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Vinivia Introduces Live Streaming App Catering To The Creator Community And Opening Up Monetization Avenues


Vinivia Introduces Live Streaming App Catering To The Creator Community And Opening Up Monetization Avenues

Vinivia, a new live-streaming app, has launched in the U.S. and unveiled its Vinivia Creator Community. 

“We are beyond thrilled to bring this innovative, interactive, and top-of-the-line app to the market,” Vinivia co-founder and CEO Stefan Graf said in the company’s announcement

The app offers users a transparent way of monetizing content, “providing creators with up to 80% of total revenue generated from their content, which they fully own, allowing them to monetize their passions,” added co-founder and CFO Marcello Genovese.

Graf and Genovese founded Vinivia in 2020. They brought their expertise from previous jobs in interactive broadcasting and live streaming solutions, catching the attention of tech giants like Meta and YouTube. Their latest venture aims to refine the overall live-streaming experience.

Its Creator Community program enables direct partnerships between the company and content makers, allowing the latter to get the most out of monetization. As an incentive to sign up early, the company said that the first 600 creators granted access would have full ownership of their content and the highest revenue share in the market. 

Focusing on creators, Vinivia strives to introduce innovative features such as AI-powered content suggestions. The app aims to help them improve user experience, enjoy flexible revenue share, and benefit from lightning-fast latency and augmented reality technology.

“At Vinivia, we believe in empowering creators and fostering meaningful connections between creators and their audience. With our app, creators have the tools and support to thrive and become stars,” Graf said. 

On April 4, the company hosted the inaugural Vinivia Awards in Los Angeles, awarding top creators $10,000 in prizes. The ceremony was live-streamed on Vinivia’s app.

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