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OpraahFx Founder Reveals The Hidden Power Behind Meme Marketing

OpraahFx, an influencer marketing and talent management firm, launched a dedicated meme marketing wing called OhsoFunny. As Medianews4u reports, the new initiative taps into India’s growing social media scene and aims to leverage memes’ viral potential for brand awareness and engagement.

Pranav Panpalia, founder of OpraahFx, highlighted the strategic importance of memes in modern marketing. “To keep up with trending topics, memes have become an essential format,” Panpalia said. “Partnering with popular meme creators adds authenticity to a campaign, enabling it to connect with the audience more deeply.”

The OhsoFunny team includes over 40 leading mainstream meme creators, with a combined following of 160 million across various meme pages. Additionally, original meme creators within the network boast over 10 million followers.

India’s social media market presents significant opportunities for meme marketing. Medianews4u cites recent data showing approximately 470.1 million active social media users in India monthly throughout 2022, with an average daily usage of 2.6 hours per user.

Panpalia emphasized the effectiveness of memes in reaching younger demographics. “By harnessing the power of memes, brands can align with the interests and values of these demographics, crafting content that truly resonates with them,” he stated.

The agency positions OhsoFunny as a solution for brands looking to incorporate memes into their marketing strategies. It offers on-demand content production and campaign execution across its network.

OpraahFx’s expansion into meme marketing complements its existing verticals: OP Gaming, OP Glam, and OPTech.

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