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Inside The Rise Of SMITH&SAINT The Female-Led Powerhouse Redefining Talent Representation And Brand-Building


Inside The Rise Of SMITH&SAINT: The Female-Led Powerhouse Redefining Talent Representation And Brand-Building

Inside The Rise Of SMITH&SAINT: The Female-Led Powerhouse Redefining Talent Representation And Brand-Building

SMITH&SAINT is a female-led talent and brand-building agency, founded in 2018 by Britt St. George and Madison Smith. As the CEO and COO respectively, St. George and Smith bring their unique backgrounds as attorneys and influencer marketing experts to bridge the gap in the market for a boutique agency catering to digital-first entrepreneurs and athletes.

“We founded SMITH&SAINT in 2018 after identifying a gap in the market for a true boutique talent agency for digital-first entrepreneurs and athletes; an agency that prioritized relationships and brand-building with clients through an intimate roster size, while also standing on a foundation of unparalleled representation,” explain St. George and Smith. “We wanted to go beyond the baseline service that talent had come to expect, putting the relationship with our talent at the center of everything we do,” the co-founders state.

By assembling a team of experts from diverse fields, St. George and Smith have created an agency that prioritizes the upliftment and achievement of their clients’ dreams. “We were able to bring together our unique experiences to create a top-tier agency that provides representation that our brand partners and clients have fondly coined ‘the SMITH&SAINT way,'” they proudly share.

Inside The Rise Of SMITH&SAINT: The Female-Led Powerhouse Redefining Talent Representation And Brand-Building

Madison Smith, COO.

The Power of Intimate Talent Relationships in a Boutique Agency

“SMITH&SAINT was founded with the vision to create a true boutique talent agency with the capabilities of a larger firm, consolidating the team surrounding talent, and providing them with the resources, expertise, and support system to achieve their dreams,” says St. George.  The agency’s core philosophy revolves around maintaining a small, tightly-knit roster of clients, allowing the team to provide a level of empathy and dedication that is unmatched in the industry. “Keeping a small, tightly-knit roster of clients is of supreme importance to us, allowing us to take on the empathy needed to drive success in a way only those in the trenches could,” explains St. George.

SMITH&SAINT’s team comprises business-forward thinkers who are highly trained to provide an elite level of service to their clients. From their exceptional negotiation skills to their creative thinking when crafting campaigns in collaboration with their talent, and their business acumen when bringing clients’ ideas to life, the agency’s team is well-equipped to navigate the constantly evolving industry landscape. “This industry is constantly changing, so having a team that feels totally connected to you and your business via our 360-degree approach to representation is not only unique but also necessary,” St. George says.

The agency’s 360-degree approach encompasses traditional and new-age endorsements, collaboration products, and even incubating and launching talent-owned companies. This comprehensive approach prioritizes relationships, career longevity, and brand-building not only online but also in real life. 

“Ultimately, the heart of our business and what drives us is our ability to build meaningful relationships with our clients and our genuine desire to bring their dreams and passions to life,” Smith says. This holistic perspective allows SMITH&SAINT to strategize with its clients on a comprehensive level, rather than focusing on a single stream of business. “We always tell our creators the importance of diversifying their channels and creating something that you have complete ownership of. Whether it be a podcast, creating a product line, or writing a book, it’s crucial to work with a team that is in touch with the creator landscape and strategizes with you on a holistic level,” Smith emphasizes.

Inside The Rise Of SMITH&SAINT: The Female-Led Powerhouse Redefining Talent Representation And Brand-Building

Britt St. George, CEO 

The Role of Authenticity in SMITH&SAINT’s Brand Partnerships

In the creator economy, authenticity and long-term brand-building are essential for success. SMITH&SAINT recognizes the importance of these factors and ensures that the partnerships and collaborations it facilitates align with the values and personal brands of the creators and brands involved.

“Strategy is a key component of what we offer at SMITH&SAINT. Maintaining authenticity is crucial to having a long-term career in the creator space,” Smith explains. The agency’s team works closely with each creator to ensure that every partnership and brand collaboration aligns with the mission and vision of their platform, as well as the audience and following they have built.

When onboarding new creators, SMITH&SAINT conducts strategy sessions to identify the key messaging pillars that make up the vision and purpose of the content they create. “This allows us to have a clear path of the brands we reach out to and negotiate with and if they are a fit for the creator,” Smith elaborates.

While it may be tempting to say yes to every brand deal that comes along, SMITH&SAINT takes a more thoughtful approach. “Being able to pause and think about each brand deal, how it aligns with your mission and values, and the long-term effect it might have on your personal brand and longevity in the space is what separates our approach to management,” Smith explains.

By prioritizing authenticity and strategic partnerships, SMITH&SAINT not only helps creators build long-lasting careers but also assists brands in navigating the complex creator landscape. The agency’s expertise and data-driven approach enable brands to identify the right creators for their campaigns, ensuring that partnerships resonate with the target audience and deliver measurable results. “Authenticity is crucial in today’s landscape.

Creator audiences are smart, they can immediately discern between a partnership with a brand that makes sense, and one that doesn’t,” explains CMO, Kaila McWilliams. “We work with brands to identify creators that genuinely use and love their products, tailoring our conversation to share concrete data of organic mentions and, if applicable, conversion metrics,” McWilliams elaborates.

Inside The Rise Of SMITH&SAINT: The Female-Led Powerhouse Redefining Talent Representation And Brand-Building

SMITH&SAINT’s Advice for Creators and Brands in the Creator Economy

“Just because something is done a certain way, does not mean it’s the right way, or that it should not change,” St. George says. She points to the evolution of influencer marketing, which has shifted from focusing on vanity metrics like impressions to more granular measures of success, such as sales, thanks to advancements in technology and tracking tools.

She stresses the importance of creators being able to adapt to the evolving expectations of brands. “As a company, it’s our responsibility to have a direct line of visibility into the expectations of brands, to inform our clients of them, and to provide resources and strategy for them to adapt to them,” she explains.

Ultimately, success in the creator economy relies on collaboration and mutual understanding between creators and brands. “In a sense, we’re all working together — on the brand side and the talent side — with the same goals. To work together, to listen to each other, is ultimately the clearest path to success,” St. George states.

She emphasizes the strengths that both creators and brands bring to the table. Creators have an intimate understanding of how their audience receives information best, while brands have specific goals, visions, and KPIs for their campaigns. When both parties work together, removing the line between their respective camps and fostering mutual respect, greater success can be achieved.

Inside The Rise Of SMITH&SAINT: The Female-Led Powerhouse Redefining Talent Representation And Brand-Building

Kaila McWilliams, CMO

SMITH&SAINT’s Vision for the Creator Economy

SMITH&SAINT has its sights set on being at the forefront of the industry, guiding creators and brands through the ever-changing landscape of the Creator Economy. St. George shares the company’s long-term goals and vision for the future. “As we grow and evolve in this ever-changing industry, I see us continuing to be on the forefront of the way creators do business, whether through brand collaborations or wholly-owned ventures,” she states. 

In an industry that is just over a decade old, uncertainty can be a constant, but SMITH&SAINT aims to stay ahead of the curve. “We aim to be ahead of those changing currents, guiding our clients through the ebbs and flows of the industry with the goal of longevity in mind,” St. George explains.

She acknowledges the unique challenges and opportunities that come with operating in an industry without a clear blueprint. “What’s both exhilarating and, frankly, frightening about our industry is that there is, essentially, no blueprint. To stand out, to break through, and to find a new groove of success when something is not working, you have to take risks and think outside of the box,” she emphasizes.

This innovative and adaptable approach is at the core of SMITH&SAINT’s daily operations, as the company works closely with its clients and brand partners to push boundaries and explore new avenues for success. With a commitment to staying ahead of the curve, taking calculated risks, and guiding its clients through the ever-changing landscape, the company is well-positioned to contribute to the growth and evolution of the industry in the years to come.

Cecilia Carloni, Interview Manager at Influence Weekly and writer for NetInfluencer. Coming from beautiful Argentina, Ceci has spent years chatting with big names in the influencer world, making friends and learning insider info along the way. When she’s not deep in interviews or writing, she's enjoying life with her two daughters. Ceci’s stories give a peek behind the curtain of influencer life, sharing the real and interesting tales from her many conversations with movers and shakers in the space.

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