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No Jumper Podcast The Ultimate Guide To The World Of Hip-Hop And Culture


No Jumper Podcast: The Ultimate Guide To The World Of Hip-Hop And Culture

One of the biggest names in the Hip Hop space No Jumper is an uncensored podcast with everything cool and trendy.

The reason No Jumper is more popular than so many other pop-culture podcasts is their out-of-the-box debates and raw unscripted discussions about whatever pop-ups are in the moment. 

No Jumper Podcast: The Ultimate Guide To The World Of Hip-Hop And Culture

Introduction to the No Jumper Podcast

Established in 2015 during the spring and rise of most podcasts, No Jumper has come a long way by interviewing some of the biggest upcoming names. 

Rappers and artists such as Blueface, SuicideBoys, and GangstaBoo, drove traction and differentiated the podcast, while OGs and OldSkool rappers keep the podcast real and true to the culture. 

Adam John Grandmaison, known as Adam22 is the founder and creator of the podcast bringing the world every unique and interesting personality before it goes mainstream. 

Following a trendy strategy of finding and interviewing stars before they’re too popular to decline offers and ask for too much Adam22 managed to build his HipHop empire on the backs of up-and-coming names in the music industry. 

No Jumper Podcast: The Ultimate Guide To The World Of Hip-Hop And Culture

The story of how everything started goes way back to Tumbler and blog writing where Adam was writing and paying writers to cover some of the hottest hip-hop topics at the time until video content started to take over. But Adam was only a partner at this stage, and the real creator at the time was Gorge potter AKA Yayo. 

While the podcast is hosted mainly on Youtube, they offer a paid weekly episode on Onlyfans and have recently launched their Patreon channel for donations.

The podcast has been free for longer than we can recall, but it seems like the creators are shifting things to a membership-based structure solely.

Although Adam is the main man on his channel, we like that he offers a broader range of co-hosts than any other podcast within his niche. 

Some of the best co-hosts on the No Jumper podcast include Blazzy, Sharp, Gina, and Yorok, each with their unique take on things keeping the podcast interesting and versatile. 

Themes and Topics Covered 

The podcast mainly focuses on the upcoming of different artists and how they made it to where they are today, covering and elaborating mainly on the overall stories of how artists found their passion.

No Jumper also covers a range of different topics around everyday news and occurrences within the industry, at least the bold and loud of them.  

Some of the popular podcast episodes from No jumper are based more around the culture of Hip-hop than the music itself, topics such as rappers’ relationships, real-time freestyles and much more. 

Here is a look at some of the most-viewed episodes from No Jumper 

The XXXtentacion Interview 

An interview with the late rapper back in 2017 drove so many views to the podcast making it the #1 most-viewed episode on the No Jumper Podcast with over 21 million views on Youtube. 

In this interview Adam22 discusses some of the most random topics with XXXtentacion, everything from homosexuality to XXX’s experience in prison and the types of fights he got into. 

On one of the rawest podcasts on the internet, XXXtentacion keeps it real on how he got into music and how he fell in love with rapping after doing time in a correction facility. 

By the end of the interview, everyone participating was left shocked by what the late rapper had to say and his ambitious mentality. 

Whether the episode blew up because the beloved rapper passed away, or because of what X said, it topped the charts for Adam and the crew and helped them reach new hights.

Juice Wrld’s freestyle on No Jumper 

Nothing goes harder than a Juice Wrld freestyle as the artist can freestyle better than he can actually rap. While this rapper also passed away recently, Adam22 was lucky enough to have him on the podcast. 

Out of all freestyles Juice put out, this freestyle is amongst the best to exist as the rapper went savage mode leaving Adam and the boys speechless.

21 minutes of nonstop bars, not many artists killed it freestyling on the podcast, leaving a memorable episode viers will forever admire. 

The Josh Kesselam Of raw Papers Interview 

Slightly away from their original concept of interviews and HipHop culture, this interview is with the founder of RAW rolling papers. 

Pushing revenues of over 100 million Josh is one of the pioneers in the blazing space, sponsoring mega artists such as Wiz Khalifa and a TikTok channel with over 1.4 million followers in 2023. 

In this podcast episode, Josh discusses the success of his brand with Adam22, everything from how it started to the difficulties they faced as a team. 

An entrepreneur special, for everyone interested in building out-of-the-box businesses and scaling innovative ideas to generate millions. 

Reach of The No Jumper Podcast 

No jumper is hosted on almost every podcast hosting platform and has proven to be a massive success, as it is slowly shifting to subscription-based.

The No Jumper Podcast by Adam22 has 4.57 million followers on youtube, 3 million followers on Instagram, and around 2 million followers on Tik Tok.

On youtube, where view statistics are readily available it appears that the average podcast receives between 400,000 views and 1,000,00 views per episode.


Based on this analysis we estimated that the No Jumper Podcast receives around 1-2 million  listeners each time an episode goes out across Apple, Google, Youtube, and Spotify podcast networks.

The format of the podcast

On the No Jumper Podcast, the guest always takes the lead in discussing different topics with the freedom to elaborate on whatever they want without being censored. 

While there the format differs from one episode to the other, most episodes are story-based, covering how different artist and entrepreneurs reached their new highs and you can do the same. 

Guests are mainly whoever is hot and trendy at the moment, as soon as a name starts to pop off in the rap and hip-hop industry, they’re invited and interviewed. This a smart strategy from the creator that is almost guaranteed to drive new viewers each and every time. 

Reciprocation and Impact

Nothing on the Pod is generally taken seriously, everything is simply for laughs and giggles, but that does not mean there aren’t many random fun facts you can find out about by tuning in to the latest No Jumper podcast. 

Overall if you’re interested in the culture, and want to always be on top of everything hot and trendy in the music world then the No Jumper Podcast is definitely worth checking out. 

Adam and the co-hosts have a great sense of who’s going to be the next big thing and never fail to impress you with the creative abstract conversations they bring up. 

With videos posted almost daily, this is your sign to tune into the latest on No Jumper, and take a look at some of their most viewed work described as the coolest podcast online. 

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