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Top 15 Dad Influencers For a Funny and Heartwarming Glimpse Into Modern Fatherhood


Top 11 Dad Influencers For A Funny And Heartwarming Glimpse Into Modern Fatherhood

Dad influencers – or “dadfluencers” – have become the next hottest thing on social media. Here are 11 of the top dad influencers on Instagram who give you a glimpse into modern fatherhood and all its funny, challenging, and heartwarming moments.

Gone are the days of gender roles where mothers took care of the children and household chores while the fathers made money to support the household. Today, parenthood is equally shared between both the parents, as it should be. 

This has given rise to a new type of influencer known as the “dad influencer.” These fathers share their journey with fatherhood, including the funny and heartwarming moments that make you go “ haha, aww” as well as the challenges. As a bonus, they also give some much-needed advice. 

Here are 11 of the top dad influencers who love showing off the special bond they have with their children. 

Top 11 Dad Influencers on Instagram

Get ready to dive into the world of these fathers who share the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a parent.

1. Jordan Watson (@howtodadnz) 

Followers: 404k

Jordan is a dad from New Zealand who has two young daughters, Alba and Mina. His dadfluencer journey began when his oldest daughter, Alba, was 4 months old. A friend had been expecting a baby, so Jordan made a video titled “how to hold a baby.” This video went viral, and thus began his influencer journey.

His videos are funny and educational, and consist of things like “how to put a baby to sleep,” or “how to talk to a baby.” Jordan is known for his trademark deadpan humor and many of his videos like “how to release a baby into the wild” reflect that. 

2. Simon Hooper (@father_of_daughters) 

Followers: 855k

With 4 daughters and 1 wife, Simon is outnumbered in his home, which makes for some very funny anecdotes. He started this account as a way to share the joys and struggles of fatherhood with others. He wanted other dads to know that they were not alone in their experiences. 

His videos are super funny and authentic, and are guaranteed to make you chuckle. His page documents the “dad life” in its most true form. 

3. Kenny Deuss (@onadventurewithdad) 

Followers: 543k

Kenny is a graphic designer, an adventure lover, and a father to 2 cute girls Alix and Aster. On his page, he puts his graphic design skills to good use and edits pictures of his daughters into funny situations. For example, a photoshopped picture of Aster grilling some meat, or sawing a huge log of wood, or being carried away by a seagull while he chases the bird. And if you think his content is funny, you should take a look at the comments!

All of this started when his girlfriend started missing Alix after she had to go back to work. She would ask him to send pictures of their daughter throughout the day. Bored of sending the same pictures, he began photoshopping them to make them funny. They became a huge hit with his girlfriend’s coworkers, so he decided to share them with the rest of the world. A truly unique take into fatherhood.

4. Shaun (@travelmaddad) 

Followers: 25k 

Shaun is a father of 4 kids and husband of Karen from @travelmadmum. The influencer couple love traveling along with their kids and documenting their adventures. You get an inside glimpse into what it’s like to hop around the world with 4 kids in tow. Sure, there may be many challenging moments, but there are also several cute pictures and videos!

Apart from their travel diaries, Shaun also shares things about all the other aspects of being a dad – homeschooling the kids, meal times, and getting them to pose properly for the camera. 

5. Doug and Sanjay (@thetravelinggays) 

Followers: 316k

Doug and Sanjay are a couple who love traveling the world. Recently, they invited a pair of adorable twin boys, Cody and Mylo, into their life via a surrogate. They also have an older daughter called Arya. This happy family of 5 gets up to a lot of shenanigans and Doug talks about it all on this account!

They post a lot of educational content and videos about how they handle parenting day-to-day. Curious about how they take care of their kids’ sleeping schedules? Or maybe you want to know how they tell their twins apart. Follow them for a frequent dose of cuteness overload!

6. Mike Julianelle (@dadandburied) 

Followers: 289k

Mike has two monsters.. err, kids.. And on his account he talks about the menaces they are. Very affectionately, of course. If you are tired of always seeing heartwarming parenthood content and want someone who tells it as it is, then Mike is the guy for you. 

His content is hilarious and sarcastic, and will make you snort-laugh. Follow him to see him whining about parenthood and confessing his sins (letting the kids have more screen time just so he can relax for a while). But make no mistake: he loves them dearly. 

7. Michael Gardner (@daddydressedmebymg) 

Followers: 27.3k

Michael, proud father of Ava, taught himself how to sew clothes by thrifting women’s clothes and altering/ upcycling them to fit his daughter. Soon, he began making clothes for Ava from scratch. His goal was to let her know how loved and appreciated she was.

This Instagram page documents Ava wearing all the clothes Michael has made for her. You will also often see the both of them rocking matching fits. He also talks about all the life lessons he teaches her, how she can rely on him for anything, and all the fun the duo get up to! We love a father that does a stellar job at parenting. 

8. Chris Kyle (@christophe_kyle) 

Followers: 41k

Have you seen that viral post from a few years back of a father going to “dine” at his 18-month old daughter’s pretend kitchen and leaving an honest review? It probably made you go “aww.” That father is none other than Chris Kyle, and this tells you everything you need to know about his parenting style. 

Chris loves his girls (his wife and his daughter) and is their #1 supporter. Follow his page to see what life with his adorable daughter is like!

9. Benjamin Anderson (@thediaryofadad) 

Followers: 38.4k

Benjamin has 6 kids – Ziah, Raya, Otis, Esme, Myla, and Arlo – all under 9 years old, so you can imagine the chaos that goes on in their house. But Ben loves every minute of it! 

On his account, he shares the realities of being a father, including all the funny, tricky, and beautiful moments. You will be privy to all the cute things his kids say, all the naughty things they get up to, and how hard it is to get all the kids ready.

10. Luke Leonard (@daddynannydiaries) 

Followers: 24.3k

Luke, dad of two, is a self-proclaimed masculine Mary Poppins. His kids, Ivy and Logan, are in the 5th and 2nd grade respectively. On his Instagram, he documents all the adventures he gets up to with his kids – both the mundane as well as the exciting ones, such as the daddy-daughter prom. He also shares all the things he’s trying to teach his children. So heartwarming!

11. Sergei Urban (@thedadlab)

Followers: 1M

Sergei is the father of two boys, Max and Alex. He makes life super fun for his kids by doing little science experiments with them. When they aren’t doing science experiments, they are up to adventures outside, finding hidden places in the U.K. Their lives are full of science and magic. Sounds wonderful, right?

Sergei is neither a scientist, nor a teacher. He’s just a father who is trying to bond with his kids by doing fun activities and learning things in the process. 

We have now reached the end of this amazing journey into fatherhood. We love fathers who do everything they can to make their kids’ lives as wonderful as possible, don’t we? Who was your favorite dad influencer? Let us know in the comments below! 

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