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Short-Form Content For Tech Creators With Tech Wizzdom


Short-Form Content For Tech Creators With Tech Wizzdom

Tech Wizzdom is the embodiment of a dream that blossomed beyond the wildest imaginations of its creator. A master coder by trade, Dom has carved out a unique niche in the content creation universe, blending his passion for technology with a distinctive comedic take. 

Once tethered to a standard full-time office job in bustling London, he found freedom through content creation. 

This new path not only allowed him to launch a startup but also to indulge in his greatest passion, blending entrepreneurship with the joys of being a digital nomad. 

Follow along for insights into the world of a programmer turned influencer and learn more about the niche, and what it takes to succeed. 

Who is Tech Wizzdom off-camera?

Short-Form Content For Tech Creators With Tech Wizzdom

“My real name is Domagoj Lalk Vidovic, but you can call me Dom. I best describe myself as a creative who loves giving back to others, and a programmer who thrives when doing things wholeheartedly.”

Dom reflects, “My journey through various tech roles often left me feeling out of place, but I’ve reached a point in content creation where I now feel like this is my creative calling. Creating content brings out my inner child eliminating any boundaries or limitations.” 

When Did You Start Creating Content? 

Short-Form Content For Tech Creators With Tech Wizzdom

“My content creation career started in August 2020, and has come a long way since then. One viral video changed everything for me, as I went from 500 followers to roughly 100,000 in little to no time.”

What Inspired You To Start Content Creation?

“I was inspired by people who are working online and making incredible amounts of money, and I wanted to do the same. I started exploring multiple online money-making methods, but none of them were done with a true passion, and maybe that’s why none of them worked.”

He adds, “That was all until my sister recommended that I try out TikTok. I started putting out coding tutorials and informative videos, until finally settling on the comedic format after one of the videos gained massive traction.” 

“Unlike the other internet money methods, content creation is the only one that does not feel like work. I do it because I genuinely enjoy it, allowing me to make a living without forcing myself into something I’m not passionate about.”

How Does Content Creation Serve Your Tech Business?

Short-Form Content For Tech Creators With Tech Wizzdom

“Content creation is in fact the primary business, as the majority of my regular income comes solely from creating content and collaborating with tech brands.” 

He explains, “Most of my offerings are digital products. Aside from helping brands get noticed on social media and driving traffic, I teach people eager to learn tech how to get started in their careers, and I also offer help to those in need of social media consultation, guiding them towards creative success.”

What does the creative process look like for you?

Short-Form Content For Tech Creators With Tech Wizzdom

“Very efficient is the best way to describe the creative process,” he quickly responds.

Batch Producing 

Dom says, “The initial phase of creating my monthly content batch is the most time-intensive. It typically involves drawing inspiration from existing videos, gathering ideas through ChatGPT, and crafting scripts for the entire month.”

He explains that he treats what he does like a full-time job, prioritizing efficient production and minimizing execution time by creating large batches.

He tells us, “I can shoot up to 20 videos in one session, and then block off some time dedicated to editing them. I tried hiring an editor, but I did not get the best results out of it, and now my strategy is to be as effective in mass production as possible.”

What Type Of Brands Work With You and What Does That Look Like?

“Mostly tool companies and agencies, or an AI company that wants to promote their product. However, for the most part, my role in brand collaborations is to help brands make content to promote their products, helping them develop an effective strategy.”

Do You Have Any Advice For New Creators?

Just Start

“You can watch as many videos, read books, and gather advice from all the most successful creatives, but if you never start, you’ll never know.” 

Dom elaborates, “The process is different from one creator to another, and everyone needs a starting point to know what works best.” 

Provide Value

“Content creation is simply adding value to the viewer’s life, and value doesn’t always mean informative videos; it can be as simple as making people laugh, or reacting to a popular trend.”

Dom recalls a pivotal insight, stating, “I realized this when I switched from tutorials to skits, which immediately performed better.”

Venture Into Tech If You Can

“Technology is rapidly evolving, and brands are keenly aware of the unmatched reach that social media offers.” 

“This dynamic provides creators with a prime opportunity to establish a presence, without the risk of lagging behind or entering an oversaturated market.”

Dom further notes that many tech companies aim to capitalize on the extensive reach of social media but often lack the know-how or an in-house creator, which leaves a massive demand gap for those willing to learn and master tech content. 

Content Creation Is Another Form Of Entrepreneurship

“It is almost impossible to make it by taking it easy at a relaxed pace. I saw my success by posting not less than twice a day.”

Dom elaborates, “It takes a high level of persistence and determination to see results, and creators who want to make their creative journey profitable must navigate the space with that in mind.”

What Trends Do You See Emerging In The Tech Space?

He tells us, “Artificial intelligence has to be the biggest trend in markets right now, and I am not one of those people saying that it will replace human creativity. Instead, I believe that content creators who adopt and leverage AI will outperform those that do not, and tap into their audience.”

What Is The Highest Of Highs You Wish To Achieve? 

“It’s hard to say,” he answers with a laugh. “You interviewers love to ask about the future and where things are going, but to be completely honest with you, I’m just going with the flow.”

“Content creation changed my life and played out better than I had in mind. My wife and I recently launched an artist software that brings together Hollywood talent, and I’ll dedicate much of my time to scaling that project.”

“However, aside from that, I’ll work to keep growing my accounts and see how far this all takes me. I have a firm belief that what is yet to come is better, and further optimizing approach and strategy also contributes.”


Tech Wizzdom’s journey from trying to earn money and travel the world to discovering a profound passion for content creation illustrates a compelling success story.

It highlights how embracing one’s creative call can lead to unexpected fulfillment and success. This narrative stands as a beacon of inspiration, particularly for those who are still on the fence about putting out their first video and trying to build a profitable creative career. 

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