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Everything We Know About Pinterest’s New App Shuffles


Everything We Know About Pinterest’s New App Shuffles

As new platforms consistently make their way onto the market, influencers are inspired to produce an array of new and exciting content. In fact, data suggests that 240 new platforms launched in 2020 alone. Despite this growth, it can be difficult to know which platforms are best suited to your content and audience demographic. Shuffles, a product of social media giant Pinterest, has brought a new sense of viral acclaim to the industry. In order to understand this platform fully, Netinfluencer explores all of the details regarding Shuffles.

What Is Shuffles?

In August 2022, Pinterest announced the launch of its latest app Shuffles, a tool designed to revolutionize the nature of mood boards and collages. The platform focuses heavily on collaboration, inviting guests to build an assortment of interactive content.

This platform is also fully integrable with Pinterest, meaning that users can share and edit content across both platforms. There is also a detailed content feed, a search bar, and the ability to add hashtags for more visibility. Pinterest is also focusing on boosting Shuffles through its own platforms as Shuffles is still building its online presence. 

It also seems that the platform is favored by Gen Z, who have managed to push the app to No.1 in the lifestyle category on the app store. The younger generations are also sharing their views on the app on other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. 

Everything We Know About Pinterest’s New App Shuffles


Why Has Pinterest Developed This App?

With 433 million monthly users, Pinterest has already made its name in the social media market. So why has it decided to make another platform that uses an array of similar functions?

Some argue that Pinterest is working to capture more of the profitable Gen Z market. As of January 2022, the platform’s main demographic was 25-34 year-olds, making it a popular space for Millennials. As such, Shuffles’ quirky layout and immense customization features have helped to attract a younger market with potentially more buying power. 

Pinterest is also looking to establish itself as a more creator-driven platform. Although it boasts of Idea Pins and an intuitive creator marketplace, Pinterest does not truly allow users to build their own content using its interface. In turn, Shuffles now offers a place for users to express themselves creatively and not have to focus too much on engagement and networking. 

Everything We Know About Pinterest’s New App Shuffles


How Do I Join?

Despite its vast popularity, Shuffles is still in an early Beta phase, meaning that it is not entirely open for public use. In order to access the platform, users must enter an invite code. These codes can only be distributed by existing users, who only have five invites per account. 

These invite codes are not uncommon and have helped platforms such as Clubhouse to build an alluring sense of exclusivity. Shuffle’s invite codes are also seeing virality on other platforms with TikTok users begging for others to share them. There have even been accounts of people selling their codes for top prices. 

The official Pinterest Instagram account is also teasing new code drops every week to help users enter the app in a slow and steady fashion. 

What Features Does the App Have?

Photo Editing

Shuffles pride itself on allowing users to build a series of inspiring features all within the confines of the app. Users can now cut out certain parts of an image using just a simple tap. These images are sourced from your Pinterest account, allowing you to use popular images that you have collected in the past. Once you have selected a few images, you can use their intuitive editing tool to remove backgrounds, unwanted extras, and blemishes. 

Animations and Effects

A Shuffles collage is more than just a standard array of 2D images. The platform also allows users to add overlays, animations, and effects to their works. Using their animation tools, users can make objects move in a certain way to give the impression that it is a real-life object. In a similar vein to early Tumblr features, guests can create GIFs and other elements to give their mood boards a more realistic feel.

Resizing Images

Just like any other photo-editing app, users can rotate and resize their images to make them seem more comprehensive in the final piece. You can also snap and layer images together to create a richer and more believable effect. These features are quite advanced for a single app and have the potential to create attractive posters and infographics, helping Shuffles to compete against programs such as Canva and Photoshop. 


This is Shuffles’ most prominent feature as it pulls upon a range of collaboration techniques to help it become a very user-generated platform. ReShuffles gives users the ability to mimic, and indeed edit, content that has already been established on the platform. For example, creators can copy each other’s animation styles and aesthetics with just one simple tap. Another benefit of this feature is that it automatically credits the original creator and provides a direct link to their platform. Therefore, users can offer praise as well as increase organic traffic across an abundance of creators. 

Sharing Capabilities 

As Pinterest and Shuffles are so closely linked, users can share their content directly to the former platform. All of the animations and edits seen on a Shuffles’ collage will be presented on Pinterest in exactly the same fashion. This means that Pinterest now has a collection of new features and will not alter or diminish the content that is produced via Shuffles. Plus, this is a perfect opportunity for those who already have an established audience on Pinterest as they are able to build a collective and engaged fan base through the joining of two popular platforms. 

Everything We Know About Pinterest’s New App Shuffles

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Although Shuffles may still be in its early stages, its increased popularity indicates that it is bound to see great success. With an assortment of premium features available, Shuffles can now battle against a plethora of social media platforms as well as editing software and equipment. To discover more about boosting your engagement on Pinterest, visit our website

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