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Digital Bromad: On His Journey As A Passport Bro, And Why You Should Try It? 

Some may know him as the Passport Bro with way too many Asian girlfriends, while others will recognize him as Austin, the humble passport bro.

Whatever Idea you may have about the Passport Bro lifestyle is about to be altered as we sit down with one of the early adopters of the traveling movement to learn more about what it means to be a Passport Bro. 


Spending 1,000,000 in Bali indonesia in one day. #travelbudget #solotravel #bali

♬ original sound – Digital Bromad

Passport bro, spends 1,000 pesos in a day in the Philippines. 1,000 pesos equals about $18. I also took some time to address the haters who are claiming it is shameful to spend so little on a date. I really believe this is a toxic part of western dating culture. Where the value spent on the date is the value of the date and in turn the value of the man. Although it is fun, it can be just as fun to spen a little but of money as long as the vibes are right #passportbros #passport #philippines #filipina

♬ original sound – Digital Bromad

I finally made it to the Philippines! The food, the people, the nightlife is all amazing #philippines #digtial_bromad #solotravel #philippina

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Digital Bromad: On His Journey As A Passport Bro, And Why You Should Try It? 

Who is Austin Abeyta?

Austin Abeyta, an American Data Analyst, launched his traveling journey way before Passport Bros became a popular trend. But through finding people with similar interests, the opportunity and market demand allowed Austin to put an official tag on his dream life and make it profitable. 

Asking Austin why he started his Passport Bro career, he tells us, “I just wanted to show my younger self what was possible. By 22 to 23 years old, I was still living with my mom and didn’t fit into this corporate lifestyle society made mandatory until I began looking for alternatives.”

He further explains that before turning 28 and fully traveling the world, he didn’t know this “Digital Nomad” Lifestyle was possible. Unless you stumbled across it and did more investigation, the school didn’t tell you about this.” 

What Does Becoming A Passport Bro Entail? 

Digital Bromad: On His Journey As A Passport Bro, And Why You Should Try It? 

“It’s different from one person to another,” he answers. However, the objectives are similar, and are usually always finding the right life partner, who is true to their traditional and human values.” 

Austin explains, “Speaking generally, women in the States, Canada, and other Western countries have been encouraged to have values that I believe aren’t best for families.”

“As a Passport Bro and traditional man, their typical definitions of a successful life do not resonate with what I stand for,” he adds while explaining that  The average household in America has two or more incomes, and the average mother works a full-time job. 

From a wider angle of view, Austin isn’t only about meeting women from different cultures, even though that’s a main element of the mix; instead, he’s simply seeking better value for his time, money, and emotions. 

He explains that social media and the fake advertised lifestyles on Instagram will make many of today’s men think you need to be “a next-level, rich person who flies out models to properly enjoy the intimate times in life.”

Austin also points out that it’s not just a men’s thing, “It goes both ways; men act different in the countries I visit as well.”

Wrapping up his answers with, “It takes courage to leave your familiar culture and experience everything the world has to offer before settling for what everyone else thinks is right. 

Tell Us About The Benefits 

Before telling us about all the advantages and ups to the lifestyle, Austin had to explain the negative stereotypes associated with being a Passport Bro. 

He tells us, “Women back home think we’re just out here because the women here want money, and the whole concept is transactional; that’s not the case.

Others may think you’re just a sex tourist trying to get laid in different countries, but I’d like to clear all the stigma. I’m trying to show the world what it’s like to date from different cultures and build meaningful relationships worldwide.”

“I’m here to educate people on what living traditionally is like, along with allowing them insights into my journey of finding the right person to settle down with.”

Benefits of Becoming a Passport Bro 

  • You can live off $1,500 a month. Making money in American dollars and living in a country with a less powerful currency is a life hack, according to Austin, and through saving, you can still enjoy a relatively lavish lifestyle. 
  • You will grow financially, mentally, and emotionally in pursuit of becoming the right person to handle all these advantages, difficulties, and unknowns. 
  • You’ll become educated about different world cultures when surrounded by knowledgeable people. 

The Best Countries for Passport Bros 

As a passport bro, a country’s culture and social setting will impact results and experiences. Through traveling for over three years now, Austin has an ultimate list of countries to visit as a Passport Bro and things to look for when traveling, 

“That’s a tough one, Austin laughs as he tells us, “You get to choose from all around the world, It’s wild.”

“However, some of my favorite countries for dating, cost of living, and culture were Colombia, Japan, and The Philipines. My Current girlfriend is Filipina, he adds while shaking his head and telling us it’s a tough question, and everyone has to experience it for themselves,” he adds.

Traveling Content Creator vs. Passport Bro 

According to Austin, lifestyle is the major difference between being a travel content creator and a Passport Bro, as each has a different objective. 

Passport Bros, explains Austin, often have full-time jobs and have their life planned out in their home country, and are just out to explore their options, it doesn’t have to be an “Every Day a New Country” type of TikTok content. 

While travel influencer will focus their journey on visiting the most camera-friendly destinations and creating content, he explains that many Passport Bros don’t even document their experiences.

How to Become a Passport Bro?

  1. Get a remote job 

Finding remote employment is the most challenging aspect of becoming a Passport, Bro tells us, Austin, as the demand for remote positions is increasing. He adds,  “I don’t make content for money; I’m a data analyst, and I’m lucky that the nature of my job allows me to relocate across the world. 

  1. Find the courage to leave and peace with obstacles. 

The Passport Bro lifestyle comes with many unprecedented encounters and obstacles that require you to set new strategies when making a rushed decision and planning your trip. “You need both the courage to leave and the tolerance of unexpected matters.” according to the experienced Passport Bro. 

  1. Find ways to visit your family from time to time. 

“Although it may be difficult, it’s important to not leave behind relationship ties, friends from back home, and family out of the picture. Once you start traveling, you need some planned time to visit back home or even have loved ones visit you abroad, so you can look like an expert.”

The creative process of creating Passport Bro Content

Digital Bromad: On His Journey As A Passport Bro, And Why You Should Try It? 

Finally, back to content creation, we ask Austin about his creative strategies, “It never crossed my mind for people to think of me as a content creator, but I guess that’s the world I’m entering with all this creative TikTok and Instagram work,” he explains. 

“I see things more as a documentary of my overseas journey, trips, and overall fun times, but the decisions of where to go and what to do are often inspired by the people I meet on the go and local dates. 

It’s an up-with-the-wind kind of thing, sometimes the best content comes from visiting somewhere new, other times from returning to see someone you like. It’s best to leave it open to possibilities.” 

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