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The Daily Podcast A Look At The News And Current Events Of The Day


The Daily Podcast: A Look At The News And Current Events Of The Day

What is the Daily Podcast?

The Daily Podcast: A Look At The News And Current Events Of The Day

If you are an avid podcast listener, chances are you have come across the Daily Podcast from time to time.

But with such a generic name, it can be hard to know exactly what topics are covered on the Daily Podcast.

So is it a podcast that is worth listening to? 

This article will look at The Daily Podcast in much greater detail, helping you identify whether or not you should give it a try.

How has the Daily Podcast Gained Popularity?

After initially launching in 2017 as an extension to another popular podcast, The Run Up, The Daily Podcast has steadily increased its viewership, becoming a top-rated podcast.

The podcast’s popularity grew instantly upon release, more so than The New York Times anticipated. 

One of the reasons the podcast has become so popular is the intimate nature of the recording and conversational approach to detailed and intricate topics.

Another reason it has continued to grow in popularity is due to the spin-off TV show that now appears weekly on FX, which has attracted a whole new audience to podcasts.

Who is The Creator Behind the Podcast?

The Daily Podcast: A Look At The News And Current Events Of The Day

The show is hosted by two New York Times journalists, Sabrina Tavernise and Michael Barbaro, and initially started as a supplement show to support The Run Up podcast, which was focused heavily on the 2016 election.

At first, it was only hosted by Barbaro before Tavernise joined as a full-time host in 2022. Before that, she accompanied Barbaro as a guest host when needed and drew many positive reviews of her coverage when the war in Ukraine began.

Themes and Topics Covered

The main focus of the conversation on The Daily Podcast is mainstream news, which it covers on a daily basis.

The show consists of interviews with other well-respected Times journalists, and the panel discusses current topics, includes original reporting pieces, and summarizes key headlines and talking points from US and World news.

For example, in a recent episode from January 24th, What Biden Miscalculated About His Classified Documents, the host discusses recent events in US politics in great detail, using the knowledge and resources of the New York Times to create a compelling podcast and accompanying article.

Reach of The Daily Podcast

The Daily Podcast: A Look At The News And Current Events Of The Day

As of January 2023, The Daily Podcast was ranked #8 on Apple Music for all podcasts in America and #3 for all podcasts in Great Britain.

It is also the #1 rank for news and daily news in both countries.

On Spotify, The Daily Podcast is ranked #8 for all podcasts in the US and #1 for news.

Based on this analysis, we estimated that the [name of podcast] receives [Net Influencer Editorial team will this out] listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, and Spotify podcast networks.

The Format of the Podcast

Each Daily Podcast episode starts with the opening theme, which is composed by the band Wonderly. It was inspired by the theme for the hit TV show Westworld.

The show then starts by introducing the day’s guests and topics before getting the guests to discuss their story, using recordings related to that story to compliment them.

There are also sections included for original reporting and any interviews that will help shed light on the subject getting discussed.

The show has gained wide acclaim for always allowing each person to speak interrupted, even if other panelists disagree with what is being said. It has established a no-nonsense policy for interruptions or disruptions, and each guest adheres to these guidelines out of respect for the hosts and the podcast.

Famous Guests

The Daily Podcast: A Look At The News And Current Events Of The Day

When it comes to The Daily Podcast, the podcast does not tend to have many on the show. Rather than focusing on celebrity guests to try and draw bigger viewer numbers, they focus on creating podcasts that are of such a high quality more people will listen.

As such, their guests tend to focus solely on experts and skilled journalists from the field of discussion rather than getting the opinion of a celebrity, as it would not be in keeping with the theme of the show and what has made it so popular with the public.

Reception and Impact

The podcast originally launched in January 2017, and by August 2017 already had 3.8 million listeners. As a result, it continued to hit the top-ten rankings for most-listened podcasts for the rest of 2017.

The impact the Daily Podcast has had is hard to judge. However, one of the main impacts is that it has made news more accessible to people who do not consume news in a more traditional manner.

Overview of the podcast’s audience and reach

As mentioned, the show had already received 3.8 million individual listeners within six months of launching.

As of June 2018, the podcast was receiving over one million downloads per day. By January 2020, that number rose to 2 million and continues to grow to this day.


As you can see, The Daily Podcast is hugely successful for daily news, and with a good reason. The topics covered are insightful and relevant, and they are discussed in a way that is easy to understand, impartial, and digestible. 

If you want to give The Daily Podcast a try, you can do so here:

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