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Popular Finance Podcasts


Popular Finance Podcasts

Podcasting is an ever-growing medium, with a variety of content creators now using it to create a deeper connection with their audience. Data from March 2021 informs us that there are now over 1.9 million podcasts available on the market, making it an incredibly competitive industry. As many of us continue to seek out financial advice, we often turn to podcasts to help us make our money stretch further. As such, Netinfluencer has compiled a list of the most popular finance podcasts. 

The Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey is a self-made millionaire who uses his wealth of experience to teach others how to better manage their money. After filing for bankruptcy in the earlier stages of his life, Ramsey set out to make his money back and continue to work towards financial freedom. He now produces The Ramsey Show, which boasts 18 million combined weekly listeners. His platform also pulls upon other financial experts such as George Kamel to answer important questions about investment and paying off debt. Ramsey is also an eight-time bestselling author who is best known for his book Dave Ramsey’s Complete Guide to Money

Popular Finance Podcasts

The Fairer Cents

Hosts Tanja Hester and Kara Perez use their platform, The Fairer Cents, to offer an unapologetic look into income inequality and the challenges women face in financial circles. Their podcast focuses on a range of intriguing topics such as evolving your career and how the wellness industry often targets vulnerable women. Both of these women are experienced podcasters, hosting their own shows Our Next Life and Bravely, respectively. With four seasons under its belt, The Fairer Cents is now recruiting the voices of real women to discuss how marginalized groups are often shunned from money-making techniques. 

Popular Finance Podcasts

Inside the Strategy Room

Using the expertise of McKinsey partners and corporate executives, Inside the Strategy Room offers an in-depth look into how the financial world is adapting to changes across the market. The podcast explores how finances impact every aspect of modern life, opening up a discussion about net-zero transmissions and how companies can adapt to inflation. Despite its immense detail and analysis, each episode is around 30-minutes long, helping to give its audience a wealth of knowledge in a short span of time. Inside the Strategy Room published its first episode in August 2018 and has gone on to release a further 132 episodes. 

Popular Finance Podcasts

Planet Money

Planet Money is produced by the non-profit media organization NPR and aims to teach the general public about the complex workings of the economy. Each episode tackles the financial operations of a different sector such as the rising price of gasoline and the impact education has on our productivity. The platform has become so successful that NPR has released Planet Money +. This is a subscription service that offers listeners an assortment of bonus content as well as access to the Planet Money Summer School. The podcast has been running since 2019 and has helped many Americans to juggle their finances in recent times. 

Popular Finance Podcasts

Millennial Money Podcast

Millennial Money Podcast combines hosts Kevin, Andrei, Graham, and Jeremy, who use their expert knowledge to teach the younger generation about the power of investment. Each week the hosts unpack a variety of news topics such as the looming recession and the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency market. These podcasters are not afraid to discuss the uncertainty and difficulties surrounding investments, making the Millennial Money podcast very popular with budding financial gurus. The team also works with FTX to provide their listeners with a free referral code to help get them started on their crypto journeys. 

Popular Finance Podcasts

Brown Ambition

Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche are award-winning financial educators, who share their knowledge with an abundance of listeners on the Brown Ambition podcast. These women aim to support others in building a high level of generational wealth, helping to protect your family’s future and care for yourself in old age. Brown Ambition highlights a variety of topics such as how to handle creeping debt and the concept of a wealth identity. Aliche has also announced the release of her documentary Get Smart With Money, which is expected to premiere on Netflix in September 2022.  

Popular Finance Podcasts

Manifesting Money

This financial podcast takes making your dream come true to the next level. Host of Manifesting Money, Anita Mae Aguilar, teaches her audience how to reach an abundance of financial security using the power of manifestation. Aguilar shows how to make heart-centered choices as well as how to use the power of positive thinking to help you navigate through financial hardship. This podcaster is also active on TikTok, where she shares updates of her daily life as a Money Mindset coach as well as clips from her podcast with her 373.3K followers. 

Popular Finance Podcasts

The Clever Girls Know Podcast

As part of the Clever Girl Finance platform, The Clever Girls Know Podcast helps women from across the world to take better control of their financial decisions. This podcast is hosted by the CEO and founder Bola Sokunbi, who often shares real-life stories to inspire other women in their own money-making journeys. Sokunbi collaborates with other educators such as Melissa Landry and Jamila Souffrant to discuss how to build successful businesses and the link between your eating habits and your finances. Clever Girl Finance also provides a plethora of courses and materials to help listeners maximize their knowledge and learning. 

Popular Finance Podcasts

Parents Making Profits

Emmy award winner Mario Armstrong and ParentPreneur founder James Oliver Jr., are the hosts of the fascinating Parents Making Profits podcast. This platform was designed to help parents in building sustainable finances for their children. Using a range of actionable insights and unique anecdotes, these men are able to help families from all walks of life. Their episodes range from using apps to increase productivity to earning essential brand deals for your business. Armstrong and Oliver also ask their listeners to send in their best dad jokes, which are often featured throughout the show. 

Popular Finance Podcasts

NerdWallet’s Smart Money Podcast

NerdWallet is a popular financial comparison site that has been operating since 2009. The company’s podcast, NerdWallet’s Smart Money Podcast, uses a team of in-house writers to offer expressive guidance on personal finance. The team discusses a wealth of topics regarding money in the modern world such as balancing medical debt and teaching others how to remain safe online. Smart Money also hosts a book club, which allows the respective authors to come onto the platform and discuss the wider meanings of their works. The podcast has welcomed a wide range of talent such as Emily Maloney and Tori Dunlap, all of which offer a unique perspective on money management. 

Popular Finance Podcasts

Finance podcasts help listeners to learn more about the modern economy and how they can better support themselves in difficult situations. These hosts are using their personal brands to create very profitable business ventures for themselves and others. To discover more about the power of podcasting, visit our website

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