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Pampers Branding The History And Evolution of the Iconic Diaper Brand


Pampers Branding: The History And Evolution of the Iconic Diaper Brand

About Pampers

Pampers is the iconic diaper brand that without a doubt is well-known by most mothers around the globe. They created a name for themselves and a multi-billion dollar company by being able to recognize and leverage the needs of both parents and children alike.

In the last decade, Pampers has shot to fame as the go-to diaper brand thanks to their amazing quality and reliability. This company has unforgettable branding that most consumers recognize a mile away and their memorable ad campaigns are what have helped them conquer markets globally.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the most iconic Pampers adverts of all time, that even people who aren’t parents will most likely remember. At the same time, we’ll discuss the reasons for their success and how their branding played an important role.

The History and Evolution Of Pampers

Over 55 years ago, a leading Procter and Gamble researcher, Vic Mills, became frustrated with the messy process that came with cloth diapers and the never-ending laundry that ensued weekly.

Mills was convinced that there was a solution to cloth diapers and set off on a mission to create a new and improved disposable diaper. In 1957, he approached the R&D department at P&G to see if they could help him develop his new product idea. During this period, most families in the United States still relied on cloth diapers, with the disposable kind only accounting for 1% of diaper changes a year.

Pampers launched in 1961 and during their first decade in business, the products underwent several tests, manufacturing developments, and redesigns. And while disposable diapers were already available to consumers in the United States, the pristine performance and affordability that Pampers offered were unmatched, which lead to the creation of a whole new category in the children’s care markets. One which they were leading!

Procter and Gamble launched their disposable diaper brand under the name Pampers and throughout the 60s-70s the company grew quickly, convincing households across the U.S. to switch from the outdated cloth diaper model to the convenient disposable one.

Looking back on the success of Pampers, it becomes clear that they used strategic vision and insight to grow their sales, targeting the age-old business motto of finding a consumer pain point and then fixing it by offering a solution. Their disposable diapers did just that – met the consumer need by delivering a better experience for all parties involved at an accessible price range for all. Win-win.

Pampers had achieved a 75% market share in the United States by the mid-70s and had further launched successful go-to-market campaigns in more than 75 countries.

It’s a little crazy to think that the success of Pampers, the leading diaper brand worldwide, is primarily due to the hatred one employee had towards changing his grandson’s cloth diapers and his perseverance to find a creative and functional solution.

Although the Pampers story is one rooted in innovation, the company also made it their mission to produce products that helped with child development and care. In fact, in 2006 Pampers partnered with UNICEF under the campaign “1 diaper pack=1 vaccine” to help eliminate pregnancy and childhood tetanus in Myanmar and Uganda, where the disease claims the life of a newborn every ten minutes.

Nowadays, Pampers is the most iconic and well-known diaper brand worldwide, with markets in hundreds of countries and serving 30 million plus babies each year.

Looking Back At Iconic Pampers Branding and Ad Campaigns

Procter and Gamble spend on average 2 billion USD a year ensuring that their portfolio of companies has a positive brand image. Pampers falls into this category, and when we look back at some of their memorable adverts and branding evolutions it’s clear to see that P&G’s strategy works. 

Pampers positioned itself as the accessible disposable diaper brand that innovated a product with parents and kids both in mind, and some of that strategy was achieved through branding. Let’s take a look:

  • Pampers Logo: The Pampers logo has experienced several transformations throughout the years, yet the design changes were minimal and the original concept still shines through. The current version eludes warmth, care, love, while still being recognizable.
  • Pampers Logo Colors: The logo consists of two main colors; white, and yellow. These colors signify and express emotions, the main ones being purity, happiness, and elegance. 
  • Pampers Logo Font: Pamper’s uses a custom typeface for all of their branding materials including their logo.

Image by: 1000logos

Most Iconic Pampers Ad Campaigns:

Now, this is when the fun begins!

Over the years, Pampers has rolled out some incredibly iconic adverts. Some of them, like Pooface, made us laugh uncontrollably, whereas others like their preemie line advertorials pulled on the nations heartstrings and made most people who watched the advert a teary-eyed mess.

Let’s take a look at some of the most unforgettable Pampers adverts:

  1. Little Fighters

In the UK and Ireland, Pampers collaborates with Bliss, a charity that helps premature and sick babies have the best chance of survival. The two companies have collaborated on various adverts for the Pampers preemie diaper lines.

The adverts showcase premature babies in neonatal care while parents stand by their side. The viewer is flooded with different waves of emotion thanks to the perfect pairing of the visuals combined with the soft covers of popular songs that are employed in the adverts.

  1. Pooface

This advert by Pampers is absolutely brilliant. They used HD slow-motion footage of ten babies’ facial expressions while popping. Anyone who is a parent will instantly recognize the struggling, frowning, full-blow expressions of concentration, before the final sigh of relief.

The advert was created by the world famous ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi. And what tops off the pure excellence of this advert is their use of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey soundtrack, which as stated by the brand, “seemed appropriate”.

  1. Push It

This 2018 UK-based advert is great. Pampers choose to highlight different women during labor, while nurses instruct them to “Push”. What really makes the advert a winner is the fact that the visuals have been paired with Salt and Peppers’s popular song Push It.

Any woman who watches this ad can instantly relate!

  1. Stinky Booty Duty

We saved the best till last! This Pampers advert is probably the most well-known thanks to its airing during the 2019 Superbowl.

It features John Legend singing to his eight-month-old son while in the middle of a stinky booty diaper change. During the advert dozens of other men appear, turning the solo into a full-blow acapella.

Halfway through the advert, John Legend is joined by Maroon 5 lead singer, Adam Levigne, who also joins in on the stinky booty duty song.

The advert’s intention is to celebrate fathers who aren’t afraid of stinky diaper duty!

The song was originally penned by John Legends’ wife, Chrissy Teigen, and it sure is catchy! Check it out for yourself.

Are You Interested in Collaborating With Pampers? Here’s How:

Pampers doesn’t have an influencer program currently, and although they usually offer their affiliate program through third parties such as Flexoffers it too isn’t active right now.

There seem to be some affiliate campaigns running, but they aren’t for their diaper range and are focused on promoting their Lumi device, an all-in-one baby monitor system.

If that’s something that you’d be interested in promoting then you can sign up and receive an affiliate code here.

Big brands like Pampers are always running different campaigns, so if you’re wanting to collaborate with them make sure to keep your eyes peeled for future opportunities. You can check their third-party affiliate networks every month to see if new campaigns have been posted.


So there you have it!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of iconic Pamper’s adverts, we sure enjoyed putting it together.

This brand isn’t going anywhere anytime soon and deserves the success that they have achieved through hard work and innovation. Their timeless and emotion-led style of advertising has been and will continue to be memorable for decades to come.

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