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Multi-Passionate Creator Vincent Marson On The Comedy Niche, Handling Pressure, And Standing Out Online


Multi-Passionate Creator Vincent Marson On The Comedy Niche, Handling Pressure, And Standing Out Online

Originally from the Bronx, New York, Vincent Marson grew up in Florida before attending the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA). He works full-time as a content creator and is a multi-passionate individual who sings, dances, acts, and models. Keep reading to learn more about his content creation process, building community online, and his advice to creators.

As a child, Vincent Marson loved watching Vine creators and was greatly influenced by comedy, gaming, and lifestyle content. When it was still, Vincent began posting video content on the platform while attending school for theater. Since then, he has focused on growing on TikTok and Instagram

Regarding TikTok, Vincent comments, “It generally reaches a large audience, and it is quick and easy to do. Another feature that I liked was anybody could blow up there. It wasn’t specific to people who were already established and big. When I started out, I happened to go viral on certain videos.”

Going viral on the platform has helped Vincent become a full-time content creator and pursue other passions, like modeling and photography. 

Multi-Passionate Creator Vincent Marson On The Comedy Niche, Handling Pressure, And Standing Out Online

The Comedy Niche

Vincent’s content is primarily in the comedy niche. He is particularly inspired by his mother and how she raised him and uses these experiences for comedy bits. 

Vincent Marson explains, “I just remember being inspired by that, and I think self-comedy is a great thing. It gets her to laugh and takes someone away from being so serious. In this world, that’s very chaotic sometimes – I think that’s what drives me. Honestly, people need to laugh more.

Despite his massive success on TikTok, Vincent shares that he’s still learning to grow and maintain his audience. He believes staying true to himself will engage his audience because authenticity draws viewers in.   

All this shows that no matter how successful you are online, there’s always more to learn. 

@vincentmarson She’s so dramatic once she gets home. If we so much as breathe around her she goes off😭 #fyp #foryou ♬ original sound – 🦋 K E K E 🦋

Working with Clicks Talent Agency

Clicks Talent Agency initially reached out to Vincent via email. When Vincent saw their email, he contacted other creators who were part of Clicks Talent Agency to ask about their experience before deciding to sign with the company. 

Vincent Marson shares, “They’ve been very responsive, communicative, and thorough. I got my first sponsored video within a couple of weeks, and the process was really great and smooth. So far, it’s been really good.” 

The campaign was with Jarritos, a Mexican, fruit-flavored soda company, which Vincent shared was a fun campaign to create and edit. 

He was inspired by 80s commercials and shared multiple funny pickup lines while featuring the Jarritos’ drink. 

Handling Pressure as a Content Creator

Until 2023, Vincent Marson shares that he didn’t take a balanced approach to his life and content creation. This year, he’s been working to create a balance by prioritizing time with family and friends while still being consistent with content creation. 

He’s also been trying to enjoy the content creation process more by focusing on what he loves, which he shares has put him at ease. 

Vincent comments, “I have my moments where I feel like I’ve got to do this, but then once I put everything down, I actually enjoy what I’m doing that day. Everything just seems to be easier. When I am ready to make content, I feel wholesome. I feel completely fulfilled and ready to take on the content. Once I post it, I don’t get overwhelmed; I just leave it alone. It’s a working process.”

He plans to continue finding balance and prioritizing connections with people he loves to foster a healthier mental space. 

Building Community Online

When Vincent Marson started posting on TikTok, he shared that he was mostly trying to go viral by having fun sharing content online. However, he soon began to enjoy connecting with the online community too. 

He shares, “I had to step out of my comfort zone because I make content to kind of escape who I am. Sometimes I can be scared and timid and have a lot of anxiety meeting people in person, but with social media, I’ve been able to break out of that. With this year specifically, I’ve tried to make sure I’m interactive on my Instagram stories.”

He also prioritizes engaging with commenters and taking feedback from comments to ensure he’s making content his audience enjoys. 

Standing Out Online

Vincent Marson shares that authenticity and being yourself on camera is the number one way to stand out online because everyone has a unique way of doing or saying things. 

He explains, “Everybody is very unique… You can try to copy people, but it can only take you so far. Just be yourself and keep being yourself. That’s when you’re going to realize that you stand out on your own.”

Vincent also takes a specific approach to admin work. 

Overanalyzing your analytics can be detrimental. Previously, Vincent scrutinized his analytics more, but now he reminds himself that videos sometimes take a few days or months to take off, which puts less pressure on him. 

In addition, he frequently checks his content to ensure his feed is cohesive and organized, making it easier for his audience to find the type of content they’re interested in watching. 

Future Predictions

Vincent shares, “I feel like we’re going to keep going down that path and showcasing our real authentic selves as much as we can. I think we will start to appreciate each other more with everything happening… Creators didn’t show much of what was going on like the financial [side of things before], but I’ve seen many creators showcasing it a little more.”

He anticipates that creators will be more transparent about what they are getting paid or how they are treated in the industry, which he is looking forward to seeing. 

@vincentmarson Bro I be panicking 🤣 #fyp ♬ original sound – user13940513663

Vincent’s Advice to Creators

Burnout is a significant issue for creators. Like many creators, Vincent has experienced burnout several times before. 

He shares, “I’ve been burned out a couple of times, and it’s not fun. I feel like I’m not doing enough, and I’m not creative enough. When I take a step back, I usually try to enjoy what I’m doing because then I want to make content again.”

He recommends that creators take a step back to refresh themselves and avoid burnout. 

Enjoying the moment also leads to better content and a healthier mindset, which can help you succeed long-term as a content creator. 

Future Plans

Vincent lives in California but plans to return to Florida, where he’ll continue making comedy content. 

However, he wants to pivot and start modeling and acting again because these are some of his biggest passions in life and what he attended school to learn. 

He adds, “I want to expand more and start to push myself more into barriers that I tend to be afraid to tackle by getting more into acting, so getting to do films and stuff like that. Also, I’m getting more into YouTube and doing more vlogs, and giving a more interactive idea of my life. I want to tap into modeling. I think those are my long-term goals – I want to get into modeling and photography.”

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