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What Does Bmf Mean On TikTok A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang


What Does Bmf Mean On TikTok? A Guide To Common Acronyms And Slang

Keeping up with the latest TikTok slang and acronyms can be challenging. With so many circulating and new ones emerging, cyber slang is the mark of a seasoned content creator.

Net Influencer offers you some assistance, with our quick and easy guide on the acronym ‘Bmf’. We explore what it means and how to use it on TikTok. We look at the origins and various definitions and contexts this acronym can be used in. We also share some examples, straight from the app.

The Meaning and Usage of ‘Bmf’

‘Bmf’ has various definitions on the platform. However, it’s most popular meaning makes it one of TikTok’s cheekier acronyms. Standing for “Bad Motherf***er” or “Bad Mother Freaker” (polite form), this abbreviation may seem like an insult or come across as rude. However, it is actually a high compliment, that refers to someone’s attitude, strength, and style.

Alternate Definitions of ‘Bmf”

The lesser-used versions of ‘Bmf’ include:

“Be My Friend”

This is used to request friendship. It is a friendly and warm usage of the acronym.

“Best Male Friend”

“Bmf’ might also be used as this self-explanatory version, which is a trend among young women. 

“Best Mates Forever”

This alternate definition for “Bmf”, is a more unisex approach to the previous definition.

“Blowing Money Fast”

Rick Ross’s famous song, entitled: Blowing Money Fast, uses the acronym ‘Bmf’ as its abbreviation. 

“Black Mafia Family”

“Bmf’ is also shorthand for a drug-dealing organization that is often referred to in legal terminology.

The Origin of ‘Bmf’


In the movie, Pulp Fiction, how much money is in Jules’ wallet? Why does he give the money to Ringo? Fun Fact. The wallet actually belonged to Tarantino. The BMF inscription was a reference to the theme song from the 1971 movie, Shaft. #genx #genxtiktokers #genxcrew #pulpfiction #tarantino #quentintarantino #shaft #quincyjones #wallet #bmf #moviequiz #movietrivia #samuelljackson

♬ Theme From Shaft – Isaac Hayes

“Bmf’’s popular definition of Bad Motherf***er can be traced back to the cult classic film Pulp Fiction. This movie was released in the theater way back in 1994. 

Reference is also made to “Badmotorfinger”. This is the third studio album by American rock band Soundgarden. It was released on 8th October 1991 via A&M Records.

The alternate definitions were either born out of daily communication requirements or what was trending at the time.

How to Use ‘Bmf’ in Content Creation

‘Bmf’ drips of ultra-coolness when used as “Bad Mother Fu*ker”. As a bold compliment, it can be used to convey approval and admiration on TikTok. 

However, using ‘Bmf’ as any of its other definitions, indicates that you are cool and trendy. This increases your authenticity on the app. In turn, relatability peaks which triggers an increase in engagement and reach. 

Content Creators can use ‘Bmf’ as a hashtag in the description or caption. Even using its full form garners the same interest and effect. 

Examples of ‘Bmf’ being used in popular content or captions. 

This 1-minute and 16-second clip from the Black Mafia Family is intense and entertaining. Based on the drug dealing and money laundering organization, this show has a large following. The post uses the hashtags ‘BMF” and “Black Mafia Family”, and has over 740k likes. 

This cheeky, yet boss, request to “Be My Friend” is leaning more into “let me be your bf” than something plutonic. Well, that is the vibe the video gives. With over 435 K likes, this kind of tongue-in-cheek content is quite popular. This post includes the hashtag ‘Bmf”. 

This post uses the hashtag ‘Bad Mother F*c&er’ in a political commentary. The video gives you a sense of how intense and powerful the label “Bad Mother F*c&er’ is, with the commentator saying only 3 are needed to take over the country.


That is a bad motherfucker @Memphis Grizzlies

♬ original sound – Cedrick66

This is an example of the general and most popular use of the term ‘Bad Mother F*c&er”. Used to describe great sportsmanship, skill, or talent, this term is loosely used in everyday conversation. 


Whether to show that you belong, impress followers, or as a strategy to enhance content; staying updated on social media terms and abbreviations is pivotal to a successful experience on the app.

TikTok-ers have successfully adapted this famous movie reference into an impactful social media acronym. Even its alternate definitions, although less popular than ‘Bad Mother Fu*ker’, give users a sense of belonging and community. The cyber-slang that is coded specifically for TikTok can be used to boost the performance and reach of content. Relatability is the secret weapon of content creation. And nothing makes content more relatable than a common language. “Bmf” is one more acronym to add to your TikTok vocabulary, that will help you understand and create better content.

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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