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Surviving The Creator Economy Nick Vespa On Building A Resilient Mindset To Thrive Amidst Criticism


Surviving The Creator Economy: Nick Vespa On Building A Resilient Mindset To Thrive Amidst Criticism

To survive in the creative industry and build a successful brand, influencers must develop tremendous resilience and unshakable confidence, allowing them to face numerous challenges to stand out and excel.

And the more creators evolve, the more likely they are to face criticism and negative comments.

For this reason, in the race of millions of influencers trying to establish themselves in the business world, few manage to stand out and build a lasting legacy.

Build Dad Build” is a remarkable example of how criticism can be met with a positive attitude.

The YouTube channel is created by Nick Vespa, where he showcases his artistry and DIY woodworking creations while inspiring others to embark on their own DIY journey.

With a really thick skin, Nick has progressed further in his creative journey and has now amassed and gained an impressive following of 110,000 people on YouTube.

Aside from his positive attitude, he captivates audiences with his down-to-earth personality and friendly conversations, creating a sense of connection with his viewers and earning a loyal fan base and a pleasant atmosphere.

Nick shares his deep passion and modus operandi: 

“I’m not your average woodworker. 

I want you to feel like you’re in the shop with me and we’re bs-ing while I’m showing you how to do something. 

Build Dad Build is irreverent and off the wall. 

I crack dad jokes and sing poorly. 

I think I’m easier to relate to because I don’t come across like I have a stick up my ass“.

Check out his channel here.

Surviving The Creator Economy: Nick Vespa On Building A Resilient Mindset To Thrive Amidst Criticism

Building a Resilient Mindset to Thrive 

Although content creation is both an avenue for revenue and expressing oneself, it has been subject to negativity and criticism

Content creators often face criticism from their audiences, whether for their creative approach to content creation or for the way they express themselves.

It’s hard to escape unsolicited criticism and unwanted advice, which are an integral part of an artist’s journey.

And in some niches like music, sports, and art, the audience’s negativity and criticism can be unimaginable. 

Building a resilient mindset when creating content is an imperative facet that all influencers should have.

Creators must navigate a delicate balance to sustain a healthy environment of work. 

Nick shares: 

Unless you have a really thick skin, don’t get into content creation. 

I’d say I get 1 negative comment to about 50 positives, but you still dwell on that one comment. 

And being a woodworker people are constantly telling you you are doing things incorrectly. 

And not necessarily in a nice way. I’ve learned to lean into it. 

But, it’s not for everyone.”

What creators need more than the ability to create artistic content is the ability to let go and distance themselves from the one negative comment that has the power to overshadow the multitude of positive comments.

And if they are not able to distance themselves from it, the negativity can envelop them altogether.

This is not a one-time process, and it’s not always about a single comment.

As an influencer, you have to weather criticism and other hardships over and over again, every day!

That’s how it is for Nick, too. 

For him, it’s even worse, as he suffers from mental health issues and used to be exposed to a lot more.

He narrates: 

“It (overcoming negativity) would be more of my biggest challenge as a content creator. 

I suffer from some mental health issues like anxiety and bipolar disorder. 

When the depression kicks in it shows on camera. 

So there have been times when I can’t make videos because of it.

It is a constant battle.

We had the house disaster, followed by both my parents passing away within 3 years of each other.

I seem to be finally turning a corner and finding myself in a better place.” 

However, he emerged stronger after each setback and because of his resilience and personal development, he managed to overcome these hurdles and create an exemplary platform while learning to accept feedback and use criticism and other difficulties as a catalyst for growth and improvement.

An Amalgamation of Artistry and Commitment

One of the key elements to overcoming negative comments and feedback is to develop as a creator and artist and keep on developing.

Your focus on your creativity belittles everything else and makes your content unique. 

To thrive effectively in the expansive creator economy, it is essential to have a distinctive and authentic element that reflects self-expression in one’s art. 

Nick’s furniture designs stand out through their unique and discernible smoky finish. 

He perceives himself more as an artist rather than a mere woodworker. 

He says:

“I would consider myself more an artist and less a fine woodworker. 

I like to pull inspiration from all over. But, spending a lot of time on YouTube I am inspired by a lot of other YouTubers like Louisiana Hobby Guy, Michael Alm, Tripod’s Garage, to name a few.

I like the idea of fusion. So I try to take something organic like burnt wood and fuse it with the precision of a laser engraving.”

As an artist, it is crucial to understand the importance of growing within a certain niche in order to achieve better and more progressive results.

And if you focus on improving yourself and your work, the negative comments and criticism become a challenge to improve, not a discouraging comment that you should regret.

Additionally, you must incessantly cultivate individuality to stay pertinent within the creator economy. 

Your distinctive approach serves as a pedestal to distinguish and establish yourself as an artist among many creators vying for recognition. 

Remember that as an influencer you are not there to be accepted, but to change people’s opinions and views.

And only by sticking to a particular niche and diligently honing the appropriate skills and learning from other creatives can you turn even your critics into your fans.

Stress-Relieving Work

When the destructive flood of Hurricane Harvey devastated Nick’s home, he found solace and satisfaction in the art of woodworking.

Nick reveals how and why he came to this profession and started his YouTube channel:

“Our house flooded during Hurricane Harvey. 

We lost everything. 

When we moved into our new house my wife wanted a little writing desk, but we could find one that fit in the designated area. So, I said, “I can build you one”. And I figured why not film it and put it on YouTube?

That was my first video. 

And from there I was hooked. 

It never occurred to me that everyone doesn’t have the skill set to go out to the garage and build a desk.

And I also suffered some PTSD from the flood and its aftermath. 

I discovered that being out in the shop was therapeutic. It helped me work through some of the stress.

I wanted to share that “therapy” with the world along with my journey towards better mental health.”

For artists, often their work should possess the ability to heal and acts as a form of therapy. 

On the contrary, many influencers and creators complain about how stressful it is to create content and run a successful YouTube channel or an Instagram profile.

If you love what you are doing, your work itself will aid you amidst stress and unfavorable circumstances. 

Aligning Your Niche with Your Passion

Critics thrive on loose ends of your content. 

And loose ends are often left untouched when you try an unfamiliar niche or simply create content for its own sake, without any interest or passion.

Most influencers agree that they should delve into something they are passionate about and have an interest in.

The passion and love for your work will blind you from negative comments. In fact, if your near and dear ones share the same passion, content creation will become a family thing. 

Many couples or whole families work as influencers for a single channel. Christina and Thomas, and the Furrah family are some of the examples. 

Building on what he knew was also one of the factors for Nick to stay in the game and get this far.

Nick and his family were originally woodworkers, and he has continued their business and also turned it into a YouTube channel

In Nick’s words:

“My folks flipped houses when I was a kid. Like a LONG flip. 

We’d buy a house, redo pretty much every room, and then sell it for a profit (as a side hustle). 

So, from a pretty early age, I was exposed to power tools and DIY-type things like plumbing and electrical.

My grandfather was a woodworker. Actually built the house he lived in. 

I guess you could say sawdust runs in my veins.

I quit my day job so I could spend more time with my kids. 

And I love having them in the shop. It’s fun to work on projects together”.

Because of his passion and experience in his niche, his channel now has more than 100,000 subscribers!

And he wants to grow it further.

Future plans for Build Dad Build

Nick enthusiastically divulges his new exciting ventures and forthcoming collaborations. 

He anticipates success in his upcoming review of the xTool P2, a Co2 laser that promises to revolutionize the industry with its innovative capabilities. 

In addition, Nick sheds light on his plan, to connect with his audience and engage in a more personal way by documenting his experiences via daily vlogs, 

He reads: 

“I am currently sponsoring a contest to send one lucky subscriber to Las Vegas for AP Lazer’s LazerCon. 

To help promote that I will be (trying) to daily vlog up until the event”. 

Building a solid and committed community is a sine qua non for originators and serves as a source of positivity.

In addition, such a community provides the foundation for future growth and facilitates the generation of a sustainable revenue stream.

You should always include collaborators and content creators in your close circle.

The personal insights shared by esteemed artists serve as a direct source of inspiration, igniting the spark that leads you to embark on your own creative journey.


Nick has carved out a niche in the rapidly growing creator economy and deftly established himself, owing to his woodworking prowess, relatable approach, and positive mindset.

What surprises us the most is that he is positive despite his mental problems.

Through his resilient mindset, Nick continues to triumph over his struggles and inspires aspiring artists to emulate his tenacity.

He emphasizes the need to develop a thick skin to resist the inevitable negativity that comes with being a public figure or influencer.

By shifting their focus and perceiving these hurdles as opportunities rather than obstacles, creatives can unlock their true potential and foster continued growth.

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