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Later CEO Scott Sutton Announces Creator Podcast With “Love Is Blind’s” Kwame Appiah


Later CEO Scott Sutton Announces Creator Podcast With “Love Is Blind’s” Kwame Appiah 

Later, a social media management and influencer marketing platform is launching “Beyond Influence,” a new podcast for creators, influencers, brands, and social media enthusiasts.

Hosted by Later CEO Scott Sutton and Head of Influencer and Creator Engagement Kwame Appiah, “Beyond Influence” aims to provide guidance for building a successful creator career, fostering meaningful brand and consumer relationships, and exploring the creator economy. 

“Through the conversations we have on Beyond Influence, we want to change the narrative around influencers and creators and elevate discussions about the creator ecosystem to benefit everyone — brands, consumers, creators, and influencers,” Sutton said in the announcement.

Appiah brings a unique background combining creator experience on TikTok and Instagram, business development roles at tech companies like Common Room and, and newfound fame from Netflix’s “Love Is Blind.” 

“Kwame’s technology expertise, business acumen, and audience-building skills make him ideal to lead our influencer engagement,” Sutton said about his partner.

The premiere episode features a conversation between Sutton and Appiah. According to the announcement, future bi-weekly episodes will include guests like Tessa Barton, Marshall Glaze, Chelsea Griffin, Carla Marie, and Jason Tartick.

“We are in a time when everyone with a phone can be a creator,” said Appiah. “The creator economy’s growth is accelerating, with projections valuing it over $70 billion in 2024 and marketers spending nearly $6 billion on influencer marketing. We want to increase opportunities for collaboration between creators and brands.”

The podcast premieres on Tuesday, April 16.

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