as if the heart is filling up with love as the touching tale comes together. The art and narration tie up beautifully. ‘“BSF’ is used as a hashtag in the description.


The sentiment conveyed with ‘BSF’ is mostly warm and fun. It is also interesting to watch the various depictions of this and how content creators’ express emotions and celebrate friendships using the reference ‘BSF’.

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