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The Future Of Influencer Marketing With UGC Digital Creator Nikki Neisler


Nikki Neisler: Net Influencer Interviews Nikki Neisler 

UGC creators make sponsored content designed to be authentic and seamless in a social media feed. Many UGC creators work with brands by creating content that is exclusively posted on the brand’s social media. Keep reading to learn about UGC Creator and Digital Marketer Nikki Neisler’s thoughts on why UGC content creation is the future of influencer marketing.

Nikki Neisler is a healthy lifestyle digital creator sharing content on Instagram and TikTok and now, Youtube. She downloaded TikTok during the pandemic to fight boredom and began posting content shortly after. 

Her first viral video featured a joke about working out at home because the gyms were shut down. As a result of this viral TikTok, brands began reaching out to her, even though she had less than 10,000 followers at the time. 

Nikki Neisler shares, “It’s so funny looking back on it [the viral TikTok] now because now the form of ad that everyone wants to see is just like that – a very user-generated content feel. So, I was kind of doing it from the beginning without even knowing that I was doing it.”

Nikki continued making three to five videos daily for her TikTok throughout the pandemic. 

When she moved to Kansas for a summer, her next big boost was farm-related content, such as posts about her driving tractors. This content gained her 130,000 followers in a single week after she had multiple TikToks go viral. 

However, this farm-related niche has come with its challenges. 

Nikki Neisler explains, “I live in San Diego [now] and talk about the creator economy, business, health, and wellness stuff and don’t just post about tractors. My following is like, “What happened?” 

Although she is grateful for the massive growth the farm content brought her, it can result in feeling “pigeonholed” into a specific type of content at times. 

The Future Of Influencer Marketing With UGC Digital Creator Nikki Neisler 


Nikki’s Growth Strategy

Lately, Nikki Neisler has been going after YouTube shorts as a significant part of her growth strategy.

She shares, “I think YouTube Shorts are becoming really powerful, and I’ve noticed that the TikTok algorithm has slowed down and changed a lot over the years. So, right now, I’m focusing more on shifting to educational content and providing value rather than just entertainment.”

Another primary focus of her growth strategy is growing a community. 

Rather than focusing heavily on gross metrics, Nikki is building an email list and expanding her reach beyond TikTok, which can disappear anytime. 

Recent Viral Content

Some of Nikki’s best-performing content recently has been health hacks and her experience at Supermodel Coco Rocha’s modeling camp in New York. 

Her health hack video about making onion water when you’re sick was a recent viral hit with over one million views and nearly 50,000 hearts on TikTok. 

She’s also had great success sharing her experience with the modeling camp in New York. 


Replying to @daph_2_5 I promise that no one is too short, too much this, too much that. If you want to be a model and you have the drive and determination and you’re nice, you can do it! A great place to start your modeling journey is @cocorochamodelcamp and that’s exactly what I’m doing!!! Everyone is literally so nice here. @cocorocha cocorochamodelcamp beginnermodel modeltiktok modeltips modeling modellife modelpose runway runwaywalk runwaywalktips cocorocha nikkineisler inclusivefashion

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An incredibly successful post about the modeling camp featured her crying on command to practice showing authentic emotions. This reel received about 45,000 likes and 1.6 million views on Instagram.

Instagram Reel

Dealing with Challenges as a Content Creator

One of NIkki’s biggest challenges as a content creator is being a one-person business. As a creator, you must wear many hats, including artist, marketer, business owner, editor, model, and more. 

Nikki Neisler explains, “It’s also how not to get completely burnt out, how to not attach your self-worth to the views and the ups and the downs of it all. There is just this big gap in education for creators, and we’re kind of expected to stumble around and figure it all out. That’s something I’m also trying to build up right now – building some education for the close-knit creators in my community.”

Studio Intake

Nikki’s quest for education led her to study marketing and social media ads. Today, she runs a successful marketing agency, Studio Intake, focused on paid ads for app and tech startups driven by influencer creators with her business partner, Jack Richards

Jack developed a penchant for digital marketing and design in high school when he taught himself design, digital marketing, and website building. He started working in digital marketing by creating Facebook ads. 

However, he realized that TikTok was a more lucrative location for delivering results for his clients, leading him to work with Nikki on Studio Intake. 

Being an influencer herself, Nikki brings a lot of experience to the table. 

Nikki Neisler shares, “I think it gives me a really unique perspective. I see a lot of more old-fashioned companies trying to run ads that are way too overproduced and that the everyday consumer doesn’t trust. They don’t like knowing that they’re being sold to.”

Influencers have a unique perspective on trends and social media because they spend much more time on social media than the average marketing professional or company founder. 

Nikki explains, “We work with consumer apps and tech startups, and how we increase the installs is really testing out different creatives with the ads. With my influencer creatives and content from Studio Intake’s Creator Community, we’re able to drive the cost per install really low.”

The biggest strategy behind this is creating a call to action without viewers feeling like they are being sold to. Part of this strategy is executed by making the ad a seamless part of the viewer’s feed. 


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Client Success Story: Valence Vibrations

Nikki Neisler shares that the biggest metric companies focus on is the cost per install. Studio Intake provides clients with a dashboard that measures these analytics and attributions so companies can closely monitor their influencer marketing campaign results. 

One of Studio Intake’s biggest success stories is Valence Vibrations, a neurodiversity communications app. With Studio Intake’s help, the company has grown to several thousand followers on TikTok and developed a loyal community for its app. 

The company also received excellent market feedback and feature suggestions from Valence Vibrations users. 


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Staying On Top Trends & Future Plans

Nikki Neisler explains, “I’m on social media all the time. I’m quickly picking up on things, and that’s kind of the nature of the influencer’s brain as well is noticing a trend before it happens, so being able to be right on it. We’re also plugged into a lot of groups of very successful people in the San Diego area.”

Nikki Neisler anticipates that more and more brands will turn to hire UGC influencers for their pages, resulting in less overproduced, more authentic content. 

Instead of brands reaching out to influencers to create and share ads on their social media, she believes more brands will reach out by asking influencers to create content for the brand’s social media page. 

She also expects to see more and more influencers creating their own personal brands. 

As for Studio Intake, Nikki shares, “We’re really just training and onboarding more influencers so they become a part of the creator community. We do weekly calls and see where people are at, what they’re doing, what their achievements are, what they need help with.”

The Studio Intake team plans to keep helping influencers create the best ads possible for their clients so that they can make a sustainable income as creators.

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