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Must-Follow Parenting Influencers in 2022

Social media has been a tremendous asset to parents, allowing them to share every step of their child’s journey. Parenting influencers have managed to create a plethora of unique communities where influencers and followers can exchange tricks and tips to make parenting just that little bit easier.

According to Mom 2.0, an acclaimed conference that brings parents together from all over the world, there are around 4.5 million parenting influencers across the United States. In order to get a closer look at this new community of influencers, Netinfluencer discusses the most popular parenting influencers of 2022.

Louise Pentland

Louise Pentland first began her content creation journey on Youtube with her channel SprinkleofGlitter. Over time, she has become a well-renowned influencer, who regularly shares important updates on her children Darcy and Pearl. Pentland allows her children to play a large part in her social media content, building a more personal connection to her 2.9 million followers.

She brings them to events such as a production at the Top Hat Theater School and a weekend stay at Centre Parcs. This parenting influencer has also branched out into the book industry, with her semi-autobiographical novel ‘Wilde Like Me’. This book was claimed as a Times #1 Best Seller and has allowed her to publish another four books since then. 


With 510,000 followers, this parenting influencer has helped parents from all over the world build better bonds with their newborns. psychedmommy is a leading psychotherapist who specifically teaches new moms how to reclaim their independence after having a child. Known as Dr. Ream, she creates infographics such as ‘Mom Truth: Sometimes I Miss My Old Life’ and ‘What Causes Mommy Rage?

This influencer also uses Instagram to create engaging reels that mimic real-life parenting issues and how to solve them effectively. Dr. Ream also promotes a wide range of parenting courses to offer personalized support for new parents. 


ourmamavillage is another parenting influencer who has a professional background in psychotherapy. This parenting influencer focuses on the importance of breaking unhealthy generational cycles and uses her Instagram to offer useful and effective advice.

As a mother of two and expecting a third, ourmamavillage combines both personal and professional experience to promote better mental health for all parents. Moreover, ourmamavillage teaches parents how to better regulate their emotions in order to create a more soothing bond with their children. Amassing over 550,000 followers, this influencer shows the success that parents can have when sharing their experiences on social media., also known as Tom Piccirilli, offers a refreshing change within the parenting influencer sphere. As a dad of a young baby, Piccirilli shares with his 151,000 followers the importance of being an admirable father figure. He created his Instagram account in May 2020, as a saving grace for all parents who were struggling during lockdown.

Over the years, he has managed to gain a cult following across a range of social media accounts and has even devised his own range of educational programs. promote a variety of inspirational quotations and reminders to help his followers push through their daily struggles. Piccirilli also produces high-quality videos where he discusses the important topics surrounding parenting such as ‘Why We Should Name Our Child’s Big Emotions.’ 


Owned by both a parent coach and child therapist, Kristin and Deena pair up to create informative and engaging content for the biglittlefeelings Instagram page. These influencers focus on the toddler stage and explore the range of issues that many parents have during this time.

Their content often follows a pastel pink and yellow color scheme, helping to create a sense of cohesion across their visual content. With over 2 million followers, biglittlefeelings discuss issues like ‘Does Your Toddler Have Lots of Energy And A Short Attention Span?’ and offer guidance on what positive action to take next. These ladies also have a comprehensive website that details more about their assortment of online courses. is on a mission to redefine motherhood, promoting a more accepting and secure community across all of their social media platforms. Their content is extremely illustrative and uses their own unique art style and design. Using content such as infographics, blog posts, and Instagram reels, this influencer shares advice and stories from every parent’s perspective. also uses Instagram to create guides such as ‘Mother’s Day Gift Guide For Every Mama From Khol’s!’.

Using their wealth of high-quality content, this influencer has managed to create a vibrant community of 1 million followers, making them one of the most popular parenting influencers on the platform. 


scarymommy uses Instagram in a very unique way, posting a collection of popular memes, videos, and informative parenting infographics. This influencer has managed to gain 2.4 million followers, helping to unify parents from all around the globe. scarymommy also posts heartfelt stories from a selection of mothers, who share their most personal interactions with their children.

In addition, they also run the scarymommybookclub account, where each week they encourage mothers to read a new book and share their opinions in the comment section. This has helped bring new mothers together and has given them a new lease of life whilst they care for their children.


dadoftwo_rolandhall is probably best known through his Youtube channel the3halls, where he shares the incredible things he gets up to with his children Lilly May and Ralph. The 34-year-old uses a range of platforms to complete a range of incredible tasks and challenges with his children.

For example, he transformed his lounge into a soccer pitch for his sports fanatic daughter. Hall also posts videos on Instagram, where he guides his 121,000 followers on what his children do on a fun day out. This influencer also has a popular TikTok account where he creates humorous videos for his 230,000 followers. 


This parenting influencer posted their first YouTube video in 2018 and has managed to gain an incredible 1.28 million subscribers. dadvgirls are a family of influencers, who partake in mind-blowing challenges and adventures for their 525,000 Instagram followers to enjoy. Joel Conder is a father to four daughters, who enjoy nothing more than annoying their dad for their fans’ entertainment.

The group is known for going on wondrous safaris and even making their entire house an expansive ball pit. The family has managed to gain a very active fan base, with a large community supporting their growth on social media. As this support continues to grow, dadvsgirls have now created their own merchandise, so that their fans can support them in new ways. 

Jonathan Joly

This influencer has captured the hearts of his 1 million followers by sharing the trials and tribulations of modern fatherhood. Jonathan Joly has four children with his wife Anna Saccone, who both share the journeys of recovering from childhood trauma and learning how to become better parents in the process.

Joly also struggles with defining his gender identity, something he discusses in more detail in his best-selling book ‘All My Friends Are Invisible.’ This influencer also contributes to his family’s YouTube channel SAACONEJOLYs. Here, the family shows their 1.74 million subscribers what really goes on during their daily lives.

Parenting influencers have done an incredible job of breaking down the barriers and stigma associated with 21st century parenting. Social media has allowed many people to take a glimpse into the lives of others and realize that their struggles are universal. To discover more about how influencers can better engage with their audiences, visit our website

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