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Theofficialplushh On Toronto TikTok Culture And Her Creative Career


Theofficialplushh: On Toronto TikTok Culture And Her Creative Career

Musically talented influencer and Southern Toronto local, Plush is a creative online Toronto icon who started creating content to help bring her musical passion to a success point. 

Read along as we sit down with the artist to learn more about online Toronto culture, her journey to succeed musically, and why the city loves Plush and her content?

Who is Theofficialplushh?

Theofficialplushh: On Toronto TikTok Culture And Her Creative Career

Plush is a Toronto Hip Hop Artist and content creator from the southern Weston Road side of Toronto who advocates for mental health and domestic abuse through her platforms. 

We start the interview by listening to Plush explaining the greater cause of what she does, as she opens with, “Communicating BPD, and domestic and other mental health issues are moral reasonings in support of what I do, and I feel that I must do so for how it all affects me.”

When we ask Plush who she is outside of the online comedy and music scene, she replies, “I’m a talented artist who appreciates art, and I inherited this talent from my late mother, who had an ear for music.” 

She adds, “My whole online persona is basically made of all my interests, the culture I grew up in, and how my side of the city communicates. Unlike other creators, I get the luxury of being my authentic self on camera.”

Why Content Creation?

“I started making TikToks during the whole Pandemic Lockdown period to support my music career, and I discovered new avenues through doing so,” says Plush. 

She elaborates, “Instead of promoting my music through social media, which I’m still doing, I ended up being a part of online Toronto comedy for the way I speak and the demographic that follows me on social media.” 

Everything ties back to supporting Plush’s music Career as a Hip hop artist, as Plush utilizes all platforms to communicate her Music, thoughts, and values. 

Viral TikToks and Music 

By balancing a range of different niches that all tie into each other such as  street culture, music, and mental health awareness, Plush is able to capitalize on the exposure and build towards a greater outcome than just fame.

Some of her most popular TikToks, are collaborations with other local creators like Alk Hussein, while Plush’s most recognized clip remains “the Balling up Rules Video.”

As a talented creator, there is more than one reason to continue to go viral. However, a few of the main TikToks that every Canadian TikToker knows her for are:

In this video, Plush shares with TikTokers, what it’s like to meet up with other people in the city to smoke, which inspired many spin-off ideas and a city-wide trend. 


What Are Your Favorite Moments As a Creator?

For Plush, her favorite moment as a creator is when she is able to give back and help any of her followers through the content she makes. 

She tells us, “I like making funny TikToks, but when someone walks up to me on the street and tells me that mental health videos helped them get out of bed, that’s what I really take pride in.”

This type of content does not reach the high number of views that my other clips do, so when I get recognized for it, it ensures me that my hard work is not going unnoticed,” she adds. 

Plush and Toronto Culture

Like any major city worldwide, Toronto is rich with popular cultures, unique street slang, and more. Plush tells us that Toronto culture and the environment she grew up in are the sole reason she’s popular online today. 

She explains, “I make content around every element that makes our city’s culture unique, from supporting music and other upcoming artists, to using street slang only the community will understand; that’s who I am.” 

Are You More of an Influencer or Artist? 

“An artist in their come-up era,” as Plush describes herself. Since the ultimate objective is to promote her artistic work, she sees everything as an artistic process for a greater cause. 

The Ultimate Objectives 

Plush tells us, “Money wasn’t ever my goal; I do this because I know that I’m truly passionate about what I do.” 

Plush is yet to reach the ideal position that she’s striving for as a creative influencer and aspiring artist. She explains, “It’s important to find fulfillment in what you do; it’s what motivates and inspires us to continue our improvement journey and strive for excellence.”

Although Plush chooses to remain secretive about her next moves, she touches on giving back to locals, blowing up her music career, and continuing to build upon her already-developed online persona. 

What Do Brand Deals Look Like For You?

When asked about her promotional efforts in supporting her career as an influencer, she says, “I still want more from that side of things, but I’m obviously yet to reach my full potential. 

Plush elaborates,” I want to work with big designer names eventually, but at the moment, most collaborations are on a local level.” 

Industries of her choice include Cannabis, fashion, mental health, charities, and others, depending on their values and causes. 

Tips and Advice for Aspiring Creators 

Plush tells us that there are two main elements in making a success of your online presence, and they are:

1 Be Consistent 

Plush says, “Just like anything else in life, you need to be consistent to see results; going to the gym and being an artist are two perfect examples of the importance of staying consistent.” 

She explains in Toronto dialect,” When you stop working out, when you stop dropping hits, you fall off, and that’s just the way it is; you can recover from falling off, but it’s still against your progress, you need to be disciplined with it.” 

2. Find a Niche 

Plush found her relatable Toronto street-culture comedy through trial and error and testing different waters. She tells us, “There are way too many niches out there, and it is almost impossible to not find something you can thrive in.”

She explains, “Viewers and followers start to accept what you create, and build interest in your character through repetition of messages, and niche targeting of a specific audience. 


Ultimately, Plush is the perfect example of a hustling musical artist who is striving to make it 

against all odds. She wraps up our interview with, “Check out my music, available on all platforms @Theofficialplushh; I’m working tirelessly on music and music videos. I want to shout out Weston Road, that’s my community, and shout out to god for making all this possible. 

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