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How Influencer Marketing Startup Aims To Refine AI Marketing Business With New $500K Seed Funding


How Influencer Marketing Startup Aims To Refine AI Marketing Business With New $500K Seed Funding

AI-powered influencer marketing platform has raised $500,000 in seed funding from an undisclosed investor, the company announced on February 22. The India-based startup intends to use the capital for team expansion, product development, and entering new markets including the Middle East, Canada, and Australia.

The funding announcement comes as brands increasingly turn to influencer marketing to reach target audiences through trusted voices on social media.’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering helps brands and agencies streamline influencer discovery, campaign management, and measurement through the use of AI algorithms.

“At, our aim is to revolutionize influencer marketing through cutting-edge technology,” said founder and CEO Krishna Priya Akella. She is assured the fresh funds will help the tech venture’s efforts to make an impact on the evolving industry.

“This latest funding round not only validates our vision but also propels us forward on our journey to reshape the industry with innovative solutions.”

How Influencer Marketing Startup Aims To Refine AI Marketing Business With New $500K Seed Funding is a product of T-Hub, a Hyderabad-based innovation hub and startup engine. T-Hub CEO Mahankali Srinivas Rao praised the company, saying it “exemplifies the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship that T-Hub seeks to foster within its ecosystem.”

The startup’s AI-powered platform allows brands to identify relevant influencers across categories like geography, interests, and follower demographics. Automated campaign workflows then facilitate influencer marketing activation, content distribution, performance tracking, and insights reporting.

While influencer marketing unlocks opportunities for brands to leverage the popularity of content creators, the rapidly growing industry also faces challenges with transparency, measurement, and return on investment. Technology providers like aim to establish data-driven discipline in this sphere.

“With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we stand ready to empower brands and agencies, unlocking unparalleled success in their influencer campaigns,” Akella said regarding’s mission.

The $500,000 seed round for the two-year-old startup arrives as investor interest in influencer marketing technologies remains high amid the broader creator economy expansion. The company believes sophisticated machine learning can optimize influencer selection, creative insights, measurement, and more.

“We congratulate on their latest funding achievement, which not only reaffirms their commitment to revolutionizing influencer marketing but also reflects the collective vision of T-Hub to nurture and support cutting-edge startups in India,” Rao added, touching on the innovative startup scene in his country.

As it scales up operations with the new funding, will compete against established players while aiming to distinguish itself through cutting-edge AI capabilities tailored for influencer marketing use cases.

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