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Office Ladies Podcast A Rewatch And Analysis Of Episodes From The Office


Office Ladies Podcast: A Rewatch And Analysis Of Episodes From The Office

Within the past couple of years, podcasts have been increasingly rising in popularity. Some popular genres for podcasts include news and politics, sports, true crime, and what we’ll be focusing on in this article, arts and entertainment. The Office Ladies podcast is one of the leading podcasts in the arts and entertainment genre, and we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about the show!

The Office is one of the most well-known television sitcoms that people everywhere know and love. The show is filmed in a “mockumentary” style format, and it focuses on the everyday work lives of numerous people working for the paper company Dunder Mifflin.

The Office Ladies podcast features two of the show’s stars, Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) and Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin). Every week on the podcast, Jenna and Angela rewatch and break down an episode of The Office while giving exclusive, behind-the-scenes details about the cast members and what went into the making of each episode.

Let’s dive deeper into what the Office Ladies podcast entails, the reason for its success, and what you can expect to hear on the show.

Hosts Behind Office Ladies

The Office Ladies podcast is hosted by two of the show’s stars and well-known actors, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey. 

Jenna Fischer is best known for playing Pam Beesly on The Office, and she has won several awards for her role on the show including two SAG awards for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Comedy and an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Most recently, you can see Jenna Fischer starring in ABC’s Splitting Up Together, another comedic role about a couple getting a divorce.

Angela Kinsey is also best known for playing her role as Angela Martin on The Office, and she even won a Daytime Emmy for playing Angela Martin in NBC’s The Office: The Accountants. Some of the recent projects she has worked on include Netflix’s Tall Girl and Haters Back Off! She has also guest starred on ABC’s New Girl and Fresh off the Boat.

Themes and Topics Covered on the Show

On each episode of this podcast, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey rewatch and recap an episode from The Office. They tell behind-the-scenes details from filming scenes and interacting with cast members, and they even invite guests that have also starred on the show to tell their experiences from filming. Here are examples of three episodes you can listen to on Office Ladies

“A Look Back on Casino Night with John Krasinski”

In this recent episode released in December 2022, they invite John Krasinski who plays Jim Halpert on the show to recap the Casino Night episode. Steve Carell actually wrote this episode, so Jenna and Angela start off by explaining how the episode came to be. They also dive deeper into scenes from the episode including Pam’s wink to Jim and the Scrantonicity video.

John Krasinski also talks about his perspective from the filming of this episode, and he tells exclusive stories about the casting process and how he originally was invited to audition for the role of Dwight. 

Listen to “A Look Back on Casino Night with John Krasinski” here.

“Scott’s Tots with B.J. Novak”

Airing in April 2022, this episode recaps the “Scott’s Tots” episode from The Office which was directed by one of the show’s stars B.J. Novak who plays Ryan Howard. Jenna and Angela invite B.J. onto this episode to chat about his experience directing this episode, and they go on to talk about how it’s commonly referred to by fans as the cringiest episode of the show.

Angela talks about a deleted scene from the episode where Dwight impersonates Meredith, and B.J. talks about filming the scene of the kids dancing and singing to “Hey Mr. Scott!”

Listen to “Scott’s Tots with B.J. Novak” here.

“Health Care with Rainn Wilson”

One of the earliest episodes from the podcast, the “Health Care” episode recap was released in October 2019. At the beginning of this episode, Jenna and Angela give some quick behind-the-scenes facts from filming the episode. They also talk about Jenna’s “Sound of Scranton” soundtrack.

Rainn Wilson, who plays Dwight, is featured on the show to talk about this episode which mainly focuses on his character. Rainn talks about how he was listing off fake diseases in the conference room, and they talk about Rainn and Meredith’s hilarious dialogue from this scene.

Listen to “Health Care with Rainn Wilson” here.

Podcast Reach

The Office Ladies podcast has 1 million followers on Instagram, and Earwolf, who powers their podcast, has 42.3K followers on Instagram, 2.5K followers on TikTok, and 43.3K subscribers on YouTube.

As of January 2023, Office Ladies was ranked number 10 on Apple Music’s Comedy podcast category in the United States.

Based on this analysis we estimated that the Office Ladies receives 25k-45k listens each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

Structure and Formatting of the Podcast

Before beginning each episode of the podcast, Jenna and Angela have rewatched an episode from The Office and recapped all of the behind-the-scenes details. In each episode of the podcast, they go scene by scene to talk about how the episode was filmed and exclusive information including deleted scenes, improvised scenes, and more.

Additionally, Jenna and Angela often invite other members of the cast to recap episodes they have a significant part in. Typically, featured guests are phoned into the episode and aren’t live during the entire episode. 

Guests on the Show

Although the show primarily consists of Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s commentary and remembrance of how the episodes came to be, they do invite some special guests for some episode recaps. Here are some of the people from The Office who guest-starred on the Office Ladies podcast.

  • John Krasinski
  • Rainn Wilson
  • Greg Daniels
  • Creed Bratton
  • Oscar Nunez
  • Ellie Kemper
  • B.J. Novak
  • Rashida Jones
  • Ed Helms
  • Amy Ryan
  • Craig Robinson


If you are a fan of The Office, the Office Ladies podcast is definitely worth checking out. It’s jam-packed with tons of behind-the-scenes information and exclusive details about the filming process. Episodes are still being released weekly, and you can listen to them using the links below.

Listen to Office Ladies on Spotify here.

Listen to Office Ladies on Apple Music here.

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