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Marissa and Gabrielle Green of The Green Twins on Their Content Strategy and the Creator Marketplace


Marissa and Gabrielle Green of The Green Twins (Sintillate Talent) on Their Content Strategy and the Creator Marketplace

Marissa and Gabrielle Green are identical twins, fitness models, and content creators. Their most popular TikTok has over 36.4 million views and features them doing a viral handstand challenge together. They are also part of the Sintillate Talent team, which has helped them define their individuality more online. Today, Marissa and Gabrielle share their content strategy and thoughts on brand partnerships and the creator marketplace.

About The Green Twins

Marissa and Gabrielle Green, otherwise known as The Green Twins, are fitness models, identical twins, and 28-year-old cheerleaders out of retirement. They share inspiring and helpful content on their Instagram and TikTok

Marissa shares, “Being identical twins, we’ve always done everything together. So, growing up, we went straight into performing… and then we found a real passion for sharing things with people.”

Marissa and Gabrielle shared that they would be asked questions constantly about who was who, their careers, and more. People would even stop them in the supermarket to ask these questions, so social media was a natural way for them to start sharing parts of their lives with a large group of people at once.

Marissa and Gabrielle Green of The Green Twins (Sintillate Talent) on Their Content Strategy and the Creator Marketplace

Gabrielle adds, “It was great when influencing and sharing things on social media became a thing because we could actually tell people as a whole instead of everyone asking to stop all the time individually.”

Marissa and Gabrielle Green of The Green Twins (Sintillate Talent) on Their Content Strategy and the Creator Marketplace

Marissa and Gabrielle’s Content & Strategy

The twins share that they’ve been posting content on social media for six years. Their content typically focuses on fitness, health, nutrition, try-on hauls, and twin-focused content, such as competitions against each other or twin challenges. 

Marissa explains, “We also do try-on hauls as well because it’s important to know that we can showcase how it looks on twins. It sounds strange, but even though we are the same, some people say that [outfit] definitely suits Gabrielle or suits Marissa, and that’s a cool concept to see as well, how the same outfit can look so different on identical people.”

Some of their best-performing content includes dance videos, twin challenges, and small snippets of interactive content. Their most viewed video is a TikTok featuring a handstand challenge, which has accumulated over 36.4 million views. 

About their most popular TikTok, Gabrielle shares, “It’s me and Marissa doing a handstand challenge. The exact same. We look the same. We do the movements the same. It’s only about 10 seconds long, and we just encourage other people to do the handstand challenge, and I think because there’s two of us doing it the same time, it encourages groups of people to get together and train.”

@thegreen_twins Guess how tall we are 👇🏽 ?! #piedialmurochallenge #gymnastics #twins ♬ Hips Dont Lie by Shakira – goalsounds

They also feel their openness and willingness to answer all the questions they receive have contributed to their success. 

Marissa explains, “We don’t hide anything from the camera. We don’t plan the content we do either in terms of if we go live or anything like that. It’s not pre-written. It’s just as soon as we questioned. We’re very interactive when people ask questions.”

Fitness Brand Partnerships

Marissa and Gabrielle share they have done some brand partnerships, primarily within the fitness industry, which is their passion.

Gabrielle adds, “If we use it ourselves, then we will have a collaboration [with the brand], or if we use it ourselves, then we will share it, and we have lots of stuff on our page as well that we don’t collaborate with, but we share anyway if we can help someone [by sharing about it.].”

One of their most prominent brand collaborations is with a fitness and activewear brand called IT LOOKS FIT. 

Marissa shares, “I think a lot of people think that collaborations come from sliding into people’s DMS and messaging them… but what we like to do is find a leads-based brand, and we were lucky enough for her [Nina] to come up to us. She’s called Nina [and] she runs IT LOOKS FIT, which is an incredible brand.”

Nina offered the twins activewear to try out, which led to their first collaboration with the brand. 

The Creator Marketplace

Gabrielle shares that the biggest challenge as a creator is limiting your time on social media. 

She explains, “We absolutely love sharing our lives, which is great for us because our brand is The Green Twins, and we are just being our normal selves every single day on social media and showing what we love, so sometimes it’s hard to actually switch the camera off.”

The twins would love to see more honesty in the creator marketplace in the next few years. Marissa shares that they would love to see more regulations if you post edited photos or photos with a filter.

@thegreen_twins Lets give it a go 🫣🤭 #dance #baddestalive #one #thing #superfreakchallenge ♬ super freaky girl nicki minaj out now – SUPER FRE@KY GIRL OUT NOW !!

Marissa says, “Something that I would like to see in the influencer market and on people’s [socials] is if people used Facetune or some sort of editing app on their videos when they’re advertising something – I think you should have to list that it has a filter on it or it has been edited… especially when you’re marketing or advertising a product.”

Gabrielle adds that she likes it when influencers add the original photo so that you can swipe and see the difference between the edited and unedited versions. 

Closing Thoughts & Future Plans

Marissa and Gabrielle share that they are excited to host the upcoming Miss Swimsuit UK event as presenters. They are also planning to release some new TikTok challenges to their platform, especially ones where they can post small snippets and get more followers involved. 

Gabrielle adds, “One thing we’d like to share with people is we run a social market and nutrition business in health and wellness, and we’ve got a big launch of some nutrition and protein products, and a healthy habits pack that we share with people.”

Their new launch will feature products to help people be healthier for the rest of the year and give themselves a boost in energy and avoid winter sluggishness. 

@thegreen_twins Forever bringing this back #throwback #bestfriend #fyp ♬ Ella Mai – My Way – sabinahannan

In closing, they share, “We are also grateful to be part of the multi-award-winning international influencer agency Sintillate Talent. Who are ranked 6th in the world! We are even more grateful that the CEO Sinan scouted us whilst presenting Miss Swimsuit UK. Which is a show that we are so passionate about helping run alongside CEO Verena Twigg.

Marissa and Gabrielle Green of The Green Twins on Their Content Strategy and the Creator Marketplace

We feel that Sintillate talent really understood our individuality with being identical twins. Sometimes this is difficult. Sinan encouraged us to sign separately as individual influencers Marissa & Gabrielle Green. This has helped show our Green Twins audience our individuality.”

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