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TikTok Appoints New Global Trust And Safety Chief Amid Security Scrutiny


TikTok Appoints New Global Trust And Safety Chief Amid Security Scrutiny

TikTok announced  the appointment of Adam Presser as its new head of the Global Trust and Safety unit, replacing Cormac Keenan, CNN reports. Keenan’s tenure started in 2020 from the social media platform’s Irish office based in Dublin. Stepping down, he assumed a strategic advisory role and continued working closely with the Irish entity. 

TikTok Appoints New Global Trust And Safety Chief Amid Security Scrutiny

CEO Shou Chew communicated the change in leadership to employees in a note “I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Cormac on behalf of all of us, for his many critical contributions in making TikTok a safe space for creativity and expression,” he said.

Cormac was in charge of introducing multiple features and policies aimed at mitigating growing concerns. His time in office saw the rollout of default screen time limits for teen users, the option of muting children’s notifications, and adjustments to the app’s algorithms to avoid spamming topics deemed potentially problematic for users.

Chew thanked Keenan for his contributions to the company and announced the departure of two other leading individuals; Theo Bertram, VP of Government Relations and Public Policy in Europe, and Rich Waterworth, General Manager of Operations in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa region.

Presser, TikTok’s Head of Operations in Los Angeles, will now assume the role of overseeing the company’s safety and content moderation department. Chew put special emphasis on the significance of TikTok’s Global Trust and Safety unit, highlighting the importance of ensuring user safety and trust in the platform.

Keenan’s replacement comes at a crucial time for the social media giant, as the company faces pronounced scrutiny in the United States and Europe over security and safety reasons. The platform has been under constant pressure to improve its safety measures and solve user safety-related issues.

A month ago, Chew appeared before a U.S. Senate subcommittee along with heads of other leading social media platforms, testifying about the safety and protection of young people on the networks. Aside from questions regarding the truth and safety investments, he also had to answer about the app’s ties to its Chinese parent ByteDance due to increased national security concerns in the U.S.

Chew then disclosed plans to invest $2 billion in the trust and safety department for 2024. TikTok’s leadership shake-up reflects the company’s commitment to dealing with these concerns and tightening its security. Presser’s appointment is expected to bring a fresh perspective and leadership to the platform’s crucial department as the company maintains its position at the top of the social media pyramid.

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