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MOGL CEO Ayden Syal Breaks Down His 3-Phase Strategy For Tapping Into Massive NIL Opportunities

MOGL, led by CEO Ayden Syal, is leveraging AI-driven technology to transform the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) space. With a mission to “get paid, build your brand, and make a difference,” the company is not just facilitating deals between brands and athletes; it’s reshaping the sports marketing ecosystem. From automating campaign management to democratizing access to micro- and nano-influencers, MOGL is at the forefront of a shift that’s seeing influencer marketing move from an experimental strategy to a reliable, predictable marketing channel. Poised to play a pivotal role in the future of the creator economy, MOGL expands its reach and continues to innovate beyond the realm of college athletics.

MOGL CEO Ayden Syal Breaks Down His 3-Phase Strategy For Tapping Into Massive NIL Opportunities

A University of Notre Dame graduate, Ayden’s vision for the platform was shaped by his experiences in banking and private equity and his passion for sports. “What MOGL does is we’re an AI-enabled athlete influencer marketing platform,” he explains. “We match brands with athlete influencers to enable brands to build awareness for their products and services.”

His journey to founding MOGL was influenced by his time at Notre Dame and his co-founder Brandon Wimbush’s experience as the school’s starting quarterback. “We recognized the exceptional value these athletes provide from a marketing standpoint, both at the local level and then at a mass scale level,” Ayden notes.

The catalyst for MOGL came in 2019 when California introduced legislation allowing college athletes to monetize their name, image, and likeness. Ayden recognized the need for a turnkey solution connecting athletes with brands while managing compliance and delivery. “We knew that we needed to create a technological marketplace to connect the two parties in a streamlined and efficient way,” he states. 

MOGL CEO Ayden Syal Breaks Down His 3-Phase Strategy For Tapping Into Massive NIL Opportunities

Ayden Syal & Brandon Wimbush

MOGL’s Mission and Innovative Approach to Athlete Marketing

MOGL is making waves in athlete influencer marketing with a mission beyond mere transactions. The platform’s technology streamlines campaign management, allowing brands to manage thousands of influencers simultaneously. It also automates contract generation, task verification, performance tracking, and payment facilitation. 

“MOGL’s mission has always been to get paid, build your brand, and make a difference,” Ayden states. This three-pronged approach aims to benefit athletes, brands, and communities alike.

What sets the company apart is its focus on collegiate athletics influencers. The CEO notes, “We automatically disclose all of the activity to the NCAA and the respective athletic departments, and we reduce a lot of the burden on brands when connecting to influencers.”

Traversing the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) regulatory domain has presented challenges. “We needed to make sure that we were operating in a way that was in line with the NCAA and the state laws, compliance guidelines and requirements,” Ayden says.

MOGL’s approach has impacted athlete marketing by democratizing access to athletes. “We have aggregated the long tail of micro- and nano-influencers and made them available to brands for mass-scale influencer marketing campaigns, which has never been done before,” Ayden points out.

According to him, this shift has required educating brands on the new opportunities available: “It was kind of a reeducation of the opportunity and a re-socialization around working with influencers.”

MOGL CEO Ayden Syal Breaks Down His 3-Phase Strategy For Tapping Into Massive NIL Opportunities

Mutual Benefits and Success Stories: MOGL’s Impact on Athletes and Brands

MOGL’s platform is designed to ensure both athletes and brands reap significant benefits from their partnerships. “The way that we ensure mutual benefit [is that] for the athlete side of things, they get to select which campaigns they ultimately want to work on,” Ayden explains how athletes can choose opportunities that align with their interests and compensation expectations.

For brands, MOGL provides integrated campaign tracking, allowing them to assess performance and make informed decisions. “We provide them integrated tracking on all of their campaigns so they can see which individual posts perform the best,” Ayden notes. Additionally, the company directly supports brands, helping them create campaign briefs and recruit appropriate talent.

Its flexibility allows for both self-service and hands-on approaches. “For larger campaigns with larger national brands… our team is very involved in the process,” Ayden states, mentioning collaborations with companies like Liquid I.V., NBC Sports, and Sony Music.

One notable success story is Jack Betts, a Division III wide receiver from Amherst College. “Jack Betts completed over 75 deals on the MOGL platform,” Ayden proudly shares. This case exemplifies MOGL’s thesis that [smaller] influencers can provide exceptional value in aggregate.

Betts’ success, including a partnership with Allbirds, demonstrates that “proactivity enables any athlete, regardless of the sport they play or the school that they’re competing for, the ability to connect and drive value for these brands,” according to Ayden.

Hot NIL Trends and MOGL’s Adaptive Strategies

The NIL space is experiencing significant shifts, and MOGL is at the forefront of adapting to these changes. Ayden identifies two major trends taking over the field:

  • Expanding Brand Engagement – “The biggest broader trend that we’re seeing within the NIL space is just a massive influx in new brands that want to engage within collegiate athletics,” Ayden observes. He believes this surge is driven by brands’ increasing focus on reaching Gen Z consumers, who are exceptionally responsive to influencer marketing.
  • Diversification of Athlete Participation – Initially, NIL deals were concentrated on football and men’s basketball. However, Ayden notes a significant shift: “In 2024, only 7% of the deals have gone towards football athletes. And then women’s soccer and men’s and women’s track and field are the most active sports on the marketplace.”

Supporting Athlete Brand Development

MOGL employs a two-step approach to help athletes develop their personal brands:

  1. Active Education: Weekly onboarding sessions led by co-founder Brandon guide content creation and brand alignment.
  2. Passive Resources: A comprehensive library of materials covering topics like tax guidance and contract review is available on the platform.

Strategic Partnerships

MOGL has established key collaborations to enhance its offerings:

  • Penske Media Corporation: Amplifies compelling campaigns through outlets like Rolling Stone and Variety.
  • NBC Sports: Exclusively uses MOGL for NIL activities, connecting athletes with NBC’s advertising partners.
  • Money Vehicle: Provides financial literacy instruction to athletes on the MOGL platform.

Ayden envisions significant growth in the creator economy, particularly in sports and athletics. He notes a dramatic shift in marketing strategies, with 25% of brands now allocating over 40% of their budget to influencer marketing, up from just 5% last year. The entrepreneur argues this trend is driven by the high return on investment, with brands earning nearly $6 for every dollar spent on influencer marketing.

Ayden points out that sports advertising is the only growing segment in television advertising, indicating a solid future for athlete influencers. He emphasizes that athletes are outgrowing their roles on the field, becoming lifestyle figures with significant influence on their followers’ behaviors and purchasing decisions.

Lessons Learned and Proud Moments: MOGL’s Journey to Success

Ayden’s experience as CEO of MOGL has been a journey of growth and learning. He emphasizes two crucial lessons: building a strong team and establishing a suitable pricing model early on. “The team that you have around you is absolutely crucial, especially in your early days as a startup founder,” Ayden reflects. He also stresses the importance of personal well-being, noting, “Your health, your well-being, is essential.”

Ayden’s proudest moments reflect MOGL’s impact and recognition. He takes pride in the daily accomplishments of helping athletes monetize their rights and contribute to their communities. A significant milestone was winning the SXSW Pitch competition in March 2022. “It was really kind of a validation early on that our mission had value,” Ayden recalls.

Another point of pride is MOGL’s fundraising success. “Closing our seed round of financing… raised over 7 million. All of the fundraising experience has again been continued validation of our thesis and our approach,” Ayden states.

MOGL CEO Ayden Syal Breaks Down His 3-Phase Strategy For Tapping Into Massive NIL Opportunities

Balancing Innovation and Core Values: MOGL’s Future Vision

Ayden emphasizes that MOGL’s innovation aligns seamlessly with its three-point core values. The company’s focus on automation and data-driven performance reporting enhances these goals without compromising its mission. Ayden notes that the primary constraint on innovation is not ethical concerns but team capacity and technological investment.

As for the future outlook, Ayden envisions MOGL making an even greater impact on influencer marketing. “Our goal for MOGL from day one has been to revolutionize the entire influencer marketing space,” he states. The company plans to transform the industry from an experimental strategy to a reliable, predictable marketing channel. Ayden sees limitless growth potential as influencer marketing continues to develop. He concludes by inviting brands seeking to build awareness to contact MOGL for campaign support.

Cecilia Carloni, Interview Manager at Influence Weekly and writer for NetInfluencer. Coming from beautiful Argentina, Ceci has spent years chatting with big names in the influencer world, making friends and learning insider info along the way. When she’s not deep in interviews or writing, she's enjoying life with her two daughters. Ceci’s stories give a peek behind the curtain of influencer life, sharing the real and interesting tales from her many conversations with movers and shakers in the space.

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