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Roblox Vs. Sandbox


Roblox Vs. Sandbox

So, what are these metaverses and what differentiates the two? In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at Roblox vs. Sandbox and which one reigns supreme.  

Mark Zuckerberg and other tech enthusiasts have predicted that a large percentage of the population will be immersed in the metaverse by 2030.

While analysts expect significant growth in the industry one of the main concerns has been mass adoption. However, more and more metaverse projects have been brought to market, spearheading user growth and mass appeal for immersive gaming experiences. 

Two of the most popular virtual worlds are Sandbox and Roblox. And while many features differentiate the two their core future goal is the same: to create an ecosystem and virtual world without limits, taking user experience to a whole new metaverse level.

Roblox Vs. Sandbox


Sandbox first launched in 2011 as a normal mobile game. Later in 2015, it was enabled for PC gaming and then it continued to grow into Sandbox Evolution. 

But the real success story for this virtual world started in 2018 when the company was bought by Animoca Brands who proceeded to launch a blockchain version of the game. They aim to attract a minimum of 2.5 billion online gamers and spearhead the blockchain-based game sector, which seems somewhat ambitious however the platform already has 4.5 million verified users.

To really understand the Sandbox ecosystem just imagine a world in which you can not only create digital products (NFTs) but also monetize them by making sales. This then allows you to purchase other products and build a decentralized virtual world. In this metaverse, you can own land, air, and water, as well as other monetized products while also interacting with other players and inviting them to visit your ecosystem. 

Sandbox is limitless. It’s about letting your creativity and imagination run wild – like Sims on steroids.

The platform features its own native token SAND that once ran on the Ethereum Network. This token is what powers the entire ecosystem, allowing gamers and makers alike to make transactions. Sandbox recently transitioned its digital marketplace from Ethereum to Polygon. 

Here are the key benefits of Sandbox:

  • UGC: One of the main reasons Sandbox succeeds is thanks to its user-generated content which allows businesses and brands to effectively collaborate with in-game creators to target new audiences in innovative ways. Their native 3D modeling tool VoxEdit was downloaded over 375 thousand times in 2022.
  • Customization: The in-depth level of customization that brands and creators have is another major selling point. Everyone has the opportunity to create unique and interactive games and experiences within the virtual world.
  • Monetization: The platform’s native token SAND, is a cryptocurrency that allows for all of the in-game monetization options. From selling digital assets to hosting virtual events, there are so many ways to earn. 


Roblox is an online gaming and entertainment platform that connects users through a shared virtual ecosystem and experience.

The ecosystem allows anyone to create, imagine, and play with others while at the same time exploring different worlds and experiences produced by game developers using their proprietary Roblox Studia, a design tool for desktops. Roblox is funded by some big names, including Warner Music Group, Dragoneer Investment Group, Altimeter Capital, and Investment Group of Santa Barbara. 

Roblox is a blend of gaming, social commerce, and social networks. The games on the platform are referred to as “experiences” and each falls under a specific genre. While the platform is free to use, users can make in-app purchases. A portion of each transaction is given back to the “experience” creator, which means that developers and builders can earn a passive income if one of their games becomes popular.

For instance, one of the most popular “experiences” on the Roblox platform is Jailbreak. This game was built by Alex Balfanz a teenager who went on to pay for his university degree with his Roblox earnings. 

The platform isn’t new, although it did somewhat fly under the radar for years. Roblox was released in 2006 and has fast become the most popular online hangout for younger generations. 

In fact, 54% of users in 2020 were under the age of 13. However, Roblox has put in a great deal of effort to expand its age range. Their keen interest in this goal is what has helped them become the number one choice amongst gamers of all ages, thanks to the ability to create virtual worlds, events, and games from all kinds of genres.

The main difference between other metaverses and Rolox is the full-fledged building capabilities that the platform offers, as well as the monetization opportunities using the ecosystem’s native token Robux. Earning Robux allows players to access premium features and transact with other players. Robux is comparable to Sandboxes (SAND token) and Decentralands (MANA), all of which can be traded on popular cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Here’s why Roblox is a clear choice:

  • Immersive games and experiences: Roblox offers its users a wide variety of games in different genres, making sure that there’s something for everyone. The platform has over 40 million experiences, from shooter games to role-playing and adventure styles. This kind of environment allows Gen Z to not only play, engage, create, and earn Robux, but also learn and develop their skills. 
  • Creator tools: The platform’s native developer and creative tools allow both businesses and players to create products or spaces for the metaverse. Their toolbox also includes resources and tutorials.
  • In-app advertising: Roblox’s in-game advertising system allows businesses to reach audiences thanks to targeted advertising. 

Another benefit to Roblux that isn’t as prevalent on Sandbox is the company’s interest in providing quality educational and learning experiences within the metaverse. They hope to have 100 million students by the year 2030, offering immersive educational experiences in game design, programming, and other virtual world-related topics.

Roblox 2023 key metrics:

  • 70.2 million active daily users in 2023. This shows growth when compared to 2020’s 23.6 million active users.
  • There are over 3 million gaming developers and creators on the platform.
  • In the first nine months of 2023, the platform paid out over 701 million to developers thanks to the structure of their monetization schemes.
  • The platform has over 5.5 immersive experiences that users can choose to interact with and play. 

Roblox or Sandbox?

So now that we’ve compared the two leading metaverses the question remains – which one is the winner?

As you already imagined, there is no winner. The choice of preferred metaverse will ultimately be down to each gamer’s or creator’s discretion. Each platform offers a long list of features, some of which are extremely similar, and choosing what ecosystem to opt for is an extremely personal one. 

While Sandbox paved the way in NFT creation and in-app monetization, Roblox has shown more of a focus on learning and educational experiences. Both ecosystems offer amazing toolboxes of native products for builders and developers. 

Nevertheless, it’s clear to see that the predicted metaverse transition has begun. Digital native generations such as Gen Z and Gen Alpha will continue to help with mass adoption and user acquisition, and while currently there aren’t that many metaverses to speak of, more will undoubtedly come to market over the coming years. 

Romilly Anne Glenton

Romilly A. Glenton is a Spain-based writer with a deep passion for the influencer economy and creator space. Her writings offer insightful perspectives on digital trends and the evolving landscape of social media influencers. Living in the heart of Spain, Romilly's work is infused with a unique blend of traditional cultural insights and modern digital developments. She skillfully dissects viral trends and influencer marketing strategies, making complex topics accessible and engaging. Her articles are not just informative, but a reflection of her own journey through the rapidly changing digital world. When she's not writing, Romilly enjoys exploring Spain's rich culture, drawing inspiration for her insightful pieces.

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