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All About Tim Pool Podcasts Insightful Discussions On Politics And Social Issues


All About Tim Pool Podcasts: Insightful Discussions On Politics And Social Issues

If you enjoy the occasional dose of political commentary then you’re in the right place. Award-winning journalist Tim Pool is known for sharing his opinion on politics, current events, news, and even international affairs online. 

The best part is, Pool has a variety of Youtube channels and podcasts where you can source a wide range of information and interviews. Meaning that you have plenty of options to consume his content in the media format you prefer, whether that be audio or video. There’s also a variety of different styles to choose from such as interviews, documentaries, and solo episodes. 

Whether or not you align with Pool’s political ideology isn’t going to be an issue, as his reporting style is known for being unemotional or biased, allowing you to intake the facts and form your own opinion on important matters. 

If this type of content is something you’re interested in then keep reading to find out what each channel focuses on and where you can listen and watch Tim’s content. 

Who is Timothy Pool?

Timothy Daniel Pool was born in Chicago in 1986. His mother was a car sales agent and his father was a firefighter. During his childhood Pool was enrolled in a Catholic school, which he later dropped out of at the age of fourteen.  

Tim Pool is a famous American Youtuber, podcast host, and political commentator who shot to fame thanks to his live stream reporting of the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests. 

Currently, Tim Pool operates six successful Youtube channels. His daily political commentary and analysis can be found on Tim Pool and Timcast, whereas his channel Timcast IRL is used to share short clips from his podcast in video format. 

According to Wikipedia, Timcast IRL generated approximately 65 thousand dollars in revenue that wasn’t linked to advertising from 2020 to 2021. 

Pool worked for Vice Media before becoming an independent reporter and commentator where he hosted and produce content. Some of his most famous reporting during this time include the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul, the protests in Ukraine leading to the collapse of the government, and the Ferguson unrest, along with other protests in Turkey, Egypt, and Thailand. 

In 2013, during his stint at Vice Media, Pool received a Shorty Award. Winning the title of Best Journalist In Social Media.

Tim Pool rejects the two-party political spectrum and describes himself more as a centrist. He prefers to not play into the political division tactics but has been quoted stating that the divide he sees within the population is focused on whether or not they are skeptical of legacy media or not. 

Pool often discusses how conventional news is dying due to biased reporting or no reporting at all on key discussions that would be of interest to the public. 

Topics and Themes of the Podcast 

As mentioned previously, Pool has three main political Youtube channels where he discusses current events and shares his opinion on specific subject matters. Let’s take a look at how they differ and their origins.  

Tim Pool

Pool created his first channel in 2011, which he originally used to film newsworthy events. He reported on police brutality on many occasions and created a spliced device coined the Occucopter made from drone accessories which he would use to live stream such events. 

Occucopter video quality wasn’t the best, but it was an essential element of the Occupy Wall Street protests reporting, with many viewers at the time calling Tim a hero thanks to his efforts.

Other notable reporting on this channel include his interviews with Wikileaks member named Clarck, pro-wrestler Barret Brown, and Vermin Supreme a 2016 election candidate. 

Pool being considered an American journalist didn’t stop him from reporting internationally, he filmed in various locations abroad such as Canada, Brazil, Spain, and Sweden. 

One of his most-seen videos on this channel is in fact his reporting on No-Go Zones in Sweden, due to the high number of rape cases in areas where there had been an influx of refugees. 

It was in 2015 when Pool decide to shift this channel to current events, political commentary, and news. 


Pool’s second channel Timcast was launched in 2015 and according to the original trailer, the account was going to focus more on laid-back material and a wide range of topics, some of which include technology, gaming, music, and even sports. 

This Youtube channel has the most videos and incredibly has over 1 million subscribers.

Timcast IRL

Lastly, Timcast IRL is Pool’s third channel which is dedicated to debates and live streams. He’s interviewed people from all over the world and from many different political ideologies and backgrounds. 

The podcast airs every evening on weekdays and accounts for a variety of co-hosts who occasionally join Tim on air. 

In recent years, Youtube deleted some of the videos on this channel which lead to a wave of online outrage. Most notable are his episodes with Alex Jones from Infowars and Pool’s interview with Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe. Both these videos were deleted from the platform leaving viewers less than amused. 

Below are some recent examples:

  1. Fed INJECTS $2 TRILLION IN PANIC As Market Faces COLLAPSE, Experts Warns MARKET CRASH May Come
  2. NYC PREPARING For Trump’s Arrest, Trump Says HE WILL BE ARRESTED, DeSantis SLAMS Soros DA Bragg
  3. ANOTHER BANK IS COLLAPSING, EU Trading Halted As Credit Suisse Has “NO MONEY,” Biden Says DONT PANIC

Platforms for Listening and Reach

Some of Tim Pool’s channels have been active since as early as  2011 and have amassed an impressive number of subscribers across different platforms. 

His first Youtube channel “Tim Pool” has over 1.3 million subscribers with total views estimated to be close to 350 million and counting. 

Pool’s channel “TimCast” has 1.13 million subscribers with an estimated total view count of 880 million. 

Lastly, “Timcast IRL” currently has 1. 44 million subscribers and nearly five thousand videos that have amassed millions of views.

Timothy Pool’s channels can be found on Youtube, and his podcast is also available on Google Podcasts. 


So there you have it! Tim Pool’s podcasts and interviews are definitely worth checking out. He has a knack for getting you thinking and seeing all sides to a problem without biases. 

As a journalist, he stands by what he preaches and tries to over his viewers a source of real journalism where important matters can be discussed that other legacy media might not be reporting on.

Pool’s content is a great way to stay up to date on current events, and political issues. 

His channels don’t seem to have a strict posting schedule, but his podcast airs during evenings Monday through Friday with an average duration of each episode being a little over an hour.

You can check out the Tim Pool podcast on the following platforms:

You can also watch Tim’s videos on Youtube on the following accounts:

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