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All the Details About The Sephora And TikTok’s Incubator Program


All the Details About The Sephora And TikTok’s Incubator Program

Despite generating around $100 billion in revenue worldwide, the beauty industry is still eager to reap more profits and establish its dominance over competitors. Many brands have resulted in using influencer marketing as a way to break into new and lucrative audiences whilst also amassing tremendously high levels of engagement on social media. To discuss this concept further, Netinfluencer will explore everything you need to know about Sephora and TikTok’s latest Incubator Program.

What Is the Sephora and TikTok Incubator Program?

First announced in March 2023 the Sephora X TikTok Incubator Program is an exclusive initiative that works to help emerging brands see more success on social media. This program also holds a grand focus on influencer marketing, encouraging brands to feel more confident in requesting partnerships with a plethora of highly sought-after talent. Sephora also uses this project to promote a prosperous sense of education, allowing small businesses from across the United States to collect a vast selection of prime industry knowledge. 

There are currently three small brands that are taking part in this project, all of which also contributed to the Sephora Accelerate Program back in 2021. These brands are named Eadem, Topicals, and Hyper Skin. Thus, these business owners will have the prime opportunity to experience three main workshops, with each one focusing on a new set of skills for entrepreneurs to use for their own brands. 

The Sephora X TikTok Incubator Program also shines a light on popular BIPOC beauty brands, highlighting their significance within the larger circles of the industry. As a result, each of these businesses will also work with a BIPOC influencer to not only promote diversity in the beauty industry but on social media as a whole. 


Why Was It Formed?

Alongside its passion for diversity, it seems that Sephora has launched this initiative as a follow-up to its previous Accelerate Program. In turn, the beauty giant now has another project to help developing brands see success and revenue within this highly dynamic industry. This 

aids the industry to become a more competitive playing field but also helps Sephora build a detailed portfolio of brands to collaborate with in the future. 

In addition, as this industry is so competitive, it is vital that Sephora establishes itself as a thought leader as well as an extremely popular brand. As such, Sephora can now continue to branch out from its traditional goods and services and begin building a variety of new ventures to help the brand extend its financial power within its respective sector. 

Sephora also promises to extend this program as well as its other initiatives throughout the year. The program will be repeated every quarter with a trio of new brands getting the chance to experience immense growth on social media. These plans lead us to believe that Sephora is very passionate about brand building and has seen a tremendous ROI on the other programs it has founded. 


What Perks Are on Offer?

The Sephora X TikTok Incubator Program offers each brand an experienced mentor, ensuring that they have access to a wealth of expert knowledge when working towards more social media engagement. Each workshop segment will contain insights from these mentors as well as key executives at TikTok, allowing brands to gain a better glimpse of the app’s algorithm and the bustling BeautyTok community. 

Although Sephora will not produce any specific social media content to promote this program, it will provide updates on how the brands are getting on. Therefore, brands will have the chance to develop their own content strategy without becoming trapped in Sephora’s influential shadow. By the end of the program, each brand should have produced six pieces of content that can engage lucrative audiences and educate them further on their vast collection of desirable goods. 

It should be mentioned that Sephora has not officially confirmed whether influencers will be receiving financial compensation for their work. However, the brand has emphasized that this program has the ability to benefit both sides of the partnership by giving them exposure to the inner workings of TikTok as well as Sephora itself. 

What Content Creators Are Involved?

Amy Chang

Boasting an incredible 1.6 million followers, Amy Chang is the ideal mentor to help growing brands find success on TikTok. Chang is best known for her plethora of storytime videos, all of which are accompanied by a satisfying skincare routine. In turn, this influencer successfully shows how an amiable personality can help promote and sell a diverse selection of popular brands. In addition, Chang also offers a variety of useful skincare tips to further highlight her knowledge of this complex industry. 

Rocio Soria

This influencer views the beauty industry from a more frugal perspective, helping her 1.7 million followers save money on their next purchase. Rocio Soria uses TikTok to post her latest shopping spree, sharing uncanny dupes of high-value items as well as more affordable alternatives to popular products. Soria also uses her experience as an ex-Ulta Beauty employee to debunk the falsehoods surrounding premium brands and offer her audience the truth about key ingredients. 

Nyma Tang

By demonstrating and reviewing an abundance of new releases, Nyma Tang has established herself as a key figure within the ever-growing niche of BeautyTok and with her 169,000 followers. Whether she is giving her honest opinion on Charlotte Tilbury Blush Wands or the Fenty Skin Cleansing Balm, Tang works to show off the product in a range of engaging ways, making her a great mentor for brands looking to elevate their filming and editing skills. 

What Does This Program Mean for the Future of Influencer Marketing?

The Sephora X TikTok Incubator Program explores the nuances of influencer marketing from an entirely new perspective, giving brands the chance to form partnerships with keen content creators rather than expecting influencers to consistently initiate the conversation. This gives us a better look into the future of this industry, seeing brands make the first move and become more experienced in what a content creator is looking for when aiming to collaborate with a prolific brand. 

The educational element of this program also highlights the prevalence of expert advice when navigating the intricacies of business strategy. The brands involved in this program have access to a range of online and in-person courses, ensuring that they can gain a better understanding of how to build engagement on TikTok. As such, we can assume that more and more brands will continue to showcase the power of social media, encouraging new content creators to begin seeking out profitable opportunities. 

The fact that the Incubator Program is a subset of the wider Sephora Accelerate Program indicates the positive impact that influencer programs have to offer the entire industry. With many projects ahead of it, Sephora is spearheading this movement and helping both brands and influencers find a hefty influx of revenue from their work on social media. 


As the Sephora X TikTok Incubator Program continues to reap good results, many brands are following in its footsteps and recruiting popular influencers as a way to attract new audiences on social media. In turn, this has the potential to help influencers maintain a more financially stable career and find more lucrative opportunities in the future. 

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