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Popular True Crime Podcasts


Popular True Crime Podcasts

True Crime is an extremely popular genre that has managed to satisfy the morbid curiosity of many of its fans. True Crime podcasts saw an increase in popularity in 2019 where nearly 50% of the top 10 podcasts adhered to this genre. With so many podcasts operating in this market, it can be difficult to discover hidden gems or even all-time classics. Netinfluencer has delved into this fascinating industry and lists the most popular True Crime podcasts available on streaming platforms.


Hosted by Sarah Koenig, Serial uncovers a range of disturbing mysteries through the course of each season. When this podcast was first released in 2014, it reached an impressive 5 million downloads faster than any podcast ever released.

Since then, Serial has gained a cult following and is regarded as one of the best True Crime podcasts of all time. The first season discussed the strange disappearance of Hae Min Lee, a high-school student from Baltimore. As the seasons progressed, Koenig has expressed the capture of Bowe Bergdahl, and an incident in a bar that led to a very serious arrest. Serial also promotes its content on Instagram where it has 47.7K followers. 

Popular True Crime Podcasts

Morning Cup of Murder

Morning Cup of Murder discusses a range of alluring topics in a digestible and engaging format. Each episode ranges from 7 to 15-minutes long, making this a perfect podcast to listen to as you sip your morning coffee. The host, Korina Biemesderfer, unpacks cases such as the Lockheed Martin Workplace Massacre as well as the inspiration behind Stephen King’s Misery.

After posting daily for many years, Morning Cup of Murder has racked up over 600 episodes and discusses what happened on this day within history. This podcast was also commended by Marie Claire as a 2020 Must Listen series in both the US and Australia. 

Popular True Crime Podcasts

Stuff The British Stole

If you find the gory side of True Crime unappealing, Stuff The British Stole unlocks the world’s biggest scandals from a postcolonial perspective. This podcasted is produced by ABC Podcasts in collaboration with CBC Podcasts and is hosted by Marc Fennell. It offers Fennell the space to give a scathing account of how a range of iconic objects ended up in the hands of the British.

He explains how a sacred Irish chalice ended up in the Victoria and Albert Museum and how a European invasion of New Zealand led to a range of colonial souvenirs being stolen.  Each episode is around 40-minutes long and is not afraid to shy away from the harsh impact that the British Empire had on the rest of the globe. 

Popular True Crime Podcasts

Sweet Bobby

Sweet Bobby explores the terrifying world of Catfishing in just six gripping episodes. This podcast tells the story of Kirat Assi who meets a charming gentleman named Bobby on Facebook. Although the relationship seems valid on the surface, this podcast provides a live investigation into an unimaginable scam ring. Sweet Bobby was produced by Tortoise Media, a leader in the podcast industry who is also known for producing Finding Q. Assi has been able to find great success after the launch of her podcast and has been conducting many important conversations regarding online scams.

Popular True Crime Podcasts


In 2020, Sarah Turney embarked on a crucial mission to uncover the disappearance of her sister Alissa. In September 2021, she partnered with Parcast to create Disappearances, a True Crime podcast that explores unsolved missing person cases from around the world. Each episode details a new case, expressing the events that led to their unexplained absences. Every case offers a new series of twists and turns and showcases that nothing is ever as it seems. Parcast has also expanded into other aspects of True Crime, releasing a book about the notorious world of cults. 

Popular True Crime Podcasts

The Lazarus Heist

Produced by BBC World Service, The Lazarus Heist exposes an elusive hacking ring and traces its roots to multiple unusual sources. In 2014, Sony Pictures experienced a vicious cyber attack, which was blamed on the Lazarus Group in North Korea. Through the course of ten episodes, Geoff White takes listeners around the world and explains that Cyber Terrorism is not so black and white. Using the Lazarus Heist hashtag, Geoff White helped to boost this podcast to the Number 1 spot in the UK charts almost immediately after release. As new allegations arise, the podcast continues to uncover new evidence and plans to host a live show in 2022. 

Popular True Crime Podcasts

Bad People

True Crime addict Dr Julie Shaw and comedian Sofie Hagen, pair up in the Bad People podcast, offering a blend of gruesome horror and hilarious antics. Every episode uncovers a new case, allowing the hosts to discuss the complexities and nuances of each scenario. These women also explore the dangers attached to the True Crime genre and how it can sometimes grow out of control. In June 2022, Bad People received a Pride-themed overlay, rebranding as Bi People. This short series explores similar scandals and events but uses Queer people as the centerpieces of each story.

Popular True Crime Podcasts

Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen

This podcast from Campsite Media explores a lucrative scam artist who convinced some of the richest citizens of Hollywood to hand over their riches. Chameleon: Hollywood Con Queen tells the story of an Indonesian man living in the UK, who was able to manipulate his voice to mimic acclaimed Hollywood moguls. As a result, this culprit stole the identities of multiple individuals and made them sign NDAs to cover up the traces of the crime. Hosts Josh Dean and Vanessa Grigoriadis highlight this criminal’s unbelievable impressions and schemes over the course of 10 thrilling episodes. 

Popular True Crime Podcasts

Blood Ties

Father and daughter duo Geoffrey and Molly Wensell host a weekly True Crime podcast named Blood Ties. The pair dive deep into infamous cases such as the unclaimed murder of British TV presenter Jill Dando as well as more harrowing cases like a terrorist attack that occurred in London in 2013. Geoffrey and Molly handle each case with utmost respect and curiosity, leaving no stone unturned as they try to get to the bottom of every mystery. The host also operates an Instagram account for the Blood Ties podcast, updating their 1586 followers on their latest episodes and their True Crime book club. 

Popular True Crime Podcasts

Dr. Death

Visiting the doctor can be a terrifying experience for some and the Dr. Death podcast explains why. This podcast showcases the egregious world of medical malpractice and how many systems around the world are failing to protect the most vulnerable. Laura Beil tells the story of a different doctor over the course of each season and has covered the alluring lives of Christopher Duntsch, Farid Fata, and Paolo Macchiarini. Dr. Death is produced by Wondery, who has also worked on Dirty John which was the inspiration for the hit Netflix series. 

Popular True Crime Podcasts

True Crime podcasts have managed to entice and attract many audience members, highlighting the versatility and addictive nature of the genre. As this content continues to grow and transform, there is no doubt that this incredible market will continue to see high levels of success. To learn more about building engagement on your podcast, visit our website

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