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TikTok’s Impact On Gamescom 2022


TikTok’s Impact on Gamescom 2022

Despite its short-form nature, TikTok is becoming increasingly popular within the gaming industry. The platform states that #GamingOnTikTok has managed to gain an impressive 16 billion views. To increase this engagement further, TikTok made its way over to Gamescom, an acclaimed event that celebrates this medium and announces a plethora of new releases. Neinfluencer has all of the details about TikTok’s presence at Gamescom 2022. 

What Is Gamescom?

From August 24th till August 28th, Gamescom welcomed over 250,000 guests from all around the world and even had an additional 1,100 exhibitors. The event took place in Cologne, Germany inside the expansive Koelmesse exhibition center. Gamescom was first established in 2009 and has since gone on to be the world’s largest gaming event, with an average of 370,000 attendees each year. 

Gamescom also hosted an assortment of popular guests such as LINE Games and NEXON, helping them to announce their latest ventures and achievements. It also produced Opening Night Live, a spectacle event that released highly-anticipated news of over 30 games. 

Alongside the gaming content, the convention also ran a Cosplay competition as well as Gamescom Congress, an educational talk that aimed to provide better healthcare and support for professional gamers. 

TikTok’s Impact on Gamescom 2022


How Did TikTok Celebrate the Event?

TikTok is no stranger to gaming conventions as the platform also took part in a series of virtual events for Gamescom back in 2020. This year, TikTok certainly made its mark on the convention, setting up streaming pods and live events on the center stage. The content derived from these pods was shared directly from Gamescom’s TikTok account, where they have 77.9K followers. 

The platform aimed to blend the vitality of a convention with the ever-growing community seen on TikTok. Alongside a collection of popular influencers, the platform produced over 8 hours of daily gaming content and promoted a selection of exclusive gameplay footage from Street Fighter 6 and MultiVersus.

Users could also indulge in an assortment of new effects such as Your Gamer Name. This effect prompted users to interact with the filter and choose three random words to create their own gaming handle. Audiences were then asked to share their results under the hashtag Gaming World, which gained an astonishing 1.1 billion views. 

TikTok’s Impact on Gamescom 2022


What Influencers Were Involved?


TikTok’s Impact on Gamescom 2022

As a prosperous gamer with 1.6 million followers, Kaatsup expresses her passion for video games across a variety of platforms. On TikTok, this influencer is consistently sharing clips from her most popular streams and her latest beauty hauls. She also shared footage of the mystery bags she received at the convention such as a range of novelty Playstation merchandise. Her catalog of games is extremely varied, expressing content from Fortnite and The Sims 4. Kaatsup is also known for her long-form content like her YouTube channel where she offers her advice on going back to school as well as her time at the Grand Prix with her 324K subscribers. 

@kaatsup 🤔🤔 #gamingworld ♬ son original – Kaatsup


TikTok’s Impact on Gamescom 2022

Brothers Nick and Cam have been dominating the world of gaming on TikTok, hosting live streams every day for their 2.8 million followers. Their streams are filled with long-running gags, expressive reactions, and popular games such as Geshin Impact and Fortnite. Alongside this long-form content. Itsnickandcam also produces an array of hilarious sketches and challenges, creating a sense of joy and excitement across their platform. Nick and Cam also offer advice for gamers, sharing how to unlock certain controls and features. Their coverage of Gamescom was also quite expansive as they regularly posted their favorite moments from across the five days. 

@itsnickandcam Would you love a Pokémon car?? 🤩 @MINI @Pokémon/ポケモン【公式】 #MINI #BigLove #MINIConceptAceman #PlayON #MINIElectric ♬ original sound – NICK AND CAM


TikTok’s Impact on Gamescom 2022

Jasmin Gnu is a German streamer who is mainly known for her work on Twitch, where she has managed to build an audience of 571K followers. Gnu’s presence on TikTok has also helped her see great success, gathering an impressive 322.2K followers and a further 4 million likes. Jasmingnu is often seen playing a variety of entertaining games such as Mario Party as well as a collection of bizarre mobile games. This gaming influencer also has a YouTube channel where she shares more insight into her inspirational fitness journey. Her time at Gamescom was also very well documented, highlighting her time on certain panels and interactions with her fans. 

@jasmingnu Diese @gamescom war die intensivste die ich jemals hatte! Und zwar im absolut positiven Sinne! Ich habe viele neue Leute kennenlernen und tolle Menschen die mir am Herzen liegen wiedersehen dürfen. Danke für diese geile Zeit! Jetzt muss ich aber erst einmal meine Stimme schonen! Danke an @TikTok Deutschland für die tolle Organisation 😍😳😂 #gamescom #gc #gc2022 #gamescom2022 #gnu #gnuherde #gamer #youtube #youtuber #twitch #twitchtv #happy #tiktok #amd #cosplay #xbox #gamescom @revedtv @handofblood @LUIS FREITAG @Rezo ♬ Originalton – JasminGnu

Luis Freitag

TikTok’s Impact on Gamescom 2022

With a monumental 3 million followers, Luis Freitag is known for consistently diversifying his content in order to keep up with the latest trends. Whether it’s showing off his latest fashion choices or sharing moments with his best friends, Freitag is able to keep his audience engaged in everything he does. He is also a part of Elevator Boys, a group of creators who reenact fake scenarios in a series of elevators for their 2 million followers to enjoy.  During his time at Gamescom, he collaborated with a range of other creators and encouraged them to take part in viral trends. He is also very popular on Instagram, sharing his travels and personal milestones with an additional 214K followers. 

@luis_freitag_ Anzeige @jasmingnu says that’s not true🎮 #gamingworld#elevatorboys#gamer ♬ h – yomommawashere


TikTok’s Impact on Gamescom 2022

Known best for her incredible cosplays, Annitheduck has marveled her 331.5K followers with her superb creations. Embodying popular characters such as Vi from League of Legends as well as Nezukoo Kamado from Demon Slayer, this influencer captures their likeness in a truly uncanny way. She has also worked with Adobe to create a short film named A Magical Girl Tale, which also shows off her fantastic makeup and costuming skills. Together with her cosplays, Annitheduck also posts highlights of her latest streams, sharing hilarious moments from her playing games such as Raft. They also produce a variety of long-form content on Twitch where they have an additional 837K followers. 

@annitheduck Nezuko Chaaaaan 😀 habt ihr demon slayer geguckt? #demonslayer #nezuko #nezukocosplay #demonslayercosplay #cosplay #cosplaytransformation ♬ Originalton – Anni The Duck

TikTok’s time at Gamescom 2022 signifies the platform’s ability to compete with other long-form platforms and establish itself in an abundance of new industries. It seems that what was once a humble lip-syncing app has now transformed into a bustling hub where influencers can share and monetize their passions. To discover more about working with influencers on TikTok, visit our website

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