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VidCon Baltimore 2024: Expanding Opportunities For Creators, Fans, And Industry Professionals In The Heart Of The East Coast.

VidCon, the ultimate celebration of the Creator Economy, is returning for its second year to Baltimore, promising an even bigger and more dynamic experience for creators, fans, and industry professionals alike. The convention, which has been a staple in Anaheim for over a decade, is expanding its reach to the East Coast, bringing together creators, fans, and industry professionals in a unique and vibrant atmosphere.

VidCon Baltimore 2024: Expanding Opportunities For Creators, Fans, And Industry Professionals In The Heart Of The East Coast.

Sarah Tortoreti, SVP of Marketing and Communications at VidCon, describes the event as “basically the most magical experience that you can imagine.” She emphasizes the importance of bringing together all aspects of the creator economy under one roof, stating, “We have our featured creators, we have their fans who come to meet them and interact with them, and we have the industry who are the people that live and breathe and work in the creator economy.”

The convention aims to break down the barriers between creators and their fans, fostering an environment where real-life connections can be made. “We break down the walls of the screen, and bring what you get from these creators to real life,” Sarah explains.

VidCon Baltimore 2024: Expanding Opportunities For Creators, Fans, And Industry Professionals In The Heart Of The East Coast.

Expanding Opportunities for Creators and Attendees

VidCon Baltimore 2024 is introducing a new addition to its lineup. “We’re adding the Creator Track,” Sarah reveals. “Last year it was just Community Track and Industry Track, and this year we’re adding the third track that we have in Anaheim, which is the Creator Track.”

The Creator Track is designed to provide educational content for those looking to build their brand online and monetize their content creation efforts. “It’s really for people who are looking to understand and learn how to make money being a content creator,” Sarah explains. The decision to bring the Creator Track to Baltimore was driven by attendee feedback from the previous year. Sarah notes, “We heard that a lot of people in Baltimore last year really wanted this, so we decided to add it a year early. We would typically add that in a year three show, but it just felt like a good fit for Baltimore this year”. The addition of the creator track is expected to enhance the overall experience for attendees, as it will attract more individuals who are passionate about the Creator Economy. “It’s hopefully going to bring in more people who care about what’s going on in the Creator Economy, which will just accelerate the vibe of the whole experience,” Sarah says.

Baltimore was chosen for VidCon’s East Coast expansion due to its central location and accessibility from major cities along the eastern seaboard. “It’s easy to get to from all of the major cities, including New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and even Atlanta,” Sarah explains. The city’s celebration of diversity and culture also aligns with VidCon’s core values. “Baltimore as a city really celebrates diversity and culture and the digital digital creators are at the center of that right now”, Sarah adds.

VidCon Baltimore 2024: Expanding Opportunities For Creators, Fans, And Industry Professionals In The Heart Of The East Coast.

Featuring Diverse Creators and Catering to a Wide Range of Attendees

“Diversity is super important to us, so that is one of the key filters that we use to identify the creators that we bring to any of our events,” Sarah emphasizes. VidCon’s definition of diversity encompasses various aspects, including personal background, content genre, and platform prominence. “Diversity means a lot of things. It’s diversity of person, diversity of content and genre, diversity of platforms,” she adds.

In addition to diversity, VidCon also considers engagement and aims to showcase both established and emerging creators. “We look at engagement, we want some of the top creators, but we also want some of the emerging creators. We pride ourselves on being in the know of who is next in the creator ecosystem,” Sarah says.

VidCon strives to cater to its diverse audience by ensuring that all attendees have a comprehensive and enjoyable experience. Sarah explains, “We are very specific in the choices we make, to make sure that everybody who is attending is going to have a good time.” The Community Track offers an expo hall and exciting activities for fans, while also providing a safe space for creators to interact with their fandoms. Brands and sponsors attend VidCon to connect with creators and engage with the influential Gen Z and Gen Alpha audiences. The Industry Track brings together key players in the creator economy, fostering networking opportunities and allowing attendees to experience the unique energy that comes from gathering all stakeholders in one place.

This unique energy is further amplified by VidCon’s long-standing partnership with YouTube, which takes on new significance as the platform becomes the title sponsor for VidCon Baltimore 2024. Sarah expresses her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We’re really excited to have YouTube coming for the first time for Baltimore, we’ve been partners with YouTube for a very long time. They are one of our tried and true sponsors for Anaheim, which is going into its 13th year right now.” The title sponsorship not only validates VidCon’s presence on the East Coast but also demonstrates YouTube’s commitment to the region and its creator community. “I think just having them there, validates our presence on the East Coast, and it means that they care about Baltimore and the surrounding area as a place to be,” Sarah explains. 

VidCon’s Vision for the Future: Expanding to New Markets and Empowering Creators

Looking ahead, VidCon is focused on ensuring the success of its three current events in Anaheim, Mexico City, and Baltimore. Sarah reveals, “We are really focusing on making them as successful as possible. We’re going to our 13th event in Anaheim, our third year in Mexico and our second year in Baltimore. And those are really important to us.” While the company is always evaluating new opportunities for expansion, its immediate goal is to grow the newer markets to be substantial, even if not as large as the Anaheim event. Sarah notes, “I do think in the next couple of years, we will look to add another market.”

VidCon recognizes the global nature of the creator economy and the widespread passion for content creators. Sarah explains, “What we know for sure is that this fandom and this creator economy exist worldwide. It’s a global thing. We have people who actually purchased tickets to Anaheim from all over the world, but also tune in to anything that we offer digitally from all over the world.”

For aspiring creators and marketers looking to thrive in the creator economy, Sarah’s advice is simple: attend VidCon. She emphasizes, “We provide the space for them to learn and understand what’s important now and how it can impact their life, depending on who they are and what they are trying to do.”

Whether attending the Creator Track to learn how to build a brand and monetize content, the Industry Track to gain actionable insights from experts, or the Community Track to have fun and connect with creators, VidCon offers a unique and valuable experience for all attendees.

As VidCon continues to expand and evolve, it remains committed to its mission of empowering creators, connecting fans, and driving the creator economy forward. With its second year in Baltimore on the horizon and plans for future growth, VidCon is poised to remain at the forefront of this dynamic and rapidly growing industry.

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