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True Crime Podcast A Comprehensive Guide To The World Of Crime And Mystery


True Crime Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide To The World Of Crime And Mystery

True crime daily is one of the boldest, mind-boggling podcasts out there with an exceptionally large following and fanbase. The infamous podcast is hosted across all popular platforms and covers all weekly occurrences of everything murder, scam, and crime related on a daily basis. 

An emotional rollercoaster of wild things you’ve never thought you’d hear about in a compilation of absurd topics to get your day started or even calm you down before bed. 

What we love about this podcast is that they discuss all possibilities and take into account things a regular news channel would not have open to discussion. 

True Crime Podcast: A Comprehensive Guide To The World Of Crime And Mystery

Very insightful and straight to the point, the intriguing discussions only get better as you watch, as Ana’s charismatic character settles for nothing but the truth.

The Creator behind True Crime Daily 

Hosted by ana Garcia, True Crime Daily is an in-depth investigative podcast series that takes a dive into some of the most compelling national mysteries and shocking crimes. 

Ana is joined by different guests from police officers to defense attorneys to elaborate upon different cases and present a non-censored version of what you may see on your daily news.

Based on what goes down in the United States each week, Ana is one of the most authoritative true crime creators within the niche. 

Ana is an 8-time Emmy award-winning TV Journalist who previously worked for KNBC from 2000 -2013, when podcasts took the lead she found her true calling. 

Launched in 2014 the True Crime Daily podcast is one of the very first crime podcasts to exist and by far one of the most recognized globally. 

Themes and Topics Covered 

There is absolutely no limit to what can be found on the Daily Tru Crime Podcast as it is a reflection upon all the insane crimes happening nationally, and sometimes even globally. 

However some crimes tend to be more interesting to viewers than others, and the pod stresses some stories more than others. Murder, fraud, scamming, and kidnapping are the most in demand according to stats of The True Crime podcast 

Some of the best stories are usually centered around romance, and Ana does an amazing job in narrating different scary romances and investigating how things happen.

The eye-opening topics are an insight to a cruel world that not everyone will find appealing, but realists will find exceptionally interesting and thought-provoking, especially those fascinated by  psychology, and deviant behaviors. 

With a broad range of shocking and eye-opening stories, some of the best-performing episodes on the True Crime podcast include: 

Justice for Amish girl impregnated by brothers; survivors talk sexual abuse in Amish community

In this story, Ana covers one of the most recent horrendous crimes in America where a detective took over this case pro bono. diving into the depths of the case of a disgusting crime that happened more than once in the community, and Ana is furious because of the probation the criminals received. 

In a back-and-forth dialog with Loni Coombs former prosecutor, Ana tries to understand why the criminals deserved a shot at a second chance. 

No consequence is fair in this case as this heartbreaking crime happened amongst minors committed by minors, this case is one of the worst to happen in our modern age on an individualized level. 

We apologize for how terrifying this episode is, and now fully understand why it is so popular amongst different listeners. 

Not for the faint-hearted, even us as writers could not finish the episode due to how irritating and unjust the story is. 

Mayor’s daughter suffocated with a plastic bag by new husband who gets help from mom

A story of a sweetheart young lady who got married to the wrong person, she ended up leaving and finding an even worse alternative. 

The daughter of a New Jersey mayor with a family that loves and adored her, has her life shifted to the most extreme of events after getting pregnant and marrying the love of her life. 

Best describing the kind of topics Ana covers, and the once-romantic stories behind them, this is the perfect representation of what you’re in for with the True crime podcast. 

An episode that makes you think about the people you trust blindly without questioning their intentions and motives, and opens you eyes to all the possible psychopaths out there. 

The Murdaugh murders: A dynasty of mysterious deaths, conspiracy, drug-dealing, and insurance fraud

Attorney Gerald Griggs, and Dr. Judy Ho, join Ana in an investigation of one of the richest and most authoritative families in south Carolina. 

A family of prosecutors, attornies, and other government-associated positions surprise locals who once idolized them within the community. The single longest 

Alex Murdaugh, a member of a legal dynasty, has been surrounded by suspicious deaths, alleged criminal fraud, and coverups, and now stands accused of murdering his wife and son

In an intriguing analysis of the Murdahgh Family’s case authoritative figures discuss how things were uncovered and the suspension of paranormal behavior long before the crime took place. 

Reach of The True Crime Podcast 

The True Crime Podcast has over 5 million subscribers on youtube and 180,000 followers on Instagram and around 7500 followers on their new TikTok Channel.

On youtube, where view statistics are readily available it appears that the average podcast receives between 70,000 and 200,000 views per video. 

Based on this analysis we estimated that the True Crime Podcast receives roughly 300,000 – 500,000 listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks collectively. 

The Format of the Podcast 

Depending on the appropriate hosts for the podcast, the structure may differ from one episode to the other. However, the usual format for the podcast is often a direct dialog with individuals more authoritative than Ana in the space. 

Some popular guests on the podcast include various officers and prosecutors. and attornies. Topping the list of the most popular guests on the Pod include Dr. John Delatorre a popular American psychologist, attorney Gerald Griggs, and forensic specialist Dr. Judy Ho.

Reception and Impact 

One of the most impactful crime podcasts in the space. Ana is a leading name and pioneer in the space of uncensored horrifying true stories. 

Better than any news channel or headline you’d find in your local newspaper, if there is any mystery you’d like to dive into nobody does it better than Ana. 


Overall the True Crime Podcast is not for everyone, but those who are in for a daily shock will surely admire Ana’s work. You can find the True Crime Podcast on almost every podcast hosting platform from Youtube to Apple Podcasts,

True crime stories are no longer only books and movies, thanks to Ana, creator of the world’s most popular true-crime podcast, you can enjoy horrifying shocking stories whenever and wherever you want with all convenience. 

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