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New Jersey Makes Surprising Move To Regulate Child Influencers

In a move that could shake up family vlogging, New Jersey is considering legislation to mandate parental consent for minors featured in compensated video blogs.

The proposed bill, as reported by Shore News Network, draws inspiration from a law enacted in Illinois last August. However, the New Jersey version introduces unique thresholds, setting it apart.

Under the NJ proposal, vlogs would be deemed as engaging a minor in employment if the child under 16 appears in at least 30% of the content over a 30-day span and the videos meet viewership levels that trigger advertising revenue.

Perhaps most significantly, the bill stipulates that any income earned from vlogs featuring minors must be deposited into a state-managed trust. Once the children reach adulthood, payouts to families would be determined by their percentage of screen time.

The legislation also provides exemptions allowing child vloggers to circumvent certain labor restrictions on working hours if certain conditions are met. The move reflects New Jersey’s growing concerns about child influencers amid the meteoric rise of the creator economy.

If passed, Shore News Network says the law could set a new precedent for how the lucrative family vlogging business operates. It remains to be seen whether traditional ad revenue shares and hired child actor protocols offer a path forward.

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