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Links In Bio That's So 2022 - This Launch Lets Influencers Build Their Own Shoppable Storefronts


Links In Bio? That’s So 2022 – This Launch Lets Influencers Build Their Own Shoppable Storefronts

Creator commerce provider Trnd  has unveiled a solution it hopes will improve the effectiveness and profitability of influencer collaborations – the Creator Commerce Platform.

While 78% of companies plan to incorporate influencers into their marketing strategies, the current standard of referral links and discount codes hinders consumer experience. This erodes brand experience, program return on investment (ROI), and creator value. 

Trnd solution provides a unique way for influencers to create their own multi-brand social stores that enable instant transactions without leaving the creator’s content on any channel.

“Say goodbye to outdated referral links and discount codes – Trnd empowers influencers to build their own multi-brand social stores, enabling instant transactions without leaving any social platform. This drives the effectiveness and profitability of influencer collaborations, maximizing conversions and increasing revenue,” Trnd says on LinkedIn.

Unlike link trees or affiliate links that require multiple clicks and lead to consumer frustration and poor ROI, the fresh platform enables an elevated social shopping experience that maximizes conversion and increases revenue through instant checkout.

“At Shoptalk 2024, Trnd is at the heart of the transformation happening in retail innovation,” says David Abbey, Trnd’s CEO and co-founder. “With social commerce evolving rapidly, we’ve yet to see a solution that truly meets the needs of brands, creators and consumers in a single unified platform and seamless experience.”

Abbey continues, “With Trnd, we are combining a superior consumer experience that drives instant social transactions from creator storefronts, with a robust brand platform offering clear, measurable insights into the impact of creator programs.”

Social commerce is anticipated to experience significant growth, projected to reach $6.2 trillion by 2030 at a 31.6% CAGR. Trnd takes on key challenges such as transforming the social buying experience for consumers, unlocking data and streamlining brand management for creators, and surfacing analytics for brands measuring influencer campaign ROI.

Up to 91% of shoppers are more likely to return to a brand with a satisfying checkout process, according to a 2022 PYMNTS report. Trnd’s instant checkout enables a positive buying experience, strengthening relationships between creators, brands, and consumers.

While driving conversion is crucial, measuring influencer campaign performance from social engagement to sales is key for program success. Yet most teams struggle to measure performance beyond engagement metrics. 

Trnd bridges this gap by providing detailed insights and analytics across the entire influencer program funnel – from engagement to influencer performance to CAC metrics and real-time ROI for gifting programs.

“Trnd delivers insights previously unavailable in a single platform,” Abbey explains. “This enables precise tuning of influencer collaborations and allows creators to quantifiably demonstrate their sales impact, marking a new standard in the creator economy.”

The emerging platform includes creator social storefronts, a creator app for product curation, and a brand platform providing strategic insights, e-commerce integration, instant social checkout, automated creator payouts, gifting program management, and a brand/creator marketplace.

Abbey says his company is “offering a scalable solution linking influencer activity with sales outcomes,” adding that brands like Nena Skincare and Organifi “demonstrate enhancing the creator-to-consumer connection with actionable data. PushUp Chalk has seen 13% click-to-sale conversion in a single weekend.”

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David Adler is an entrepreneur and freelance blog post writer who enjoys writing about business, entrepreneurship, travel and the influencer marketing space.

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