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Popular Financial YouTubers


Popular Financial YouTubers

Many of us turn to YouTube to gain financial advice as it gives us the chance to learn more about managing our money from a variety of perspectives. Financial influencers help others to make considered choices with their money and see growth in their earnings. With around 7% of people using the platform to strengthen their professional work, the finance niche is growing at an exponential rate. In order to uncover more about this new selection of influencers, Netinfluencer explores the most popular financial YouTubers.

The Financial Diet

Boasting an impressive 979K subscribers, The Finance Diet collates a selection of experts to help their audience better understand their spending habits. These financial influencers also discuss how money impacts us psychologically, calling upon other influencers to discuss the creator economy and how to balance your spending when on disability benefits. The Financial Diet also produces a podcast named The Financial Confessions, where the hosts go into more depth about the stock market as well as the nuances of working on YouTube. They also produce a series on YouTube called Making it Work, where individuals share how they make a sustainable source of income, despite their difficulties. 

Popular Financial YouTubers

It’s Your Girl Rose

It’s Your Girl Rose, better known as Rose Han, helps her 642K subscribers find success in investment. Han first created her channel in 2018 and began educating her audience on the basic principles of the stock market. After building a devoted community on the platform, she now shares her life as a digital nomad, explaining how she lives a comfortable life in a van. It’s Your Girl Rose also has a range of online masterclasses, where she explores the benefits of having a side hustle as well as everything you would need to start investing. 

Popular Financial YouTubers


Nick True created the MappedOutMoney YouTube channel to help others make better choices with their money. True lives with his wife and children inside an Airstream Camper and travels around the US, whilst educating his 51K subscribers on personal finance. He explores how to build generational wealth as a Millennial as well as the importance of creating a budget. MappedOutMoney also livestreams on YouTube, answering questions from his fans and explaining his latest ventures. This financial YouTuber also has a website where he shares blog articles and more information about his personal coaching sessions. 

Popular Financial YouTubers

Financial Education

Hosted by Jeremy Lefebvre, Financial Education showcases a wide range of information and resources about modern-day investing. Whether it’s Bitcoin or Wall Street, Lefebvre updates his 727K subscribers on the changes occurring in each market. He also explains how his fans can make money online, particularly within the growing gig economy. Lefebvre is best known as the CEO of Financial Fortress, a platform that teaches people how to find profitable success in the stock market and follow in the footsteps of the world’s most iconic millionaires. He has also created a Discord server for his students, helping to build a stronger network of investors. 

Popular Financial YouTubers

The Rich Dad

Robert Kiyosaki is most known as the author of the best-selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad. After seeing an immense amount of success from this venture, Kiyosaki made the jump to YouTube to continue sharing his financial advice with his 2.54 million subscribers. He explains the traits of a good entrepreneur as well as how to be a better negotiator. Alongside his advice, The Rich Dad also hosts a range of debates, analyzing how capitalism impacts various sectors and industries around the world. Together with a series of books and personalized coaching sessions, Kiyosaki has also released a board game named Cashflow, helping the younger generation learn more about financial literacy. 

Popular Financial YouTubers

The Money Guy Show

Brian Preston and Bo Hanson join together to produce The Money Guy Show, a laid-back video podcast that explores how social media is impacting financial education. The pair react to TikTok videos and Instagram reels to debunk the myths that are circulating across the internet. They also suggest ways in which Americans can gain more from their pension plans and social security benefits. The Money Guy Show also answers budding questions from their 235K subscribers. Aside from their YouTube channel, these men also provide a variety of free resources such as a net worth tool and a Financial Order of Operations course. 

Popular Financial YouTubers

Money Saving Expert

Martin Lewis is the founder of, helping people across the UK to learn more about their personal finance. Lewis ensures that his 80.6K subscribers remain informed about changes in legislation, helping them to keep on top of their finances. He also creates more evergreen content, explaining the difference between different types of bank accounts and how to save money on your utility bills. Money Saving Expert is keen to maintain a conversation about financial security, discussing this topic with political leaders such as Rishi Sunak and Jo Swinson

Popular Financial YouTubers

How Money Works

How Money Works blends the contemporary financial landscape with timeless economic theories, creating a bustling platform that allows viewers to learn more about how their money operates in these systems. This financial YouTuber unpacks the mystery surrounding money gurus as well as how to earn a sustainable living as an influencer. These videos use a range of infographics and engaging stock footage to create digestible content for the 456K subscribers. How Money Works is also active on TikTok, sharing more tips and tricks to their growing base of nearly 200 followers. 

Popular Financial YouTubers

Matt D’Avella

This financial YouTuber is a self-proclaimed minimalist who teaches his 3.34 million subscribers how to live life to the fullest without the need for material objects. Despite having very few luxury goods, Matt D’Avella still keeps to a strict budget. He explains how he detaches from capitalism, such as avoiding regular phone upgrades and still manages to live a fulfilling life. He also created The Ground Up Show, a podcast where he discusses money and creativity with various celebrities and influencers. In 2017, he directed the Netflix series Minimalism, which gave a personal account of how he manages his money as a self-employed creator. 

Popular Financial YouTubers

Vincent Chan

Vincent Chan aims to make finance fun and easy for his 451K subscribers. Discussing important topics such as wealth building and passive income, Chan explores how the average citizen can reclaim their potential and make money in a simpler fashion. He also explores his role in the economy and discusses his own goals for financial freedom. At the end of 2021, he created a second channel called Puzzle, where he produces alluring video essays about how large industries benefit from financial systems across the world. This financial YouTuber also releases a daily newsletter, which offers insightful information in a more condensed format. 

Popular Financial YouTubers

Graham Stephan

After becoming a millionaire at just 26 years old, Graham Stephan is in a good position to educate his 3.85 million subscribers on the benefits of investing in real estate. Stephan also discusses the highs and lows of cryptocurrency as well as the updates given by US financial authorities. He has also created the Real Estate Agent Academy, a scheme that aims to help others break into the real estate market. Graham Stephan is also the host of the Iced Coffee Hour Podcast, where he interviews other creators and entrepreneurs in his field. This financial YouTuber is also active on Instagram sharing his collection of luxury sports cars and his subscriber milestones.  

Popular Financial YouTubers

Meet Kevin

This off-beat financial YouTuber is an acclaimed analyst who loves to teach others how to build upon their existing wealth. Meet Kevin, otherwise known as Kevin Paffrath, gives advice and updates on the ever-changing housing market, helping his 1.83 million subscribers to make the right choices with their investments. He also offers a varied range of educational courses such as Stocks and The Psychology of Money as well as From $0 to Millionaire and Beyond. Paffrath also uses Instagram to update his 147K followers on his family and professional achievements. 

Popular Financial YouTubers

Financial YouTubers have managed to build a plethora of resources for their audiences, helping to boost education across the world. These influencers are helping others to gain more control over their money and also providing key commentary on the growing nature of the creator economy. To discover more about the different types of influencers on YouTube, visit our website

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