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Using Fiverr For Graphic Design Services To Improve Your Influencer Brand


Using Fiverr For Graphic Design Services To Improve Your Influencer Brand

To attract new followers and potential brand partners, your social media platforms should include unique graphics and a cohesive brand story. A freelance graphic designer can help you stand out with a new logo, streamlined website, and branded merchandise. Here, NetInfluencer rounds up the best graphic design services for influencers on the Fiverr platform.

Graphic design is a key element in making any social media platform stand out. From eye-catching YouTube channel banners and video thumbnails to an on-brand, user-friendly website, freelance graphic designers can help you show up in a big way. The Fiverr freelancer marketplace has thousands of experienced graphic designers ready to assist with all kinds of graphic design projects. Here, we dive into some of the best graphic design services for influencers on Fiverr.

Fiverr’s Best Graphic Design Services for Influencers

Logo & Brand Design

Whether you’re focused on building a personal brand or starting up a new company, having a cohesive brand story ties everything together. Fiverr’s graphic design freelancers will work with you to create a custom logo based on your personality and preferences. If you want to take things a step further, have a designer develop a unique brand kit, which includes custom color schemes and fonts. A brand kit may also include stationary, like business cards and letterhead, perfect when mailing correspondence to potential brand partners.

Check out Fiverr’s logo and brand design services here:

Graphics for Streamers

If you’re a gamer and stream on Twitch, you’ll want to make your channel page stand out from your competition. There are several freelancers on Fiverr who specialize in graphic design for streamers. Hire a designer to create your own custom Twitch emotes and sub badges to make your personality shine. A graphic designer can also develop a personalized Twitch overlay and logo and customized alert graphics. If you’re expanding your platform, work with a designer to create matching banners and graphics for your website and other social media channels to keep things tied together.

Check out Fiverr’s graphic services specifically for streamers here:


Influencers looking to add creative elements to their content and videos may consider working with an illustrator to incorporate an artistic edge. A freelance illustrator can draw or paint a custom piece to use as part of your logo or branding strategy. They can also help with things like infographics, explanatory graphics for YouTube tutorials, and custom art for apps and websites. Instead of a traditional headshot, many of today’s influencers and public figures use an illustrated portrait as their avatar for social media. 

Check out Fiverr’s digital illustration services here:

Website Design

Having an attractive, high-performing website is an essential part of your internet presence as an influencer. There are freelance web designers on Fiverr with experience in all of the major web hosting platforms, like Wix and WordPress. A designer can also help revamp your existing website and make suggestions for improvement. Work with a freelance website designer who specializes in UX/UI to optimize your page for the best user experience. You can also hire a web designer to get your website set up for ecommerce. 

Check out Fiverr’s website design services here:

Social Media Design

In addition to logos and brand-related graphics, Fiverr freelance designers can create custom images for social media posts, custom Instagram filters, and thumbnails for YouTube videos. If you’re planning a social media ad campaign, have a freelance designer create the graphics based on your brand story. In addition to standard posts, there are designers skilled in video and short form clips, like Instagram reels. To showcase your humorous side, partner with a freelance designer to create your own custom memes. 

Check out Fiverr’s social media design services here:

Book Design

Writing a book or eBook is a great way to establish authority in your niche and further connect with your audience. If you’ve written all of the content, the next step is to have your book formatted so it’s ready for publishing. Freelance book designers can also help get your finished book published and posted on platforms like Amazon. If you need a catchy book cover, have a graphic designer translate your message into eye-catching fonts and graphics. 

Check out Fiverr’s book design services here: 

Image Editing

Even the best photographers may need a helping hand when it comes to editing images. A freelancer skilled in Photoshop and other editing software will make your images look sharp and professional. Have a freelance editor retouch your headshots or images from your latest photo shoot before you send them off to potential brand partners. If you run an online shop, an editor can rework your product photos to make them look as attractive as possible. 

Check out Fiverr’s image editing services here:

T-Shirts & Merchandise

Many influencers monetize their platforms through the sale of branded merchandise. T-shirts and mugs with your channel’s logo also make for great contest prizes. Fiverr freelancers who specialize in merchandise design can create branded clothing, pins, hats, stickers, and more. They can also create custom images for different milestones, like your channel’s birthday or reaching a significant number of followers. Some designers will even work with you to develop an entire custom clothing line!

Check out Fiverr’s t-shirts and merchandise design services here:

Packaging & Label Design

If you’re branching out and developing your very own line of products, you’ll need to make sure your packaging is on point. Work with a Fiverr freelance graphic designer to create custom labels and boxes based on your logo and brand guidelines. Many are skilled in specific areas, like supplements, vape products, and food to ensure your labels are compliant. Look for services that include 3D mockups so you can approve things before they go to print.

Check out Fiverr’s packaging and label design services here:

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