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Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Pulse

TikTok is an immensely popular platform that has managed to generate $50.4 million in ad revenue back in February 2020. This indicates that even under the conditions of the pandemic, users were still willing to spend money on the app. The platform is now trying to extend its advertising capabilities even further by launching TikTok Pulse, its latest endeavor in revenue-sharing. To discuss this further, NetInfluencer will describe the details of TikTok Pulse and how it aims to reward both brands and creators. 

What Is TikTok Pulse?

First announced in May 2022, TikTok Pulse is a contextual advertising platform that looks to help marketers gain the best results on their campaigns and their overall investment. These advertisements are built into the For You page, meaning that audiences will mostly see these ads when they first open the app.

As a way to earn higher conversions, TikTok Pulse ads will be strategically placed among the top 4% of all videos on the platform. In turn, the most engaging original content can also boost engagement for high-value ads. This placement is also meant to help these ads appear seamless and a part of all of the other content that we see on TikTok every day.

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Pulse


How Does the Revenue-sharing Tool Work?

TikTok Pulse is also the platform’s first revenue-sharing tool and is designed to reward creators for their profitable work and also share this level of success with prosperous brands. Advertisements will be placed within videos that adhere to twelve popular categories such as fashion, beauty, and food. These categories are also designed to give a condensed overview of the diversity seen on TikTok, aiding businesses in better contextualizing their campaigns. 

Reports also suggest that creators will receive a 50/50 share of all of the revenue generated by any brand partnerships. This seems to be a way for TikTok to compete with the YouTube Partner Program, which also offers a similar incentive. Alongside this monetization feature, TikTok is also working to ensure that influencers are consistently creating content that is safe and suitable for advertisements. 

Selected advertisers will also be able to track and control their campaigns using TikTok Ads Manager. Therefore, these brands can exert full control of their campaign to ensure that they see success throughout. Moreover, brands can also see where their ads are placed and what type of creator is verified. This can help businesses see which influencers are best associated with the values of their brand. 

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Pulse


How Can Marketers Achieve Success?

TikTok has also described a few ways that marketers can find success and revenue through the use of TikTok Pulse. Firstly, the platform notes the wide variety of engaging content that can be found on the platform, highlighting its ability to interact with a very lucrative market segment. Thus, TikTok Pulse promises to place ads alongside some of the most popular videos as a way to help businesses gain more exposure on social media. 

The platform also recognizes its vast collection of communities, all of which have been devised by the large audience that uses the app on a regular basis. By only placing ads within the twelve relevant categories, a brand’s message will not get lost or miscommunicated. As a result, businesses can communicate with their target market through a plethora of communities found on TikTok.

Finally, TikTok has stressed the importance of keeping safe online, for both businesses and creators. The platform uses an assortment of third-party brand suitability and viewability verification tools to help customers and advertisers truly understand the wider impact of their campaign. Again, this pushes creators to publish appropriate content in order to see more revenue.

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Pulse


What Are the Eligibility Requirements?

TikTok Pulse officially rolled out in the US in June 2022, with more countries expected to follow this fall. Currently, only influencers with at least 100,000 followers will be accepted in the first stages of the program. Brands and media publishers are also expected to adhere to these requirements. 

Although this follower count is 10x higher than that needed for the Creator Fund, TikTok is devoted to only promoting the most engaging content to help appease a wide selection of dedicated brand partners. 

How Can Influencers Benefit From TikTok Pulse?

TikTok Pulse offers a plethora of exciting features that can help influencers gain more monetary benefits for their work. If an influencer is able to create content within a valuable niche and receive a vast amount of attention, then they have the potential to create an additional revenue stream from this content. Moreover, if a brand continues to see success from TikTok Pulse, they are more likely to produce additional campaigns. As a result, creators and brands now have the chance to build an accumulative source of revenue. 

The threshold of 100,000 followers is realistic and an easy benchmark for an array of established influencers. Many successful content creators have already reached this milestone, meaning that they probably already receive some form of a financial incentive either from the Creator Fund or brand sponsorships. This opens up a wide range of opportunities for a lot of influencers and can help to make the influencer marketing industry more dynamic and competitive. 

The fact that TikTok Pulse offers an even split of revenue between creators and brands means that the platform values the work of its influencers. In addition, it means that influencers are not left with a disproportionate income after being affiliated with a large business. Therefore, content creators can maintain a sense of financial stability and even have the chance to work on other successful projects. Moreover, TikTok Pulse offers a much higher revenue than the Creator Fund, giving influencers an opportunity to build a more consistent payment schedule. 

Everything You Need to Know About TikTok Pulse


TikTok Pulse is a substantial step towards a fair and high-value monetization model for both influencers and brands. This new platform also helps to create a template for the most engaging type of content, inspiring other developing creators to mimic its success. To learn more about making money on TikTok, visit our website. 

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