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Meta’s “Twitter Killer” Threads Calls On Developers To Sign Up For API Documents


Meta’s “Twitter Killer” Threads Calls On Developers To Sign Up For API Documents

Meta’s social media platform Threads, dubbed the “Twitter Killer,” is calling on developers to get ready for its API launch in June. The company released API documentation and opened a sign-up page for interested parties before the public rollout.

The documentation outlines the API’s current capabilities and constraints. Developers can utilize endpoints for post-publication, data retrievals such as views and likes, reply management, and issue resolution. Notably, the API imposes a 250-post limit per 24 hours and a 1,000-reply cap to combat spam.

Threads is also providing specifications for uploading images and videos, noting a 500-character limit for text posts. According to TechCrunch, this limit falls between Twitter’s 280 characters and the up to 25,000 characters offered on the new X platform.

Meta has not indicated if certain app types will receive preferential treatment. According to the announcement, current beta testers include social media management tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social and tech news aggregator Techmeme.

The tech giant stated the documentation would evolve based on developer feedback. The sign-up form also allows developers to share input that could “shape future capabilities.”

“We started by making it possible for people to authenticate, publish posts, and fetch their own content via the API. We recently added reply management capabilities…Insights are one of our top requested features,” Meta said.

The company plans to make the Threads API “broadly available by the end of June” after the current limited beta with select partners. Developers can get started now by reviewing the public documentation.

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