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Rocci’s 9-Year Creator Journey Started With A Simple Eyebrow Tutorial Video

Roccibel “Rocci” Volpicell’s journey as a beauty content creator demonstrates the importance of authenticity, diversification, and embracing new technologies in the creator economy space. What started organically nine years ago with a simple eyebrow tutorial on YouTube has evolved into a multi-platform presence across Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Rocci credits her success to closely monitoring audience feedback and carefully curating product recommendations she genuinely trusts and believes will appeal to her community of women seeking attainable, multi-functional beauty products. Major sales events like Amazon’s Beauty Haul provide powerful opportunities to showcase new brands by leveraging technologies like deep linking to drive seamless app-to-app conversions and boost average order values.

Rocci’s 9-Year Creator Journey Started With A Simple Eyebrow Tutorial Video

“At first, I simply wanted to share my personal beauty routine and the products that worked well for me,” Rocci says of her early career days. “It all started quite naturally. I didn’t have a grand strategy when I began; my following grew gradually, not from a sudden viral hit during the pandemic.”

As her audience expanded, she recognized the potential. “Once I saw that people were genuinely enjoying my content, everything really started to gain momentum from there.” A pivotal moment was when a YouTube executive, impressed by her videos, reached out. “Hitting follower milestones has also been incredibly rewarding,” the Venezuelan content creator says. It’s thrilling and motivating to see my audience celebrate these achievements with me.”

Rocci has successfully extended her influence across all the top platforms. Her strategy focuses on “products I’ve personally tried and trust, so I can confidently recommend them.” She tailors content uniquely for each platform, like in-depth tutorials on YouTube, while closely “monitoring how [her] audience interacts” to customize recommendations and maintain “a dynamic, two-way conversation” with them.

Preparing for High-Impact Moments

“For major selling events like the Amazon Beauty Haul or even our regular weekly content, we continuously strategize about which products to feature and what beauty tips to share,” Rocci says. “However, for this particular event, we were given a week’s notice, prompting us to quickly predict and prepare to promote items that were trending or seasonal and would resonate with my audience.”

She sees large sales events as powerful opportunities. “Large-scale events like the Amazon Beauty Haul and Prime Day are fantastic because they offer a platform to introduce new brands and products that appeal to my audience. These events often lead to doubling sales through increased average order values, as we can showcase a broader range of items.”

According to Rocci, technology plays a crucial role in maximizing these moments. “The role of deep linking technology is crucial here; without it, tracking and verifying that all commissions are properly accounted for would be impossible,” the beauty influencer explains. 

“I rely on URLgenius to seamlessly direct my audience from my posts straight to the app, landing them exactly where the products I recommend are displayed.” For her, deep linking becomes “especially critical during sales events,” as it enhances the chances of “adding sale items to the cart and boosts the average order value at checkout.”

Maintaining Trust

Rocci acknowledges that “trust is a crucial component of influencer marketing,” adding that it’s also “the beauty of affiliate marketing.” 

“There are literally thousands of products to choose from, so that enables me to focus on what I genuinely enjoy, find valuable, and believe will appeal to my community,” she states. “Having the freedom to choose products that align with my brand and personal preferences enables me to creatively share my experiences in a way that feels authentic and engaging.”

When assessing which products to feature, Rocci keeps her audience top of mind. “I think about my community in what I am recommending – they are women looking for attainable multifunctional beauty products. I am always on the lookout for new products that have multiple uses – a tinted moisturizer that’s also a great sunscreen and balances your pH levels. Shoppers want to find the most value in the purchases they make,” she says.


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Her approach has shifted from initially relying on brand partnerships to focusing more on affiliate commissions. “When I started, some brands noticed my content, and I had some brand partnerships, which was exciting, but I found myself waiting and hoping that brands would come to me,” Rocci explains. “Affiliate commissions offer more autonomy and control over growing my business and provide concrete data to attract better partnerships.”


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Data-Driven Strategies and Platform Diversification

“It’s a lot of hard work. Success doesn’t come from a secret formula, but rather from closely observing how your audience responds to your content and product recommendations,” Rocci says. “We also let the data guide us. We choose some products for their broad appeal and others for niche audiences. The key is to analyze the outcomes and experiment with new approaches continuously.”

She emphasizes diversification in mitigating platform risks: “All platforms, not just TikTok, have their challenges and benefits. So, I think the best strategy is to be ready for anything that changes—whether it’s interface changes, new features, or shifts in the algorithms. Change is just part of the industry and the creator journey!”

Rocci’s 9-Year Creator Journey Started With A Simple Eyebrow Tutorial Video

What Rocci Predicts for the Creator Economy

“Despite having been in this field for nine years, I believe the industry is still in its early stages,” Rocci states. “Brands are increasingly recognizing the tangible value that creators add—a significant shift from when I started. As technology advances, there’s a growing investment in high-quality content because creators play a crucial role in product discovery.”

She sees diversification as key for both creators and brands. “Like creators, brands need to diversify how they engage with creators and their audiences. Affiliate marketing remains a promising avenue for growth on both sides,” the video creator points out. “In a world where consumers are overwhelmed with choices, providing a seamless app-to-app experience from social platforms to retail apps is essential. The development of new tools for creators to enhance these transitions and improve understanding will continue to evolve alongside the industry.”

For aspiring creators, Rocci emphasizes authenticity above all else. “Always stay true to yourself, and don’t promote products just for the fee. Instead, connect with what you personally appreciate and understand the audience you’re addressing. Engaging with your followers is crucial—they are a tremendous source of inspiration and can guide your content direction.”

She also advises leveraging available tools and resources. “Familiarize yourself with all the tools available, ensuring they are reliable and streamline your processes. These tools should support your efforts by providing exactly what you need to create meaningful and effective content.”

Reflecting on her own journey, the influencer underscores the work ethic required. “It’s a lot of hard work and a full-time job and opportunity if you want it to be! For most influencers, it’s not an overnight thing.”

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